Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Seen the video years ago. Its too bad he is gone now we need more people like him to train our best shooters.

  • Avi chishi

    THE MAN.

  • vamtns

    I have that tape in my archives. I met Gunnery Sgt. Hathcock at a Va Beach Gun Show a few years before he passed away and got a chance to talk with him a bit. Great American and a great man.

  • John Travis 1SG

    I met Carlos on the USS Holland AS 33 when he was assigned there prior to being medically discharged. Sat across the mess table a few times with him. A very sincere man who loved his country. He wouldn’t talk much about NAM at that time, but did tell me his favorite rifle yet was the little 22 bolt action Stevens he grew up with. RIP Gunny.