DSEi 2011

Did anyone attend DSEi 2011? If you did and were able to take photos of firearms, please get in touch with me. My email is thefirearmblog@gmail.com. Thanks.

Steve Johnson

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  • BUG

    Xavier, the guy that runs Army Recognition website out of, I believe, Belgium has a bunch of pics, see here………….some are weapons altho most are vehicles………….


  • Guardsman

    I went to DSEI but only took pictures of the JSF F-35C mock-up that was on display outside. There wasn’t much of interest concerning small arms, except, of course, on the H&K stand.

    There I saw the new HK 121 squad automatic weapon which will soon replace the Bundeswehr’s ageing MG3s. There is no published data yet, but it felt as if its weight lies in between a 5.56 mm MG4 and 7.62 mm FN MAG. Like the FN Minimi, Mk 48 and MG4, it has a rotating locking bolt. It seemed slightly heavier than the Mk 48, but I was told that this was because is rated for an incredible 100,000 rounds. It looks as if it is still a prototype weapon, but felt very robust and well designed. I think it should mature into a superb general purpose machine gun.

    They also had the MP7 and IAR M27 on display plus a G36 with a revised folding and LOP extendable stock. The M27 is nothing more than a standard HK416 made to a USMC build standard. It is superb.

  • Lance

    What IS DSEi