Chiappa 1886 Kodiak .45-70 Coming to USA

I first blogged about the Chiappa 1886 Kodiak rifles back in April when they were on display the the EXA ’11 Italian arms expo. The good news is that MKS Supply is importing them into the USA. The gun comes in two models, a synthetic / brushed-nickel model and a traditional wood model with a beautiful case colored receiver.

1886 Kodiak Trapper 6-shot

Both models have a 6+1 capacity, 18.5″ barrel and weigh 8.5 lbs. The 1886 Kodiak Trapper (syntheic stock) has a MSRP of $1395. The 1886 Kodiak Traditional Trapper has a MSRP of $1295. Currently MKS is only importing the guns chambered in .45-70.

1886 Kodiak Traditional Trapper 6-shot with case colored receiver

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  • They going to tell us where the RFID is so we can remove it?

  • Brian P.

    I wonder if you could get one with a wood stock and a nickel finish? Meh, I probably won’t ever get one, anyway. It’s too expensive.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Grazie tanto, but no grazie. No telling how it’ll be chipped.

  • Kyle

    I was about to say that, McThag. I wonder if the box will include a condescending letter and Tinfoil hat.

  • Julio

    The “synthetic” stock is actually hardwood with a rubberised coating. Not a criticism. I’ve got a similar Italian stock on another rifle and like it.

  • El Duderino


  • Lance

    Looks SWEET! Can it take hotter loads though?

  • Skslover

    is it tube fed or rotary mag? thoose pointed rounds would blow the hell of a tube on the first fire.

  • Herp

    Did you even bother to look at the tips? They’re polymer. It won’t set off a round.

  • Kyle

    the rounds are probably Hornady LEVERevolution Ammunition. They have a flexible polymer tip

  • howlingcoyote

    The ammo is Hornady leverevelution and available in 45-70 and 444 Marlin and other cartridges.
    will this rifle be available in:
    450 Alaskan
    475 Linebaugh
    475-45-70 (several wildcats)
    475-348 Win. Improved (475 Alaskan)
    50 Alaskan (YES!!)
    50-110 Win.

  • SKSlover,

    Those are Leverevolution rounds. The pointed tips are polymer so that you can still get a more aerodynamic shape to the bullet to increase velocity and accuracy, while not having to worry about your magazine go bang after you fire the first round.

    The wonders of modern technology!

  • Link to a Leverevolution review.

  • Brian P.

    @Skslover: Sorry if I sound rude, but can’t you see the pictures? It seems pretty obvious to me that it has a tube magazine. And no, those “pointed rounds” were actually designed specifically for lever action rifles by Hornady. They’re somewhat soft and pliable, so they won’t ignite the primer on the rounds in front of them.

    @Julio: Oh, that’s interesting to know.

    @Kyle: In case you hadn’t heard, the guy who wrote that message has apologized about it. He said he didn’t mean to sound that way, and he only meant it as a joke.

  • Zincorium

    SKSlover- those look like Leverrevolution rounds, and they’re explicitly okay to fire in a tube fed lever action rifle.

    I’ve fired quite a few from my own .45/70 without problems. If I were hunting or otherwise concerned for the terminal effectiveness of the gun, they’d be my first choice.

  • garynyer

    @SKSlover theyre specifically designed for a tube mag, the tip is made out of a soft polymer that depresses slightly and deforms so you can get better ballistics than a flat nose round. My old 30-30 loves these rounds.

  • Axel Nordberg

    Skslover, you need to google “leverevolution”. The bullets ARE pointed, but they are not dangerous in a tube mag.

  • I’ve been looking at the Master Guide from Wild West Guns and the sticker price is even larger.

    As far as the RFID goes, I don’t care either way.

  • Mechman

    Those are polymer tipped. They’re fine in tube mags, which the rifle is.

  • The weatherproof-ish 45-70 is right up my alley. I couldn’t care less about the RFID chip. Who do you nutjobs think are tracking what?

  • Komrad

    polymer tipped bullets aren’t hard enough to set off primers, which is one of the main reasons they were developed for lever-guns

  • AK-Adventurer

    Its tube fed.

    Those pointed rounds look like Hornady Leverluion rounds. The bullet tip is a soft rubbery plastic designed for tube mags on lever actions. Perfectly safe.

  • Skslover

    wow thats alot of repies.. thanks for the info, and sorry for causeing such a stir.

  • Tinkerer

    You know guys, the amount of upheaval pertaining the RFID chips is just the kind of behaviour that prompted the ironic letter from Chiappa’s distributor.

  • carter

    You people have long memories….:)
    I suppose the chip is imbedded as far up the stock hole as they can get it. You’ll need a medical device to remove it. Customer Servix will tell us to buy supositories. I like “the Alaskan” better.

  • Mr. Boom

    For that price, you could buy an old Sharps replica. Much cooler if you want a .45-70

    • Brian P.

      That doesn’t seem as practical as the 1886. I’d much rather take a lever action over a Sharps. Just my two cents.