Ruger / Talo LCR Deluxe Limited Editions

Talo and Ruger have developed two limited edition “Deluxe” Ruger LCR models. The first, pictured above, features five engraved and satin filled Ruger logos and a 24KT gold band on the cylinder. The MSRP is $596, which is about a $70 premium over the standard model MSRP.

The second model has the same engraved Ruger logos but has a silver band instead of the gold. This model has a MSRP of $570, which is about $40 more expensive than the standard model.

Steve Johnson

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  • Komrad

    I don’t get it. The LCR isn’t nearly pretty enough to benefit aesthetically from engravings. An engraved blackhawk or redhawk with a nice high gloss blueing would make for a much better display gun.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Putting lipstick on a pig, are they? This and the S&W Bodyguard .38 are both fugly.

  • Scott

    I kinda like the way they look honestly, especially considering their purpose in life. It’s not the right gun to spend extra on.

  • mtptwo

    Yeah. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Bryan S.

    Ugly, overpriced, and adding more cost. I would pass on the LCR, and not even think about a Talo edition.

  • 45Super

    An ugly gun? Huh? Ooh, I love that guy’s hockey mask–it’s so PRETTY! Yeah, avoid THAT guy.

    Ruger is making these LIMITED EDITION guns ’cause police departments love ’em. They give them out as retirement (separation) gifts to Chiefs and whatnot, like, duh.

    • Arrkhal

      Huh, I never would’ve thought of that. But if I’m ever a police chief, put me down for a Colt Anaconda when I retire! Un-engraved, satin finish, made in a year that they didn’t have any problems. I’ll pay for it myself, if I have to.

      As a retirement gift for a sufficiently hardboiled plainclothes type officer, though, I could see the humor value of a “deluxe” LCR.

      “It’s engraved!”
      “…With the logo on the cylinder 5 times.”
      “With the logo a bunch of times, yeah. And it’s got a gold band around the cylinder!”
      “…About a 1/16 inch band.”
      “Come on, what kind of gratitude is this?”
      “…Well, at least it’s something I can carry in a pocket holster.”

      For the right person, that’s easily worth the $70 premium.

  • Mark S Resler

    Some people are negative about everything. I think the 24k gold band sets it off plus the satin Ruger logos also enhance the gun.
    So I’m leaving a positive comment unlike pessimistic people.

  • Trixie

    Well I happen to like mine quite a lot! You may say it’s fugly or overpriced…but I don’t use it as a showpiece. It’s the perfect size to carry in my purse, and with the gold line, it matches most of my outfits!!! LOL