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  • noob

    The sturdy loop is nice.

    If you want to go up a level of protection you could design one with a water resistant lid like the Pelican i1015 case for iPhone.

  • mechamaster

    If this case is water-proof and shock-proof…

    • SL

      Buy a water-proof and shock-proof cell phone will be easier….Has anyone make that phone yet?

      • Rev. Clint

        i googled it and tons are made in china

      • Will

        Casio has a line of rugged drop proof phones, they seem nice.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Magpul’s case looks better (to me) !

  • Kevin

    I knew these guys (strike industries) before they ever created this stuff. They were a little humble airsost store in Costa Mesa CA.

  • Chrontius

    I want that case. I can then wear my phone on a carabiner from a belt loop, so it’s not bouncing around in the pocket with keys, change, and such cruft.

  • This is actually a ridiculously cool case. I mean comon.. kevlar.. seriously??

  • wright

    just got mine today. first thoughts;
    1. provided screen protectors are crap. do not work well with the case.

    2. lock button and volume button are covered but function better than I’ve seen with other cases.

    3. loop is nice and sturdy. wouldn’t trust it to hold up to a carabiner.

    4. case provides good grip in hand, but no traction whatsoever on anything resembling a smooth surface.

    all in all; this case doesn’t offer the same level of protection as the otterbox cases, but is slimmer more comfortable to use than other cases on the market.