Poland To Buy 21,000 Pistols from Radom

Defense News reports that Poland’s Ministry of Defense is buying 21,000 9mm pistols from Radom. I think they are probably the Walther P99 RAD, a modified version of the standard P99 that was developed by the Polish military.

Walther P99 RAD. Photos © by REMOV.

[ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

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  • BUG

    Its a bit hard for the contract to have been awarded seeing as the Tender has not even been issued nor have the funds for the pistols been secured, now probably to be next year, 2012………..


    “The Ministry of Defense has recently developed a new plan to acquire the 9mm pistols for the Polish Armed Forces, which foresees … deliveries of about 21,000 pistols from 2012 through 2018,” Mroczek said.

    The acquisition is part of the Polish military’s 30 billion zloty ($9.1 billion) modernization package for 2009 to 2018, the deputy defense minister said.

    Under the plan, the new weapons would replace the Army’s aging P-64 Czak and P-83 Wanad semiautomatic 9mm pistols, he said. Both weapons were manufactured by Archer-Radom plant, a subsidiary of Bumar Group, Poland’s leading defense player.

    Mroczek said the pistol tender will be announced by the ministry’s Armament Inspectorate as soon as sufficient funds are secured. ”

    :End of Quote

    Source: http://www.defensenews.com/story.php?i=7867680&c=EUR&s=LAN

  • Andrew (European Correspondent)

    Maybe it would be a sure thing to win the contract if they laser marked just a few more bits of information on the slide…

    • Woodroez

      I LOVE all those markings! It’s like antique luggage that has gone UP in value because of all the international stamps that have been haphazardly stamped on them over the years.

      I would pay some amount over the MSRP of the Walther P99 to get THIS imported, I think. Maybe not much, but some.

    • Rev. Clint

      I was just gonna comment on all the crap they put on the slide. Maybe they need a map of where all the components were manufactured too.

  • Python

    In article there are no info that it will be Walther/RAD from Radom.

    RAD was developed for Polish Military “in mind” – not as a answer for order.

    In Poland all big orders are made as open for all companies – so at the end it can be Walther, Glock or Beretta. (or new pistol developed in Radom)

  • Lance

    Finally someone uses a P-99 no else did in numbers. The AK-101 there using will be replaced this decade as well due to constant failures. I do think the old P-64 will be around for years to come. Its small size makes it better than a full size P99 for Military Police and for under cover police operatives.

    • Python

      Quote”The AK-101 there using will be replaced this decade as well due to constant failures.”

      Aside topic: it is not true ! Polish Beryl rifle – however AK derivative – is a polish developed design, not russian AK-101. It is very good, proven in combat (A-stan, Iraq) weapon. It is just old design.

  • Lance

    Your right abut the name but the Beryl had issues since the design was never intended for 5.56mm.

  • I am afraid the whole information is a bit confusing, Steve. The Polish army is looking for replacement of the P-64 CZAK and P-83 Wanad, but I don’t think that the military will purchase any of P99 Rad pistols.

    There is a program of the new military pistol with modular trigger system under development, designed by WAT and FB Radom-Lucznik. The Prexer at the MSPO shown as well modernized P-94 WIST pistol.

  • Lance

    @ REMOV

    Sorry the plan is for either the P-99 or CZ-75 to be standardized in the whole national defense service all P93 P83 and most P64s are to be replaced.

    • @ Lance

      Trust me, the whole note is not quite true. The new pistol will be not buy before 2014, and the P99D Rad is not the option, because the weapon do not fulfill the military requirements. The CZ 75 for Polish Army is sort of a joke from you? It’s old design, not wanted by any of modern armies.


  • brian green

    I love this pistal, if anyone can tell me were to purchase one i would apreciate it