Taurus Judge with Rail and Ported Barrel

I am not sure how new the Taurus Judge Model 4510TKR-3SSR is, but I had noticed it before. The 3″ barreled revolver features a ported barrel and picatinny rail.

Caliber .45 Long Colt/.410
Capacity 5
Finish Stainless
Grip Ribber
Barrel 3″
Overall Length 9-1/4″
Weight 34.56 oz
Front Sight Red Fiber optic
MSRP (Price) $648

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike

    It looks like it would be easy for a rail accessory to block the extractor rod.

    • Travis

      Not if you run a bayonet on it 😀

  • SpudGun

    I’m convinced that most Taurus Judge owners will use the rail as a handy bottle opener. 😉

  • Sid

    The rail is held on with one screw and did not withstand 4 shots on our first firing day. The rail is polymer and is held on by the flanged-sides of the very small screw.

    The gun however is flawless and works as intended. Only issue is with the rail.

  • will

    I think the Taurus engineers have been watching Sons of Guns a little too much lately.

  • Flounder

    I seem to remember this being about a year old or so.

    And LMAO!!!!!! I would ask why but its a judge… The porting sounds like a good idea but the rail kinda pushes it over the top… Mostly because its on a revolver…

    Hmmmm trying to find a use for a light on a revolver… If you need it then it’s dark and you’ll be blinded anyways. a laser is useful… except doesn’t crimson trace make a bunch of grips that have a laser incorporated. And that would be a lot smaller…

    Maybe a bayonet!!!! 😀 That would be SOOOOOOO USEFUL!!!! especially for CQB!!

    But seriously if anyone can give me a good reason for a rail PLEASE let me know.

  • Lance

    Loose the rail but other wise cool.

    • Riceball

      Why would you want a loose rail? A loose rail would be absolutely worthless. or did you mean lose the rail.

      • SpudGun

        Now, now Riceball, I know that you’re only joking but please don’t poke fun at people on this Blog for bad spelling, grammar or punctuation.

        There are a few commentators on TFB, both foreign and domestic who sometimes struggle with the written word, it doesn’t mean that their opinions or contributions are any less valid or insightful.

        If, however, you want to poke fun at Lance for calling the Taurus Judge ‘cool’, then you have my blessing.

    • Diesel Pete

      Well, I guess I’m in the minority when it comes to the rail, but I love it! But, that’s probably because I use a gun light mounted on a rail on a daily basis. Surefire has proven that light is a great weapon when used to blind an attacker. Once used correctly, IMO, a weapon mounted light is a must! I believe this particular weapon’s best use is for home defense and no home defense weapon should be without a light either attached or not. And when used correctly, has little impact on night vision. At least my wife will be able to identify the target with the light attached to the gun instead of shooting a dark target first then illuminating with a detached light second and regretting. When its attached, you never forget to grab it!

  • I actually had the opportunity to fire this gun while visiting a friend a few weeks ago. I can’t compare it to a non-ported Judge, as I’ve never shot one, but firing .45 LC rounds, the recoil was subjectively softer than that of my 9mm Beretta Px4. Buckshot rounds were more stout, but totally manageable.

    For what it’s worth, I also fired birdshot rounds into paper targets, and not that you needed any convincing, but sheesh, there’s little point in firing birdshot out of such a short barrel. Even at 10-15 yards, the pattern was larger than the full-sized silhouette target. As a snake gun, I can see the point, since aiming will be basically irrelevant, and it’ll only take one or two of those pellets to do the trick. I can also see it being fun as a close-range trap gun–without a long barrel, you’ll need all the help you can get to hit the clay.

  • Tim

    I got this gun for my grandpal a few months ago at thebuckeyearmory.com for i think $490. he keeps it by his bed and has a tactical light on the rail. Its a perfect gun for home defence if your old and not able to pull the slide back on a semi auto.

  • Matt

    Can the Judge be fitted with a suppressor?

    • Justin


  • Roy

    I bought my Judge for home. I did put a light on the rail because of cost, the grips with the lights are a bit pricey. Regardless it does what I bought it for. Over all cost was good, range is short, target is going to be hard to miss & I don’t have to worry about hitting a neighbor. Just can’t believe how little recoil I get. Love the Judge.

  • jordan

    as i read all the comments here i got to thinking about really why is the rail system on the judge ssr…well i will give you some reasons why i think it is a good thing, about a month ago i was climbing out of the tree stand and dark and when i was walking down the trail to get to my truck i heard a pack of coyotes near me and the flash light i had was not the bright and i only had a muzzle loader with just one shot so it would be nice to have a sure fire light on the rail no stuff like this.

  • Roy

    I have the model in the picture, love it. Finally got to a range that I could put some shot shells through it, the ranges that I have been to said “No”. OK to shoot 45LC but not the shot shells, go figure. I put a laser/light on it. Laser is dead on with the 45LC. As for the light I bought this for the home, in the dark I can light the target/blind the target with it. Short range with the 410 & I don’t think you can miss your target, and the kick is less that my 9mm. That reminds me I need to clean it.