75th Rangers go Paintballing

Army.mil reports

Most of the 15 Rangers who participated in the paintball games Wednesday had just returned with him from a deployment only a few weeks ago, Shin said.

“Sometimes the transition is tough,” he said. “For a lot of these guys, I think it’s a sense of purpose that changes, too. Overseas there is a sense of accomplishment. There’s a sense of belonging. But when you come back, a lot of that kind of dissipates.”

That’s where the Warrior Adventure Quest comes in, said Jackie Teixeira, recreation assistant for Outdoor Recreation.

“This program, funded by the Army, helps Soldiers cope with coming back from a high-adrenaline atmosphere of war to regular life, zero adrenaline and lots of stress,” she said. “Often, Soldiers try to subconsciously recreate that feeling by buying motorcycles or fast cars and driving them way too recklessly — or worse, while inebriated.”

[ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

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  • West

    This is nice but I think the Army should invest more in programs to take care of these people when they return from combat.

  • Lance

    Looks fun!

  • Jim

    That’s a great photo! I bet this was great. I would love to see Army Rangers battle it out with paintballs.

  • Bandito762

    Man it must suck to show up to the paintball field with your buddies asking “Oh man who are we gonna play against today? Some 12 year old birthday party?”
    “No sir, you are playing against the US Army Rangers!”

  • John Doe

    Wouldn’t want to paintball against them.

    I went paintballing with my buddies in my platoon, 13-year-olds just run away after awhile.

  • Sean Ingram

    All of these new programs were never even considered when I was with them.

  • John Doe

    Really, we would’ve gone easy until some fat kid said, “Rangers are way cooler.”

    You don’t tell a Marine that.

    Why isn’t there a reality TV show where they have spec ops units duke it out paintball style?

    • John, LOL, I guess they had gotta learn one day you don’t say that (or the opposite to a Ranger)

  • Matt

    My friend has a story about playing paintball against a group of Marines. He said they wandered around the playing field and couldn’t find anybody. After they gave up and starting walking towards the rest area they were ambushed and lit up with paintballs. They never saw it coming and never got a shot off. He hasn’t gone paintballing ever since that day.

  • Sandwichy

    Did anybody ever watch Special Ops Mission on Military channel? It was pretty much a televised paintball game between a lone operator and a selected team of individuals from all branches of the military. It revolved around infiltrating an area and activating certain objectives. I kind of liked it, they could have branched out for a second season.

  • Joseph

    Adrenaline is why I always played paintball!!! I don’t really have enough mobility right now though. Still might try given the chance.

  • John Doe

    Matt, a similar thing happened once the kids were upset enough to drag their dads into it. We hid, and they didn’t see us until we ambushed them, and put a couple paintballs in their masks.

    Anyone ever try paintballung with glow in the dark paintballs? It’s like using tracer rounds. Fun.

  • Bryan S.

    I used to ref some of our local national guard games. It was fun, but the sport is a tad different in many aspects to actual combat (concealment for the most part is cover). When some of my teammates would go and give them a good game, it usually was.

    Always listened to the rules too. That was not the case with every group.

  • Wayne

    Weston 28 Sep 2011 at 2:34 am link comment

    This is nice but I think the Army should invest more in programs to take care of these people when they return from combat.

    Exactly what programs would you recommend? The Army and DoD and the VA already have many programs in place to deal with the effects of war on soldiers. I have no idea how effective those programs are, but if you have evidence that better programs are out there, trot ’em out, man.

  • charles222

    Rangers are cooler, though. :p

  • howlingcoyote

    So buying a motercycle or sports car is bad?
    Maybe some just like the freedom and coolnest it gives.
    And not everybody is a drinker. More and more today are avoiding alcohol and smoking altogether.

  • John Doe

    @Wayne, I would say things like rock climbing, hiking, rappeling and BASE jumping. Those are some of the things I like to do that relaxes me (some of them), but gives me the adrenaline I crave from combat. It depends on the person though. Some like the excitement, some just want to relax.

  • West

    Do you have a problem with providing adequate benefits for those who serve? Sounds like it.

  • AJ187

    That’s nice but you’re never going to be able to relieve these people of the stress and madness of being deployed 5 or 6 times to a conflict zone. We’re asking these men (kids really) to do so much IMO.