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  • Scott

    I’m still trying to grasp “beautiful” and “Nagant” in the same sentence. Goes together like a hot dog and mousse…or something.

    • Mike

      If it helps, both “beautiful” and “Nagant” are adjectives that describe “replica”. So no one is really saying that a Nagant is beautiful. 😉

  • Mouldy Squid

    Wow. Impressive work. Even more impressive is that it is articulated.

    • Todd S

      It would be, but it would splinter just from the trigger pull alone!

  • GeoffH

    This would be fun to do for other (more esthetically pleasing) firearms. If I had the time and skill to do it I would probably do something more like a Colt Python for a revolver, Walther PPK for a pistol, and some type of lever-action for a rifle.

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    Fine wood-working but still an ugly revolver. Colt SAA or S&W .44 Russian would be choice!!!

  • Lance

    Pretty!!!! When do they make a M1911 copy????

  • Alex Vostox

    With the 7.62mm wood bullet in the chamber,
    this revolver is a nice weapons to defending yourself against half-naked-oiled-muscular-RobertPattinson vampire. Just point at a heart,cock and shoot. Suitable for girl who got stalked by a half-naked-oiled-muscular-RobertPattinson vampire while go inside a sun-less forest.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Beautiful !!!

  • Komrad

    I don’t understand why people find Nagant revolvers ugly. I love the way they look. It’s so industrial. Then again, I hate about 95% of firearms engravings, so I might be in a very small minority.

  • Bryan S.

    Sure, they could have replicated a number of other revolvers, but you have to admit, this one was more complicated to do. Personally, i think most of the other domestic revolver designs are very, very overrated.

  • Bryan S.

    And if you dig a bit deeper, you come across different models and replicas of more nagants, and othern pattern firearms

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