Triangle Capital invested $14.8 million into Magpul

Triangle Capital Corporation (TCAP) has invested $14.8 million into Magpul. From the press release

RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 22, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Triangle Capital Corporation (NYSE:TCAP – News) (“Triangle” or the “Company”), a leading specialty finance company that provides customized financing solutions to lower middle market companies located throughout the United States, today announced that it closed a $14.8 million investment in Magpul Industries Corporation (“Magpul”) consisting of subordinated debt and equity. Magpul designs, assembles, and markets aftermarket components and accessories including trigger guards, grips, stocks and magazine enhancements for various firearms.

Triangle’s investment philosophy is to partner with business owners, management teams and financial sponsors to provide flexible financing solutions to fund growth, changes of control, or other corporate events. Triangle typically invests $5.0 million – $15.0 million per transaction in companies with annual revenues between $20.0 million and $100.0 million and EBITDA between $3.0 million and $20.0 million.

This investment represents close to the maximum TCAP will invest in a company (in one transaction). So what will Magpul be doing with all this cash? I would love to know!

Steve Johnson

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  • 543

    This is either a dept refinance deal for magpul or a portion of magpul was purchased by TCAP.

  • Phil

    As much as I love their AR accessories, I hope they use this money to bring more actual weapons to market like the ACR. I’m hoping for a Magpul handgun

  • Mr Maigo

    Massoud? PDW?

  • Reverend Clint

    id like to see some more AK accessories and the original Masada at the original price.

  • Seraph

    A Magpul handgun would be amazing. They already make Glock speedplates. I’d love to see what they could do with a revolver or semi-auto platform to improve them. A combat revolver would be sweet!

  • iroquois pliskin
  • Steve

    YAY, we need mroe overpriced plastic crap πŸ˜‰

  • sferrin

    The need to do the same for Keltec so they can get production capacity up. I want my PMR-30 and KSG dammit! πŸ˜‰

  • SPC Fish

    i am thinking that they are gonna actually produce a firearms line. lets hope the FMG-9 finally makes it to production and quite a few other new guns as well

  • Jay

    Of course it is for more off-roading and building custom bikes!!

    Seriously, I do not know their finances, but some hints are to build rifles. Bushmaster hasn’t done justice to their design nor sold much of it. They [Magpul] have been redesigning their rifle concept… They may have decided to take a loan out to gear up to produce their designs. Something they didn’t want to do with the Massada. If that is so, it could be a big move for Magpul to grow its business.

    Or more likely they just invested (bought part) of Magpul Industries.

  • Gun snob

    Maybe they’ll use a portion of that to settle out of court with VLTOR.

  • Icchan

    I’d love the PDW as a handgun, if it can get classed as “stockless” and “one-handed” somehow.

  • I’m glad that an innovative company gets to move forward and bring more products to market. Magpul has done well. Gun owners certainly like their products. You can bet that investors are not handing out money today. Especially in these trying economic times.

  • Lance

    The A.C.R. isn’t going to happen since Bushmaster/Remington bought the design so they have rights for it now. Fact is its too expensive and not much of a advantage over the M-4/M-16 rifles. But I hope for accessories and mag improvements. I think magpul makes better sales on AR accessories anyway hope they can lower prices on Pmags and stock sets sounds good.