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  • Woodroez

    Anyone who does not list “machine guns mounted on robots” as one of their things is no friend of mine.

  • Axel Nordberg

    What gun is that at about 0:57 with the short barrel and a folding stock?

    • SpudGun

      I’m probably wrong, but it looks a bit like a Taurus MT-9 SMG.

    • Calimero

      Axel, it’s a Brügger & Thomet APC9 (Advanced Police Carbine).

      Very nifty SMG. Not too heavy (2.5kg). Apparently it will accept AR-15 triggers – maybe not all of them, said the sales rep from French importer BGM – but it would be sweet to get a Rock River Arms trigger.
      It uses the sames mags as the B&T TP9/MP9.

      There’s a 45ACP version in the pipe (also on display).

    • Calimero

      By the way at 1:38 you can see the APC again. On the right is the .45 ACP prototype, then it pans to the left and there’s the longer version of the APC9 with the gripod (extended handguard/rail and longer barrel which lacks the three MP5ish locking lugs for suppressors).

  • Lance

    What gun was that at 35 seconds?? Looked ACRish. I like the MG-3 on top of the SUV. Noticed new HK416 versions for sale now.

    • Ben

      Not sure, but I think it’s a Beretta ARX-160.

    • Matt

      Yep that’s the Beretta. It’s pretty awesome. Looks just a little bulky though.