Del-Ton TRX Rifle

American Tactical Imports is distributing the new Del-Ton TRX AR-15 Rifle. From the press release …

This new rifle from Del-Ton, Inc. is a 16” semi-automatic rifle already fully dressed with the latest Troy Industries accessories. Chambered in 5.56×45 mm, the TRX features forged 7075 T6 Aluminum hard coat anodized mil-spec upper and lower receivers. The 1×9 twist chrome moly vanadium barrel has a threaded muzzle, mid-length gas system, Troy Industries Low Profile gas block and A2 flash hider.

The TRX also features a reinforced fiber Troy Battle Ax butt stock and a Troy 13” TRX Extreme Hand Guard. It weighs 6.8 lbs. empty and has a fully extended length of 36.75” and a collapsed length of 33”. The sights are Troy DOA/STD Rear folding and Troy M4/HK Front folding. The TRX has an HPT/MPI tested bolt.

MSRP for the Del-Ton TRX16 rifle is $1250 and comes with a hard case, 30-round Troy magazine and a cleaning kit. Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Bob Barker

    It’s nice to a see a new 16″ AR15 with a mid-length gas system by standard.

  • Domestic Squirrel

    Hmmm. I suspect the barrel twist may detract from it’s desirability, especially among mil-spec monkeys.

    • Other Steve

      It’s a delton. I don’t think 1:9 is the problem here.

      Also, there is a better component to every part on that gun. The Troy plastic is just gross.

      • garynyer

        my delton runs like a top with carbine gas system, 1×9 twist kinda stinks but it handles the 75 grain TAPS just fine, it wont choke on any russian steel case ammo. while not completely milspec it has a proper nato chamber, chrome barrel, m4 feed ramp

  • Lance

    Del Ton is a nice company looks like a nice premium rifle.

  • Matt G.

    This is a complete rip off. Go with Rainier Arms’ new urban carbine. About same price, better everything else.

    1300$ for a chrome moly 1/9 and that godawful stock! HA!

  • Komrad

    Oh look, an AR-15 built using off the shelf parts. *sigh* Anyone else remember when not everything was an AR? I mean, it’s a great rifle that has amazing adaptability and customizability, but I think the market is just about saturated.

    • Ken Pugh

      Good maybe prices will go down

  • Rev. Clint

    Mil spec is just what balances the military need vs what is cost effective… basically good enough.

    My Ar is 1 in 9 and unless you need to hit shit out to 500 yds why go with 1 in 7?

    I cant stand that troy battleaxe stock… looks cheap.

  • Lance

    The reason commercial AR us 1 in 9 twist is that civilian shooter use more than FMJ Ball ammo and 1 in 7 is too fast to light weight 4–53 gr sp and hp bullets for safety reasons the slower twist is used to handle both hunting and military ammo.

  • Samopal

    Oh cool, another AR.

    • jdun1911

      Because it is the only rifle that actually makes money. You do not need much capital to start your own AR company. Low risk high reward and it won’t change anytime soon with the current economy.

    • John Doe

      More ARs = cheaper ARs.

  • Andrew (European Correspondent)

    That Troy stock is a lot sturdier than it looks. As a result, I hate it.

  • Bill

    The changed the stock, the rail system, the new Troy mags and they left the A2 pistol grip alone, seriously? For the MSRP you’d think that even an alternate grip Tangodown, Ergo or MOE grip would be preferable.

  • Brandon

    I love the TRX rail and Troy sights, but everything else….meh. I’d rather have Magpul or Vltor components

  • Arrkhal

    Please tell me that thing at the bottom of the mag is some kind of minimalist display stand that doesn’t attach to anything. Otherwise, what were the guys at Troy Industries thinking? “Hey, let’s make these things so the rifle looks like an airgun, so that even airsofters will laugh at our customers,” maybe?

    • It is a grab device so you can pull the mag easier if it gets stuck somehow. Or wet/cold with gloves.