IWI’s New Stock for the UZI Pro

ArmyRecognition.com published a photo of an IWI UZI Pro on display at DSEi ’11 (London’s Defense Expo) featuring a new stock design and slightly different forend. The new stock is polymer with an adjustable cheek piece. I cannot make out if the stock is foldable. The previous stock was the standard UZI steel side folder. The newer forend now incorporates a collapsable foregrip and a slightly different trigger guard.

The newer version of the UZI Pro

The UZI Pro was introduced last year. It is a Micro UZI with a polymer lower reciever. The lower has an integrated Tavor-style trigger-guard and forward side rails.

The original UZI Pro what was unveiled last year.

Steve Johnson

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  • J.T.

    New mag release as well.

  • Bob Barker

    I’m interested in hearing what people think of the “Tavor-style” trigger-guard. It almost seems like hand-protection and not a safety for the trigger.

  • Not only stock and grip, but also magazine catch and a few other chances.


  • Tam

    It looks like a MAKO catalog threw up on it.

  • MarkM

    The introduction and engineering of polymers will affect the style and design of the end product, and it shows in the looks of that stock.

    I don’t question it’s as strong or durable, what comes to mind is that there’s a generational divide of conservative reliability. The older warrior was raised on the mechanical fabrication of metals and it’s design look in weapons, and had a lot of negative interaction with “plastics” in their commercial applications. As we transistion to polymer construction, that viewpoint comes along, too, with some valid justifications. It’s going to take a some time to prove to them that polymers will do the job.

    Engineers should understand this and keep in mind they will need to include the look of mechanical fabrication – deliberately styling their goods to avoid the “space gun” organic look.It IS literally skewing the product line with art, but it will get higher acceptance visually with the decision makers steeped in old school use.

    With a complete lack of consensus about what “military” polymer should look like – and it varies far more than metal designs – it’s probably best to minimize some of it and help move an evaluation past the guns looks to it’s performance.

    I’d vote the Duostock the worlds ugliest, now this? Intellectually, sure, it works fine, but its not a “real” combat weapon. Doesn’t fit in with the rest of the “look.”

  • Mr Maigo

    B&T MP9?

  • Bryan S.

    I would love to get my hands on an importable Tavor….

  • 6677

    Either the sight is the wrong way round in the first image or its the wrong way round in the second, either way the 2 pictures have the sights facing opposite directions. Unless thats a different sight in the first picture which it looks like it might be.

  • Lew

    The point of attachment between the stock and the reciver looks quite a lot like the Israeli MAKO AK-stock attachement which folds.

  • Lance

    Looks like they crossed the UZI with a MP-7.

  • Meltron

    The Uzi stock is folding as seen from the side view of the photo from the above link.

  • Armored

    I would remove that obsolete and overpriced meprolight sight and slap something else on.

  • cc19

    “Da Uzi nine milla-meetah…”

  • howlingcoyote

    I see in the photo that it has a rail mount. So where’s the flashlight,laser and 3-9 scope and bayonet? Oh, and bipod.

  • farmist

    Isn’t that “trigger” guard an automatic Rule 3 violation?

  • El Duderino

    howlingcoyote — it’s because it’s at a show and not in a Cheaper Than Dirt catalog.

  • Skslover

    it’s nice and whatnot, but at the end of the day its still a bulky pistol with a 3″ barrel.

  • Tinkerer


    Don’t forget the full auto fire. That’s not very pistol-like. And the pistols that have it aren’t known for their controlability.

  • Skslover

    full auto fire? thats strictly a LEO/Military feature, and which non-israeli armed force would choose this over an mp5 or other smg?