Machine Guns in Slow Motion. WATCH THIS.

If all you do today is watch this video, it will be day well spent, trust me!

The video was shot by Insight Visual Media Productions to test a new high speed camera

We recently had a new IDT Y5 HDiablo sent to us as a demo. This is the first of 3 high speed cameras we will be testing this month before we make a decision on which one to purchase.

We shot in several different types of situations over a 2 day period and this quick little demo was made for the purpose of including the Y5 in a realistic workflow from concept to final cut. We’ll be writing a blog about it later. The two other cameras we will be testing are the Photron BC2 and the Phantom Flex.

Equipment: Canon 5D, 7D, Lots of lenses, IDT Y5 Diablo, 300mm Zeiss PL, 35mm Zeiss super speed, Zylight & Lightpanels

Guns: M-249 SAW, M4 (7″ Barrel), HK-53, MG-42, G-17 select fire, PPSh-41, AR-15 & M-16

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Anthoni814

    I liked the sbr with the noveske kx3 flash suppressor and quad rail. Neat looking

  • Jonas

    Slow, but I’m only moderately impressed. If you’ve seen the slow-mo cameras on Top Shot, they really capture every frame, bullet leaving muzzle and more. However, this camera is a lot better than some of the other so-called “high speed” cameras I see being used in Youtube. Neat video anyways

    • Jonas, high speed camera come in a wide range of speeds. As speed increases so does price dramatically. Just renting these cameras costs a small fortune. Top Shot will have access to History’s inventory of cameras.

  • Fella

    The best video for a long time! What is that song that plays in the background?

  • Jonas,

    You’re right. We were only moderately impressed with the results of that camera as well. It maxed out at 1500 frames per second at 720P…which, as you can see, is adequate for recoil, pumpkin blasts and flappy lips but nowhere near fast enough to stop a bullet or even muzzle flash. It’s interesting to note the Y5 camera body alone has an $83,000 price tag. It was the exact camera used for the explosions in The Hurt Locker and it has been used on other big production sets as well…so it has its place in cinema, just not so much in high speed ballistics.

    The Phantom Flex camera (used in Top Shot) will allow us up to 5,000 frames per second in full HD and if we wanted to record at smaller pixel dimensions the frame rates will increase. At a price tag of $250,000 you can understand why we wanted to test out the likes of IDT’s Y5 model first.

  • Adam

    you’d think with all that money spent on cameras, they could have afforded some eyes and ears.. and shooting into water directly in front of a big group is not exactly bright given that bullet can ricochet from surface tension at the right angle.
    I’d give ’em an A for the neat video, a D- for safe firearm techniques.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    No lie. This was fucking cool.

  • Lance

    Looks fun tricked out with the reverse footage.

  • gaosmer

    G18 is full-automatic Glock pistol

  • JMD

    Great video!

    BTW, the song is also available on Grooveshark, where you can listen to it or almost any other audio performance imaginable, for free.

  • That is really awesome.

  • howlingcoyote

    Why didn’t they do the testing with the cameras and guns in Texas and shoot some wild hogs? Now that would have be awesome.

  • tommy2rs

    Well, it’s no Bikini Girls With Machine Guns but still cool to watch.

  • alex

    Hey! That’s my dealer! I have shot at that river many times during koledge! I knew I recognized the guns on the table. I broke my cherry on his select fire g17c! he is an 07/02, so he can make some sh@t!

  • Adam, I fail to see how a ricochet on water could come back towards the crowd. There is over a mile of bare pasture on the other side of the river, so potential ricochets wouldn’t hurt anyone over on the other side. We were all wearing ear protection. But alas, we has one lone person not wearing eye protection. Thanks for being the park ranger and giving such an insightful analysis. We will work on that in the future.