Missing Point Blank

Idiot’s gun fails to fire, idiot looks down barrel (because that will fix the problem?), chaos ensues.

[ Many thanks to Phil White for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • El Freddio

    Quick, call the plastic surgeon!

  • Nadnerbus

    holly crap that guy is lucky to be alive. Natural selection just missed culling him.

  • Andrew Racek

    Hello idiot police? Yeah, Barrel-Peaker is at it. Again.

    With all jokes aside, this better have taught him a lesson.

  • Too many saturday morning cartoons, I guess. Also, it´s rabbit season!

    • Arisucka

      Its duck season!!

      • SteveW

        Rabbit season!

      • Burst

        It’s garbage day!

  • John Doe

    It’s people like this that make gun owners look bad. Can gun ownership come with a mandatory IQ test?

  • Gage

    I think I saw this vid on Every Day No Days Off, and I think he posted that this was fake.

  • JT

    In Canada we have a fire safety course we need to pass to get a gun license. It says during a hang-fire, wait 60 seconds and then unload to prevent… THIS FROM HAPPENING!

    Hey may be dumb, but he sure is lucky. The only thing that saved him from getting it in the face was a recoil!

    • Volk CNC

      Canadian firearms safety course also says to look down the barrel of handguns to check that they are clear. Never liked that one.

      • Andrew

        Well yeah, but only with the slide locked back and the chamber checked (or cylinder out).

  • surgeon591

    This video is a fake, and a rather poor one IMO. Watch at the end about 0:45 when its shown in slow motion. The angle of the barrel changes dramatically from one frame to the next, which makes the edit quite obvious

  • SpudGun

    I’m going to have to chime in with ‘fake’ as well. If you took a shotgun blast that close to your face, you’d be lucky to get away totally uninjured. In fact, you’d be blessed to get away with powder burns and temporary blindness.

    Even if by some miracle, you emerged unscathed, it’s doubtful that you’d get up a few seconds later and calmly pick up your shotgun as if nothing had happened.

  • Don

    …no way


  • West

    I hope this is fake because knowing that somebody that stupid is running around with a gun scares me.

    • hojo

      there are many stupid people running around with guns, you may resume hiding under the bed.

      • West

        Dont remind me, please.
        I mean if I could think of THE ONE THING not to do with a gun that would be it.
        Shotgun AD to the face, Christ, that guy should be dead right now.

  • Flounder

    It could be the recoil from the round causing the gun to jump or the barrel to move. Course if this somehow happened to me I would say it was a fake too. And It looks like he did get either burnt of nicked by the shot.


  • SteveW

    The original version he’d posted (now removed) was much sharper, and you could literally see the string from the hat going up into the tree. Around 20 seconds you can see he and the hat move separately too.

    Note that both Mythbusters and Hickok45 have shown that you can’t shoot a hat off.

    • Entropy

      I’m not arguing for the truthfulness or fakeness of this video, but wouldn’t the gas blast alone be able to take a hat off from a distance like that?

      I know the shot would go straight through it and not transfer much momentum, but gases would hit the large area of the hat brim and should be able to lift it pretty well…

      I remember shooting 5.56 while prone in long grass and watching the grass get blown flat in front of me. 12ga ought to be able to take a hat off even with a blank load.

      • SteveW

        I’d love to test it, but Long Island gun ranges. . .

  • CRCobb

    So lucky. Looks like the recoil of the rifle made the rifle flex away from his head.

  • Lance

    its idiots like that who give gun owners a bad name and give anti-gunner mouth peaces against us shame on him for being stupid with guns.

  • Paul B

    Fake. Listen carefully to the audio at 0:23-0:25.
    The shot sound abruptly cuts off.

    Compare to the shot sound at 0:09 – 0:10

  • Jaymes

    Darwinisim ALMOST at its best.

    Lucky dude.

  • Reloader

    You can’t fix stupid…

  • Mark

    I think my favorite part is the orange “safety” vest…

  • Rob

    Pump action shotgun, misfires, racks slide but no shell ejects, second misfire (which should be with a second cartridge) and then the delayed detonation. Fishy. The way the hat flies from his head. Fishy. Do believe there are people this stupid out there but don’t believe this is real

  • Dave

    Pretty good shot with a 12g at what… 10 feet? Impressed!

  • 18D

    I shouldn’t even respond to this, but I feel I need to say this.

    This video is idiotic! Fake or real, it doesn’t matter. This makes gun owners look like idiots. The uninitiated public is looking at this and thinking that gun owners are one in the same as this guy. It’s videos like this and shows like American Guns that give gun owners a bad name!

    BTW, the recoil isn’t going to cause the gun to move away from someone’s face. The shot is going to leave the barrel before the recoil has had time to move the gun enough to make a difference.

  • FAKE!

    • jdun

      Yeah it’s fake. Youtube attention whore with video editing software. It was pointed out on Arfcom.

  • tommy2rs

    Could this be a training video from the Dick Cheney Firearms Safety Course?

  • Netforce

    Hahaha. Sorry I can’t help but laugh. What was the guy thinking? Any gun owner KNOWS never to look down or look straight at the barrel. Heck, even I hold my pistol NOT at the trigger every time I hold a gun. This guy needs a standard gun safety course.

  • This video gives me the creeps.

  • gives me the creeps.

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