Goodbye M4 Stock. Hello Colt Super-Stoc

Colt Defense has decided to stop using the iconic stock they designed for the M4 Carbine on their new rifles. The future rifles will instead use the new Colt Super-Stoc. We reviewed it here before it was even called the Colt Super-Stoc.

From the press release …

Colt Defense and Bill Rogers have teamed up to engineer the most advanced, third generation of the Super-Stoc, using innovative technologies and proprietary materials. Designed to be as lightweight as possible while maintaining durability, the Colt Super-Stoc weighs 6.56 ounces, ranking it among the lightest stocks available. The stock is designed specifically for the new Colt rifles to give an unequaled fit and survivability during the most extreme conditions.

“The Colt Super-Stoc is one of the lightest, strongest and most secure collapsible stocks for the M4/AR series of weapons,” said Bill Rogers, chief shooting instructor, Rogers Shooting School. “Our partnership with Colt was a no-brainer. We want the highest quality rifle in the world to be outfitted with the world’s newest and most technologically advanced stocks available.”

A unique Cam-Lock system is a new design feature that, when operated, securely locks onto the buffer tube like a solid stock. This Cam-Lock system completely removes any slop or play commonly inherent with aftermarket collapsible stocks as well as eliminating any movement due to wear. The Cam-Lock lever also features a convenient reversible design, enabling the user to customize his or her stock to suit the desired preference. Other features include a removable recoil pad, sling loop, quick detach swivel sling mount and Quick Release lever which unlocks the Cam-Lock and indexing pin with one motion.

The original M4 buttstock will still be made available to commercial and law enforcement customers by Colt Defense. For more information on the new Colt Super-Stoc or Colt’s classic M4 stock, please visit

Read Phil’s review of the Colt Super-Stoc here.

Steve Johnson

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  • jimbo

    Does Magpul know about this?

    • jdun1911

      What’s the problem?

      • fw226

        Didn’t we do enough of this in the old thread? Magpul knows. In fact, in Phil’s review comments, he noted that he had spoken with Magpul and that they had no plans to sue. “They pretty much consider it a non-issue.”

    • 18D

      I don’t really care about the fact that it looks like a CTR. Colt will probably charge crazy prices for It. One thing about an AR collapsable stock is that you can easily change it out for another.

  • I don’t suppose that the price will stay the same? I wanted one of those.

  • charles222

    If it’s less damage-prone than the current generation of stock, why not?

  • subase

    Anyone find this stock hideous?

    • Abe

      I like it- it grew on me –

  • Lance

    Looks like a copy of a Magpul stock to me. So all new M-4A1s the Army is buying form Colt next year will have these new stocks? Hope the CM-901 will have them I like the Magpul stock and hope this will be just as good. All of this I bet is to build the Army a new M-4A2 in a few years and its making real changes to the M-4 design.

  • Phil

    Hey Suburban,
    You can buy one direct from Bill for the $79 price. I’m testing a VLTOR but my Super will go back on when I’m done:-)

    • Yeah, thanks. I saw Wilson Combat has them listed for $5 less, but after you add shipping it ends up costing a little more.

      I figure I should get one before they get marked up to $130, or whatever.

      I have a CTR for a mil-spec tube, but I don’t think the friction lock works all that well, and I’ve got a bunch of commercial tubes.

      • Phil

        Yea Rogers and Bill Wilson have been friends for many a year. They co-op on designs for mags etc.
        At least with this one you don’t have to worry about having a mil-spec or commercial tube. Regardless it will lockup tight or lightly snug–your choice:-)

  • wolf

    I can’t imagine why any sane person would want that over a CTR.

    • My new Super-Stock locks up tighter than my mil-spec CTR, and can be used on any receiver extension.

      • Phil

        Suburban–glad to hear you’re pleased with it!


  • Lance,

    It’s just LEO’s and civilian customers. The military hasn’t tested them so no changes for now.

  • Lance

    Looks cool to me.

  • Chase

    I honestly don’t know why the fragile M4 stock wasn’t ditched by the U.S. military the second the MOE stock came out. I don’t think there’s any buttstock in the world more flimsy than the Colt M4 stock.

  • Nicks87

    Agree with the previous posts,

    Total magpul rip-off.

    I guess even Colt has to stay tacti-cool.

  • My own Colt M4 stock, and the stocks on more than couple friend’s rifles, broke last time i was out in Afghanistan. This is a welcome departure.

    • Phil


      I took the optic off my AR and dropped rifle and stock from 42″ high straight onto the rear of the stock. Locked up tight as before with no damage at all. It should serve you well!
      Thanks for your service!

  • Alex-mac

    Assuming this stock will become the standard stock on all new AR’s for the military, it’s pretty cool seeing it happen. All that’s left now is ambidextrous controls.

    • Phil


      It will be for civilian and LEO rifles now. I haven’t received any information on military test yet.
      It’s easy to switch it over to left handed use.

  • Thom Jennings

    Rather than reinvent the wheel and copy Magpul’s design, why not give the small business their due and buy Magpul stocks for the Colt Rifle? It’s intellectual property theft and curtails innovation. Colt hasn’t done any innovation at all and continues to sell their rifles at premium prices while small factories trying to be innovative and provide quality products have their designs stolen.

  • Abe

    Like this better than the Maggot Pulled –

  • Jason

    How does this stock come off the buffer tube? I just picked up a colt 6920 with it on there.

  • Mark

    I haven’t found a stock more comfortable than the B5 SOPMOD. It’s been the best at proving a comfortable cheek and chin weld for iron and lower 1/3 red dot shooting. Both positions feel natural and comfortable. I haven’t tried the Bravo version but I hear it’s equally capable at a lower cost. The original SOPMOD can often be had for as little as $70 and at that price it really is a value. If you don’t care for storage and if it truly provides the same experience/comfort the Bravo is nothing short of a steal.