USMC fields MAG-D 40mm Grenade Dispenser

Marine Corp Times reports that the USMC are fielding the DefenseShield MAG-D (Molle Adaptable Grenade Dispenser). The nifty device, which resembles a large magazine, allows easy access to five 40mm grenades.

MAG-D Demo Video

[ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Entropy

    Is it just me, or does that seem like a hell of an awkward thing to have strapped to you? It reaches from that guy’s hips to his armpit which can’t be comfortable to patrol with.

    I can see the utility of it, but soft pouches for grenades would surely be better as they do not get in the way.

  • Alex S

    Make a gun those big mags work with, then we’ll talk.

  • charles222

    These things look kinda ridiculously huge, and they destroy options for carrying way more important stuff on your rack, like NODs, radio, your IFAK, and so on. Not a good design IMO.

  • Nater

    I’d just love to dive into the prone position with a couple of those bastards on…

    • StrykerCav

      Hahaha, no shit right? As a grenadier, I can just see getting the wind knocked out the first time I hit the ground with those things on my vest

  • Sid

    I carried the M203 in Panama. Back then, the grenadier had a vest that took up the entire front of his body. Was too much.

    I can see what they were attempting here. It may have some utility if the grenadier carried one and other members of the fire team had one on their back. Much like getting ammo to the M240, every member of the squad needs to support the ammo load out. Having 5 rounds in a handy dispenser would not be that ackward. May want them on a sling rather than attached to the vest.

    • StrykerCav

      I’ve never actually seen the grenadier vest, I know we have some left over but most of the guys in my unit have a bandolier across their chest. I for one am partial to the drop leg unit from HSGI

  • Jeff

    ehh, at least it looks more compact than the flc grenadier layout. You can at least have mag pouches on your person

  • Droptong

    Move the dispensers down. One on each thigh, distributes weight evenly, allows good access in prone position. Tactical thigh dispensers.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    What if carry it on leg?

    • StrykerCav

      That works really well actually. I carry one of the M320s in my squad and have an 8 pouch drop leg to carry HEDP, and then a few Spec-Ops brand triple mag pouches to carry my smoke and lume rounds. Drop leg gets money

  • Lance

    The system is fully ALICE and MOLLE system compatible. I like it replaces a MOLLE vest approach which took alot of space. I still find it interesting that USMC and the Army now have two different GL the USMC is staying with battle harden M-203 and the Army is going with the M-320.

  • Chase

    I want a short-barreled AR chambered in 40mm grenade that uses these magazines. 😉

  • Martin (M)

    This looks like a quick way to increase the area occupied by 5 40mm grenades by 25-30% This would be cool kit for the skinny guys that want to look bulked out.

  • 032125

    40mm for 203 are a pain in the ass, no doubt about it. This is better than the dedicated vest, but it still sucks.

  • Netforce

    It’s a good idea alright but the man in the demo video looks like he’s having a hard time crawling with those dispensers on.

  • Andy

    Might be my cheap laptop speakers, why does it sound like it is made out of cheap plastic?

  • 6677

    Well, it seemed a good idea when I first saw the article float past as I scrolled through the front page, but now I think about it, no. I wouldn’t carry one. I was going to suggest double stacking but then the bulk towards the front might get a bit too much. Fabric pouches all the way, or the idea below me somewhere of mounting them to the back of a squadmate.

  • Will

    Anyone who has exchanged fire with the enemy knows the value in decreasing the time it takes to achieve fire superiority. This will dramatically increase the rate of fire for the grenadier. It allows him to have muscle memory. When you need HEDP you don’t want to be searching all over the place looking in empty fabric pouches to find your next round loosing valuable time.

  • jim

    wow.. how long is it going to take for someone to make a 40mm launcher that takes mags??

  • John

    What? No sand storm test?
    I am disappoint.

    I guess it has those handy “cleaning vents” to purge all the sand out with your camelback water in the field, right?

    Where do they get this shit?

  • Casey Ryan
  • Texas_Dave

    …and if you need more grenades, just scour the battlefield for the grunt with his head blown off because he couldn’t get prone enough wearing this coke dispenser to get adequate cover….

  • Snitch-in-Time

    I have examined one of these and think it quite well thought out. The pouch is the same size as a double mag pouch for M4 or M14EBR so anyone using double mag pouches on the vest will not find an increase in thickness. Leg mount works well too. Some will like it others will prefer individual pouches or bags. Do note that the unit does not fit smoke, gas or illums. It might also work for LE guys using 37mm baton or beanbag rounds.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Not going one way or the other, but these devices looks as if they would provide good protection to the grenades; how easily are grenades in fabric pouches damaged?

  • StrykerCav

    HSGI 8 pouch drop leg all the way. That’s just this grenadier’s opinion