Kimber LE Centennial 1911

Kimber is making just 250 Centennial 1911 pistols that commemorate the 100th anniversary of the John Moses Browning’s invention.

The pistol features casehardened frame and slide, ivory grips and a custom presentation box.

Steve Johnson

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  • Alex Vostox

    HOLY HOLY MOSES BROWNING!! $USD4,000!? I guess only Elvis Pressley, Rich Texan and Charles Heston will buy this pistol.

    BTW, yeah I know it this pistol is nicely beautiful but,

    why the frame is looked like someone just tossed this pistol frame into fire?

    • mosinman

      casehardening… im not a metallurgist but think thats exactly what they do in a fashion

  • Lance

    Best handgun in .45 ever and way to honer one. Hope Steve will get us all some free examples.

    • Ken

      I honered one this morning in the shower.

  • Rob

    That is one of the ugliest guns I have ever seen.

    • Submariner 116610LV

      The most down voted poster should be awarded this pistol

  • SpudGun

    Attention 1911 fans. I’ve just done a crude drawing of a 1911 on a table napkin and wrote the words ‘Centennial Special Edition’ underneath it in green pen. This can be yours for only $2000, but act fast, as I’ve only made 250 of them.

    Unlike the Kimber, my child like drawing has nicer scroll work, better grips, an attractive finish on the frame and the presentation case wasn’t the cheapest, most basic one I could find. (Mmm, green velvet, for that basement pool table look that shouts refinement.)

    Sorry, but this Special Edition Kimber looks like an after thought that was quickly thrown together at the last minute when somebody realized that it’s been a 100 years since the first 1911.

    • Burst

      Whaddya got against basement pool tables?

      More to the point, 100 years ago, beavertails were a more common fixture on festive hats than handguns. Those were the days.

    • West

      I have just constructed the 1,911th Colt 1911 Centennial Pistol.

  • Zander

    Why aren’t there more case hardened 1911’s? I love the look of the finish.

  • Travis

    Looks like a beat up, oily 1911 to me.

  • Kyle

    Oh look. Another centennial 1911. Yawn. Call me when someone brings something new to the table. Once 2011 is over, hopefully we can go back to making guns other than the 1911.

  • jay1975

    They just realized the centennial aniversary is almost over (two months left in the year) and that they haven’t tried to exploit the milestone yet like every other 1911 manufacturer; so they just took some extra “ivory” grips and a bunch discontinued frames and slides and threw them in some boxes that they had sitting around. This poor excuse of an homage should be thrown in the ocean. What a joke.

  • mosinman

    one of the things i like about this is the ivory grips and the case hardened finish, hard to get excited about these centennials because they are all similar-ish but pretty

  • Tyson Chandler

    I like the casehardened look, but not for $4,000.00 And yes, I have about had a gut full of 100 year anniversary edition 1911s. Time to move on.

    • mosinman

      yeah $4000 is steep for a good Ar, much less a pistol

  • Lottaguns

    Those would be fake ivory grips I suppose. I was under the impression that real ivory is illegal to import into the US.

    • Mammoth ivory is legal to trade and readily available. There are so many frozen mammoths buried in snow and ice that gun and knife makers are not going to run out of it anytime soon.

      I know Elephant skin/leather can be imported (for high-end holsters), if it comes from a legit source. Maybe ivory can also be imported under certain conditions.

      • fw226

        Wow. I had no idea mammoth ivory was a legitimate option. I had to google that just to make sure you weren’t kidding us around. Narwhals too, apparently.

        Isn’t it amazing that it’s more legal to trade an actually extinct animal part than a merely endangered one?

        Note: I really want narwhal-ivory grips.

      • Komrad

        the reason is that there is no danger of killing off mammoths or mastodons while increasing demand for (or availability of) legal elephant ivory invariable increases demand for illegal ivory from poaching which does pose a threat.

      • Chris

        Correct and old elephant ivory that has been grandfathered in can also be used and sold as well. Les Baer has two commemorative models 1911 with elephant ivory grips. They both have a charcoal blue finish on the frame and slide. The Centennial is $3,960 The stunningly engraved Presentation Grade is $6,590 Both are built to be shooters. Both are guaranteed to shoot 3 inch groups at 50 yards right out of the box and they will make a Presentation Grade guaranteed to shoot 1.5 inch groups at 50 yards right out of the box if you want.

  • Mobious

    With that kind of money can’t one get an original production model?

    Also unlike an old 1911 you’ll have to fire several hundred rounds and reduce the “value” of this limited edition model for breaking it in to shoot right.

  • root man

    Bah.. naysayers..look away.. it will be over in a few weeks.
    Another nice piece commemorating a great piece.
    Onward toward the 200 year anniversary!..
    1911 may just rule then too..
    The price.. the way they are printing will be considered a steal in not too many years..

  • Love that case hardened finish!

    • Phil White

      As do I!

  • Nicks87

    Beautiful antique firearm.

    Oh… wait… it’s not antique?!

    Even without the finish it could have fooled me.

  • bob weideman

    if you asked me I would have to say thats one ugly 1911