Trijicon SRS (Sealed Reflex Sight)

Trijicon’s newest red dot / reflex sight is the Trijicon SRS (Sealed Reflex Sight). It has a short tube (giving a greater field of vision) and has a solar panel that is used for power when in direct sunlight. Gear Scout has reviewed the sight.

Trijicon SRS (Sealed Reflex Sight) at Milipol ’11

Gear Report say it will go on sale next year at SHOT Show for under $1,000.

Steve Johnson

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  • JscottNH

    Wonder if they got a stimulus package loan guarantee for “Green Technology ” Lol

    • Other Steve

      Um… Don’t joke! The trijicon area of Michigan (Wixom) saw a LOT of green-jobs money come into the area. There is an old Ford plant in town that was supposed to be home to 10 or so companies making “green” products. All of them took the money, none of them moved in even after the gov making upgrades to the plant.

      The little amount of energy required to light up the sight makes solar a great option. But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone a Trijicon was pushing the G word around to anyone that would listen.

  • george

    I wonder if this thing will cost more than a entry-level AR-15? Odds are, it will. I want one, but only if it costs less than your average handgun.

    • Sian

      review says ‘well under $1000’ probably priced to compete with the compM4 – $700 or so street.

  • 18D

    I’m more excited about their new MRD sights.

  • Mr. Normal

    Now we’re talkin…
    Will definitely keep my eyes open for this at SHOT

  • Bryan S.

    Trijicon.. Brilliantly expensive aiming solutions.

    you would think, with how many of these that are sold to the military, that the economies of scale would drop the price down a bit. I guess with no legal competition of tritium in the US< you can price goods the way you want.

    I would like one, but not shelling out more than the cost of the rifle it is on.

    • 18D

      Trijicon isn’t expensive. Where are you getting that?

      • Lance

        Try $1300+ dollars for a 4x scope when a Aimpoint is only $400.

  • Lance

    Trijicon makes great scopes expensive and overpriced yes. This is a great replacement for the reflex sight and is alot more accurate than a crappy EO tech.

  • noob

    only 3 year battery life? Is that with the AA battery always running in darkness, or is that with the AA battery life extended by 12 hours of sun each day?

    Aimpoint CompM4 has something like 8 years battery life of an AA, and that doesn’t have a solar panel.

  • Calimero

    I saw it at MILIPOL in Paris and I’m unimpressed.

    It’s shorter than and Aimpoint CompM4 but it’s much wider (and the CompM4 isn’t a Micro T1). I suspect it might even cause ejection issues if you install it right above the ejection port of an AR.

    And what’s the point of that solar panel ? Making the circuitry more complex to slightly improve battery life ?
    I guess that even in the sandbox you could change batteries once a year ?