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  • Travis Forbes

    One of many photos from the Libyan civil war.

    • calool

      those two romanian (is it romanian?) rifles look brand new, it seems like the country that sent all the ammo and weapons to the rebels was saving them for something

      • Komrad

        The rebels got into a couple caches of weapons still in manufacturer boxes. The PSLs may have come from one of those untouched caches.

  • Lance

    Nothing new the new has shown Libyan troops and rebel terrorists having these weapons for quite a while to supplement the AKM Libya has had since the 70s. I think the buying of AK-103s was to replace the ancient FALs in the inventory since the 50s. Who know what the Islamist will use now.

    • SpudGun

      ‘rebel terrorists’? Wow, I had no idea you were such a Gaddafi fan. 😉

      (Sorry Lance, I knew what you meant but couldn’t resist)

      • Lance

        Its ok Spudy

        I don’t like Qaddafi he killed Solders and Air men in the 80s. He did give F-14 crew time to practice shooting his MiGs and Shokois down though, LOL. but he was better then the Al Qaeda movement who took his place. They already made Sharia Law the law of the land and are preying on women now so for the Libyan people the replacement might be worse than the original troublemaker.

        But I get your joke.

    • Aurelien

      Sorry to be “that guy”, but K/Ghaddaffi is not “better” than anyone ever. The guy is a mass murderer, he had his hands in anything from open warfare with Chad to financing terrorism to providing training bases for IRA, Carlos and a whole bunch of other crazy people that later went on to blow themselves and innoncent civilians all over the world.
      Plus the guy was a creep, an ass and had no sense of style whatsoever.

      So even replacing him with robot overlords bent on taking over the world is a step up.

      • Lance

        We all know the previous regime was a monster but now a Iranian style Islamic government is taking over. Under the old regime women did have rights and minorities were given some protection. The Islamic government know will attack women and minority for being Islamic enough so there no real end to a genocidal regime anyway just France backs this one while Russia backed the last.

      • Aurelien

        Right, we (France) made the previous regime pay for backing, then not deliver, then bomb them. I think it’s gonna end up being the same.
        France backs pretty much every government in the region, most of them christians. So there is no upside on this one being muslim extremists (for France).

        But then, we are talking politics. Not the subject of the blog.

  • Hudson


    • Mark L.

      It’s right next door to Eygpt. 🙂

  • Travis Forbes

    Yep those are PSL/Romak-IIIs, one reason I chose this picture if I own a PSL myself. Though this is actually the first picture I came across showing a AK-103 as well. This picture was taken during the battle of Sirte, late in the civil war it seems PSLs became quite popular among the rebels. There was tons of them in weapon caches even if the caches were practically piles of guns.

    • Travis Forbes

      Whoops sorry, that comment was a respond to calool.

  • Will

    Howdy, Firearm Blog

    It should be noted that Russia sold rights to Libya to build the AK-103s under license.

    Known contracts with Libya include (prices listed where available):
    Modernization of Libyan S-125 Pechora-2 SAMs (SA-3) to the Pechora-2M Level
    Modernization of 145 T-72 MBTs
    Purchase of BMP-3M IFVs ($300 million)
    Purchase of 6 Yak-130 TAs ($90 million)
    Building A Factory in Libya to Produce AK-103 Rifles Under License ($600 million)
    Purchase of 9M123 Chrystanthemum Self-Propelled AT-Missile Systems
    Purchase of Molnia Missile Boats

    The proof of the above list can be seen here: — Prior to that Russia sold them testbed weapons to show off capability:

    There were a number of odd weapons that showed up in the CNN footage, as well. One of them being G-36Cs, Ks, KEs and KVs after the Rebels made it to the main armory in Tripoli. Seen here: — That being said, there is a possibility that Gadhaffi’s friend Hugo Chavez sold the former Libyan president the weapons, as Chavez also locally produces the 7.62x39mm AK-103 rifle and AK-104 carbine variants.

    Then, we all know of France’s previous sales to the Khamis Brigade with their F2000s, EGLMs and all the support gear. Really, the only weapons that can’t be accounted for are the G-36s. H&K officials originally stated that they had no clue how the weapons got there. But, most recently they’ve been replying to emails listed under “no comment”. They’re PDF statement:

    It’s also possible that they didn’t sell to Libya, but did sell to Venezuela and then Vene turned around and/or sold them/bought rights to locally produce and then sold them to Libya.

    • Will, thanks for the info.

      • Will

        Not a problem, Steve.

    • Lance

      Interesting I doubt with the chaos there now those plans will come to reality soon though.

      • Will

        And with this new government? No way, no how. They won’t want to admit to outside support other than from Russia.

    • Nicholas Marsh

      There is some evidence, but by no means conclusive, that some 103s were exported from Russia. See here:

      They could have been supplied along with the production deal.

      • Will

        That is another case. But, why send testbed weapons with the deal instead of prior to the deal’s sale for testing?