Strange AR-15 Magazine Spotted in Philipines

A reader noticed this M16 magazine, being carried by a militiaman, in a video clip on Al Jazeera.

The magazine’s geometry is like none I can recall seeing. A couple of people suggested it could be a C-Products 7.62x39mm AR-15 magazine, but it is definitely not (see photo below).

C-Products 7.62x39mm AR-15 magazine

Can anyone identify it? I think it is probably manufactured by the cottage gun industry in the Philippines.

[ Many thanks to James for emailing in the photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • spamspam

    I am from the Philippines, and I have seen these mags before (In the news and one in a police checkpoint being carried by a policeman). However I do not know how many rounds they hold and who manufactures them.

    I have a few sources in the firearm industry here and can ask them about it.

    The M16 is a very ubiquitous here and is licence built the local manufacturer Elisco Tools.

  • Any chance it’s a large capacity magazine that’s been, uh, modified? Though I’m not sure you could bend one to that extent and still have it function.

    If it’s a production model, it’s pushing 90°. Would the spring even be able to work in that?

    • 6677

      It would be a hard push to do it reliably but a spring would be able to get around there. Whether or not the spring is the same classic single spring design we are used to seeing in magazines or not is another question. A dual spring set-up can easily get around those sorts of corners.

    • Mike

      Look close, that’s beyond 90 degrees. I’d put it at around 100.

      • Josh

        …that’s beyond 90 degrees. I’d put it at around 100.

        Importing the picture into AutoCAD and measuring the angle yields a result of 88 degrees. I have to trust that result better than your ability to eyeball it.

  • spamspam

    My sources have confirmed that indeed the magazine was manufactured by the cottage gun industry in the Philippines, specifically in the south in the island of Mindanao. My sources also told me that these mags hold 80 rounds.

    I am currently trying to get information on additional specs and their reliability and if anyone has any testimonies or reports about the extent of reliability in the field.

  • Philip

    Lets see the magazine pouch for it.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Wow! This AR must be chambered for 8mm Lebel :):))))))))

  • Lance

    Its still a 5.56mm M-16A1 but the mag was a locally made production for Islamic Militias probably custom made for a small solder who has problems for shooting with 30rd mags in the prone position.

    • Asclepius

      I think the caged magazine release makes it an A2

  • Andrew Racek

    Good lord think of the malfunctions that’ll cause

  • Netforce

    I know there’s a banana clip magazine out there but this is ridiculous! Haha.

  • Nadnerbus

    I can’t help but think when I look at it, that rifle needs some cialis.

  • calool

    wow, that’s nuts, seems like if you are running you might snag it on something and if you do that enough you could probably break your gun and have your mag falling out every ten seconds!

  • Charles

    That is an AR15A2 lower with an AR15A1 upper.

    Notice the rear sights…..


  • KolinAlayon

    Actually it’s quite ergonomic. It helps create a smaller silhouette in the prone position. You will hardly get anything snagged on it while running because your hands are actually gonna be on the gap. I’m from the Philippines and I actually have held one before.