Azerbaijan to produce AK-74M “Khazri” assault rifles

The Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense Industry have licensed the AK-74M design from Russian AK-maker Izhmash and will be producing it domestically. The rifle will be called the “Khazri Assault Rifle”. It sounds like it will feature accessory rails for lights, lasers and optics.

It is interesting that they did not decide to adopt the older AK-74M instead of the the newer AK-10x line.

[ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Dave

    “It is interesting that they did not decide to adopt the older AK-74M instead of the the newer AK-10x line.”

    Why, aren’t the 10x rifles just 74M export models with different factory options?

  • Konrado

    Why would they adopt for example AK-101 or AK-103 if they are the same assault rifles as 74M, except the first one is in 5.56 and second in 7.62? If they needed 5.45 x 39 rifle they chose AK-74M ;p

    • Konrado, the AK-105 is 5.45 and the AK-107 is 5.45mm and also has the new balanced recoil system.

      • Konrado

        Yeah, AK-105 is in 5.45 but it’s a short-barreled carbine, and they wanted “full size” rifle. With AK-107 story is: there’s no doubt it would be much more expensive than standard 74M (with this whole BARS system), and I don’t think it would provide that big difference. AK-74M muzzle brake is extremly efficient design, which makes this AK (with it’s crude long piston operating system) on par with an AR in therms of muzzle climb. Second thing, AK-107 is not even included in Izshmash offer, so propably it was just an experiment (for example AN-94 is still offered, and can be seen on Izshmash’s exhibitions during military stuff exhibitions like Interpolitex 😉 )

  • Lance

    The AK-10X line is a AK-74 only in different calibers. If your Army uses 5.45 ammo then there is not point to goto the 100 series. That’s problem for Izmesh since all the CIS states has its own arms industry. Fact is that the AK-74 is king in the CIS so there wont be much exports to other countries where AKMs are most popular.

  • RedFalconBill

    AK-74M, AK-101, and AK-103 are the same style of carbine, just different calibers, being 5.45×39, 5.56×45, and 7.62×39, respectively.

    AK-105, AK-102, and AK-104 are the same style of shorter barrel carbine, just different calibers, being 5.45×39, 5.56×45, and 7.62×39, respectively.

  • howlingcoyote

    I didn’t even know that they had electricity in that country! Let alone factories!

  • Lance

    The problem is no one adopted the AK-107 its a prototype only and has many different parts from a standard AK-74 why it never got anywhere

  • Warhawk1982

    If it aint broke, don’t fix it I guess.

  • B.P. Dumas

    the ak107 and the 5.56mm version (even more excting from a possible export potential) are derivations of the never produced experiemental
    1960’s AL7 rifle, a then competing design for the ak74,but the 74 is really a hybrid the 47 and the AL7, ithas some AL7 features.

    the 107 and 108 were reputedly the most accurate out of the box ak’s
    ever, with accuracy rivaling a AR and all of the ak reliability and heritage.
    though admittedly the new gas piston AR’s negate the unreliability issue anymore. downside, really pricey.
    Someone here should license the ak107 and 108 and make a US made copy and produce it here.
    some 107’s were made for the russian special forces.

    If I could have unrestricted access to a russian full auto AK, it’d be this new 9×39 ak9 in 9×39 subsonic , cool gun and alot more hitting power at comparable ranges than a 5.45mm aksu has. Its a looker too.
    has a short 20rd magazine, but since a 250 grain 9mm round will likely put ya down easily, do you need more. a 30rd mag with 30 heavy bullets would be lilkely too heavy. all of the other russian 9×39 guns and there are many also use a maximum 20rd mag.
    Love to have AS/VSS 9×39 integrally supressed rifle also. nice design.

  • jerryb08

    The statement that the newer AK’s out of the box are comparable to an Ar’s accuracy isn’t even remotely correct. I am a big fan of the AK. In many situations I would prefer the AK over the AR. Admittedly the popular myth that the AK is terribly inaccurate has always been just that, a myth and greatly exaggerated. But at the end of the day because the AK has everything including the kitchen sink pinned to the barrel and because it is a long stroke piston gas operating system the AR is going to out perform the AK every time when comparing the two in extreme accuracy. The two designs are of a different mindset.