Aimpoint’s FCS12 sight for Rocket & Grenade Launchers

Aimpoint had their FCS12 sight/Fire Control System on display at DSEi ’11. The system works with the venerable Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle and the Panzerfaust 3 RPG. The system incorporates a 1x red dot sight with a laser range finder. The device can be programmed with up to 50 different ballistic profiles so that the operator can selected a profile to match the round loaded. A grip can be installed on the launcher that communicates with the FCS12 wirelessly so that the operator never has to take his hand off the weapon (buttons can still be used in an emergency).

A nifty piece of gear!

[ Many thanks to Lionel for the photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    I don’t see the need for a red dot for a GL. A simple iron sight works well for area weapons like a GL.

  • abc123

    I wouldn’t call the Carl Gustaf “venerable” as the materials of the tube has changed and new, modern warheads are still being developed. I wonder if they somehow can make this compatible with the planned 3P round for the CG.

  • howlingcoyote

    Wow! Just the thing to hunt wild hogs in Texas with!

  • abc123, I hear what you are saying, but the same applies to most firearms. The AK-1xx series is much improved over the AK-47, as it the M4 over the M16A1. Its evolution. Still, with RPGs/recoiless rifles, they are just dump launchers and the technology is mostly in the warhead.

  • Lance

    But Russia isnt using AK-1xx rifles AK-74 and 74M are standard issue and AKMs are in Spec Ops use.

  • Tinkerer


    The Carl Gustav is not just an “area weapon grenade launcher”, altought it can fill the role with adequate ammo. It has always been a quite accurate anti-armor recoilless rifle -yes, the barrel is rifled-. A red dot is actually a good idea.