Barrett Trade Show Video

Rampart Pictures has just published a new promotional video they produced for Barrett Firearms. If you like .50 caliber action, check out the video. I especially enjoyed watching the .50 being used at a aerial-operations training facility.

Steve Johnson

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  • John Doe

    I’ve always wanted a Barrett. Which model is generally the cheapest?

  • Dave

    NYPD says they can take down airplanes with .50 cal. LMAO

  • Texas_Dave

    where’s the feed?

  • Lance

    Looks fun! Just cant afford $5 a round though!

  • Ben

    Video isn’t showing up.

  • Nielsen

    The embedded link seems to point to a youtube video with the ID “ppxabn1b1y”, but no such ID seems to exist. You might wanna check it again 🙂

  • No idea what happened to your video URL, doesnt seem to point to anything valid.

  • wild thunder 02

    video isn’t showing up

  • Bagworm

    No video………………??????

  • john

    this video is boring.

  • padespoint

    i can’t see the video

  • john

    by “boring” I mean that I see no video.

  • Luis Peña

    The video is not appearing, the link to the youtube video is missing one letter

  • Mike LaForge

    Link for the video?

  • Lance

    Still pitching there REC 7 to many costumers too bad its not catching on.

  • Gun snob

    Of the different music genres video editors choose to use for ‘shooting’ videos, only classical music makes in non-tacky.

  • Ken

    This is a great promotional video. They basically showed the full disasembly of the rifle, which is very cool.