Gun Ownership At 18 Year High.

According to a Gallup phone survey, self-reported gun ownership is the highest it has been since 1993. What is especially encouraging is the increase in self-reported female gun ownership in the past couple of years.

[Hat Tip: ZeroHedge]

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Rusty RAy

    Hey Steve, I am not sure that the graph shows an increase in Female ownership. It just showed an increase in the access of a female to a firearm (still a good thing). The telling trend is that both the male and female lines show identical profiles (a 7% increase in both cases).

    A better representation would be from females living alone vs females in a relationship with a gun owner. But I totally agree, the trend (whatever the cause) is in right direction.

    Cheers- Rusty

  • TangledThorns

    It probably means that the good guys are taking their good girls with them to the range. We can also thank Obama for increasing gun ownership. If he gets re-elected I’m sure he’ll go after the gun industry.

    • Komrad

      Doubtful that it will be a real concern. Obama isn’t particularly anti-gun and crime levels aren’t high enough for the public to be concerned overmuch. I don’t think Obama would veto increased gun control legislation but I don’t think he’d throw tons of support behind it either. It wasn’t really part of his campaign.
      Unfortunately, people like you, and I mean this in the least condescending way possible, are more concerned than they need to be and overreact a bit. That’s what caused the ammo shortage a few years back. I wouldn’t be concerned much unless some legislation appears in congress or Obama makes a push for more gun control

      Until then, take your lady and your friends out shooting sometime and have fun.


      • JamesD

        Obama not particularly anti-gun? Say what?

        The whole Gunwalker/Fast and Furious program was so they could cry about “90% of all drug cartel guns coming from the US” in order to sway public opinion and pass another gun ban!

        When it blew up in their face and they were exposed they went into full cover up mode and stopped talking about it so it doesn’t come up in the press.

        What the NRA has to say about it:

        And Obama has been quietly supportive of the anti-gun treaty in the UN.
        That’s why 57 Senators got together and wrote a letter supporting our 2nd amendment rights.

      • Zermoid

        “It wasn’t really part of his campaign.”

        So? He has done the opposite of everything he DID campaign on! He campaigned on ending war as a means of diplomacy, yet has started more wars than Bush. That he didn’t mention banning guns in his campaign means nothing.

      • JamesD

        It wasn’t part of his campaign because he didn’t want to stir up the NRA and gun owners. That usually has a bad outcome for a candidate.

  • J.J

    I think the impending zombie apocalypse (lol) is a one reason for this trend. I think because zombie awareness is at an all time high people who used to be anti gun actually have in their mind a reasonable excuse to purchase a firearm.

    if you haven’t heard the t.v show “The Walking Dead” broke all the records so I think my theory might carry some weight.

  • M Brueschke

    On the zombie driven gun sales, I know some women who have always been interested in guns but a little afraid of them and the “macho gun culture” who have gotten into shooting just because the “coming zombie uprising” gives them an excuse and a way to talk about guns and admit they have one.

    Also, those Hello Kitty and anodized finishes seem to be big draws too.

    • Rev. Clint

      my gf doesnt like guns but is ok with me owning them just in case the shit hits the fan

  • charles222

    My wife hates the “for-girls” guns with pink colors on them and stuff like that. She has a black .410 shotgun. :p

  • Lance

    Steve you didn’t put the poll up saying now a majority of Americans oppose the Feinstine Assault Weapons Ban now. Put that up you making a difference with your information.

  • Tincan

    On the theme of women with guns, an interesting series of photos:

    what I think is interesting is that gun ownership is only increasing marginally, but prices seem to indicate that there’s much more demand.

    still want an AR, though. 🙂

  • Komrad

    Take your friends, family, and gal (or guy, I don’t judge) out shooting and get them interested and those numbers will rise.
    Don’t start with self defense or final defense of liberty (which can sound crazy sometimes), just take them plinking or hunting. Show them how much fun it is. Works several times better than debating.

  • Zermoid

    I wonder what the REAL numbers are? You know not all gun owners would voluntarily say they own a gun, especially if it wasn’t real legal for them where they live, like say NYC. You know there are guns in the city even thought it is illegal to have one there, same with DC up until recently, Chicago, most of California and other places which you have so many laws you are never sure if you have followed them all!

    I’d add about 25% to those numbers myself…….

  • It’s a wise time in American history to get armed. Of course gun ownership is going up, there is something in common between most of the people who come in and buy guns lately… people are unsettled and fearful at the way things are going, socially and politically.

    Gun ownership will continue to rise until people feel safe and trust again in the leadership of this country //holds breath