I Smell a Lawsuit: ATA Arms Neo Inertia Shotguns

Recently a few firms, most notably Browning, have been launching shotguns with inertia operated actions. Benelli (now owned by Beretta) held a monopoly on the inertia technology until its patent expired a few year ago.

A Turkish company called ATA Arms have produced an inertia shotgun that looks almost identical to the Beretta Xplor UNICO A400 (a piston operated shotgun). The receiver is the same color, has the same wavy engraved lines and has the company name written in almost the same place.

ATA Arms Neo Inertia Shotguns
Beretta Xplor UNICO A400 Shotgun
Beretta Xplor UNICO A400 Shotgun Close Up

ATA is obviously trying to make their shotgun look like the Beretta Xplor. I would be very surprised if Beretta does not take out a lawsuit against them, or at least prevent this model from being imported into Europe and the United States.

Steve Johnson

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  • Julio

    I suspect ATA knew where to draw the line: simply using an inertia rather than a gas system is probably enough, but they might easily have taken the look-alike approach further and fitted a faux-walnut stock yet went for a plain synthetic one instead.

    • Over here both H&K and Glock successfully sued companies importing .22 rimfire (blowback operated) guns that looked similar to their guns. For a tradedress lawsuit, I don’t think inner workings matter at all.

      The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit happening right now over the iPad design is another example.

  • strongarm

    Ata is the pre-owner of the factory which Beretta bought and named
    “Stoeger” in Türkiye. Therefore, two owners should be familiar with
    each other and, most probably, Beretta is aware of this production.

    However, Ata owners do not care much about patent rights especially
    in the past as imitating Benelli’s for a few years eventually attracting
    Beretta’s attention as resulting their factory’s sold out.

    Their qualities are very good for the price and they export shotguns
    all over the world, all being clones of Beretta products.

  • 18D

    I honestly don’t see enough similarity between the two for Beretta to sue or even bring it up. The two weapon systems have similar styling but are both very distinctive in which company they come from.

  • Remy

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. Most shotguns look similar to both of those guns, just like every striker fired pistol looks almost identical.

  • Royi

    I assume if they’ll sue, they try to force a productionstop through the European Trade Commissioner.. Or they’ll take it up directly in a Turkish court.
    I don’t think an import-ban will do very much in Europe, seeing the Freedom of movement of goods..

    On the other hand, never heard Springfield complaining they don’t sell M14’s anymore in Europe ever since everyone and their grandmothers are buying the Norinco versions.

    Wich would make it all the more surprising if Beretta would file a lawsuit in the first place.

  • Tinkerer

    Hey Steve, how’s your Spam policy?

  • El Duderino

    Go for the face.

  • JamesD

    When was the technology patented? The patent may have expired.

    • JamesD

      If you are talking just about looks… there are differences. Worst case the gun gets a minor makeover.

  • Bombakan

    So which one is better?

  • Sheldon

    Guys ATA in Turkey where on license to Beretta and actually manufactored guns for Beretta, half of the factory is still currently producing Beretta parts the other half produces ATA branded shotguns. The barrels of a ou silver pigeon fit perfectly and are inter changeable with a ATA Silver 2

  • Rfoliart

    Anyone know of a US importer?

  • Sam Suggs

    ow man sersioly that little swoosh on the reciever just clinched it definatly a knockoff however their turkish so how their paptent or copy right pans out beyond my knowledge

  • Hunter’s Son

    Ata is maker of Beretta and Maroochi guns. At least 2-3 models are made at their factory in Turkey. So I dont think ATA will produce something without thinking to upset their million dollar customer. They are saving Beretta heaps of money and they working together. PS: I had o&u ATA shotgun which was better than the previously owned Beretta.