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  • Todd S

    That is one nifty little piece of engineering!

  • Gregor

    Hm, thats actually the part I find the easiest to clean when I take care of my bolt. But then again, Im just using my AR-15 for sport shooting and it wasnt and will probably never get as dirty as the bolt shown in the video.

  • Lance

    I like it, how much for one??

  • Andy

    I’d call this “why tech”. There’s no compelling reason to keep the tail of the bolt particularly clean. I can’t believe people keep spending money on these tools.

  • JMosesB

    A piece of scotch brite with some solvent does the same thing for a lot cheaper. Wouldn’t be bad to have on hand if you had to clean lots of rifles or you shoot a LOT.

  • Justin

    That looks like a good way to remove all the surface treatments from the steel. Those abrasive pads also tend to loose abrasive particles, which, if not properly cleaned, will increase wear.

    I bought an ultrasonic cleaner, throw the disassembled bolt and carrier in with the appropriate solvent, come back in 20 min, rinse, and dry with compressed air. Nothing to it and I suspect the cost is comparable with this thing.

  • Soless

    Highly unnecessary and a waste of money. This can easily be done with the hollow end of a cheap GI cleaning rod.

  • charles222

    Unneeded. A can of gun-blaster and a rag are all you need for the vast majority of cleaning an AR, and your pinky finger and a barrel snake will suffice for the rest.