LAR Grizzly T-50 .50BMG

The LAR Manufacturing Grizzly T-50 is a beast. Designed to be capable of being shoulder fired, it was no accident that a muscular guy was manning the booth of this .50 BMG single shot bullpup. At its shortest barrel length, 32″, it weighs in at 30.4 pounds, and thats without a scope, bipod, rails and carry handle! The rifle starts at $3,200.

LAR Grizzly T-50 .50BMG mounted on tri-pod at SHOT Show ’11

Steve Johnson

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  • Andy from West Haven

    I don’t get it. Apologies to the fans of this rifle but I’ve never seen one in any gun store, I don’t know of anyone that even knows of anyone that has one. And that’s a .50 that’s actually legal to own in Connecticut.

    I guess my wonderment stems from how they stay in business when that’s the only gun they sell. That and I miss my Grizzly MK V. Had I known they were about to stop making them (back in the day) I would have never sold it. Today if you want a magnum semi auto you’re stuck with a Desert Eagle or a Coonan. And I don’t think we’ll see a .45 Winmag Coonan anytime soon. Or ever.

  • Andy from West Haven

    To add: If I recall correctly I believe they make AR-15 lowers too. Possibly for other AR makers. I guess that’s how they stay afloat.

  • calool

    i think LAR makes some accessories as well, im not sure, this is a cool gun but it looks like it might tear off an arm or two…

  • jamieb

    I don’t know what all they make, but being essentially a machine shop you can make a dozen 50 cals or 100 and moth ball them on a shelf. You then fill your production schedule with aerospace parts, pre production automobile stuff, medical stuff etc.

  • Lance

    Take one of the zeros off the price tag and ill buy one right NOW!

  • jamieb

    If I had land that went 1,000 yards (even if it was narrow 1/4 mile wide). I would have a 50 cal.

    As it is, I am a city boy and don’t even know anyone with more than 200 acres, and most ranges in michigan are 100 or 200 yards with few going out to 300 yards.

  • He’ll throw his back out leaning over backwards like that shooting .50BMG 😀

  • Christl Brown

    LAR Grizzly T-50 vs a DTA HTI vs Sabre defense Leader 50