Rimfire .22 LR Ruger SP101

Ruger is now producing the Ruger SP101 revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle.

The 30-ounce double-action revolver is made of weather resistant stainless steel with a satin finish for longevity and good looks. The walnut grip panels inset in the one-piece rubber grip are checkered and engraved. The revolver features a fully adjustable square-notch rear sight and fiber-optic, square-post front sight. The 4.2-inch barrel features a half shroud covering the ejector rod.

Model Number 5765
Catalog Number KSP-242-8
Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 8
Finish Satin Stainless
Grip Walnut/Black Rubber
Barrel 4.2″
Twist 1:16″ RH
Overall Length 9.12″
Weight 30 oz.
CA/MA Approved No
Front Sight Fiber Optic
Rear Sight Adjustable
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.
Availability $675

I am sure a .22 Magnum model will follow soon.

Steve Johnson

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  • Woodroez

    This just might end up replacing the Single-Ten on my to-buy list.

    Also, I think Ruger’s done a nice job lately of dressing their guns up just a hair more than they traditionally have.

  • SpudGun

    I fine looking .22 revolver, if somewhat overbuilt for purpose, though the 30 oz weight is more then acceptable.

    If only they would lower the price by about $300 so it could compete with the Browning Buckmarks and Ruger Mark IIIs, then I’d think they’d sell a truck load.

    Still cheaper then the equivalent S&W and it looks like it would last forever, so maybe the sticker price isn’t all that bad.

  • Burst

    Things I like:
    8 shots on a proven action.

    Things I don’t:
    Half-shrouding a sp101, grips that are no longer “all weather”, and sights that scream ‘flimsy’.

    Ruger, y u no ghost ring?

  • Todd

    Ruger is firing on all 8 cylinders. Wow, what a trend! This revolver looks great. I have been eyeballing a S&W 617 for a while now but I think it just got bumped off the list. A .22WMR variant would be a great option too. My only gripe is the MSRP is a little lofty. The Ruger 1911 is $530 dealer price and it surely has more machining than this little gem. The price of economy is high I guess.

  • Slim934


    Of course it happens right after I get an S&W .22 lr revolver.

  • Jesse

    Oh Ruger you’ve just made me the happiest kid in the candy story. I’ll buy one the second Maryland adds it to the handgun roster… god I hate Maryland.

  • Burt Gummer

    GREAT NEWS! Now it’s only 2-inches away from a kit gun config … hope they offer barrel length options!

  • David

    This was on my absolute “must have” list until my son encouraged me to get an AR. Getting into something we can do together is the way to go so I’ll be putting the money I’d be spending on this toward the AR, preferably used to save some coin.

  • Komrad

    Hope they make a convertible model like they did with the Single-Six. But it looks like the chambers are already pretty close, so they might need to reduce capacity to 7 or 6 to fit the larger .22 WMR.

  • Samopal

    Kudos to Ruger for keeping their 4″ guns actually 4.2″ 🙂 I’m sure the Canadians appreciate it. I know I sure did when I lived there.

    • Samopal, what is the reason for the 4.2″?

    • David/Sharpie

      I think this will be my xmas present to myself.

      YAY RUGER!!!!

  • Killian

    If it was $450 in stores I’d buy it.
    Now of course I’ll find it at $475 and still buy it, but that’s okay.
    Looks like a fine trail gun.

  • Mechman

    But…why? Single six and single ten are cheaper.

  • Wohoo! Finally an alternative to the J-Frame!

  • Samopal


    Handguns in Canada must have a barrel length of 4.14″ to be available to civilians. A few years ago Ruger changed most, if not all of their 4″ barreled revolvers to 4.2″ just for the Canadian market.

    It was a smart move and they’re selling like hotcakes now. Before that Canadians were limited mainly to 6″+ barrels since 5″ is few and far between.

    (A funny sidenote is that a semiautomatic rifle with a barrel shorter than 18.5″ is considered the same class as a pistol, but isn’t subject to the minimum barrel length regulations. So a pistol or revolver with a sub-4.14″ barrel is prohibited, but a rifle with such a barrel is fine.)

  • howlingcoyote

    Hey Ruger, how about an SP101 in :
    22 magnum
    25 Stevens

  • peter

    4.14″ is a hair over 10.5 cm. Canada uses the metric system. 10cm would have been just under 4″.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    I’m guessing those pictures are just renderings. Nonetheless, it looks handsome and I want one.

    I just purchased a Charter Arms six shot .22 revolver. Great little gun, but I’m not all that impressed with the accuracy. Though, I did buy the two inch barrel model rather than the 4 inch model they offered. Still, I get better accuracy out of my 642 with a 1/4 inch shorter barrel.

    I had a Sig Mosquito and I hated the damn thing. S&W just made their M&P .22 available and it looks too much like the Mosquito and I’m afraid the Mosquito problems will be replicated. I don’t like the Single Six single action type loading and ejection. I’d rather all the brass be ejected as pictured above.

  • Gabe

    @ Steve
    Canadian firearms laws aren’t there to make sense…
    For example, we can’t buy .25 or .32 pistols but can by .50AE pistols…

    • David/Sharpie

      Typically .25 & .32 pistols are short barrel, that’s why.

      Although even a G2 in (I think) .25-06 is prohib too….

  • OOoooooo! I Want One!

    Anything make by Ruger seems to last forever! Hopefully it is actually made in AZ, not outsourced to another country…….

  • JM

    I wonder how this would fit smaller hands. I’d love to get this so my wife and I could shoot it.

  • JM

    Yep, Canada’s ‘restricted’ handgun barrel length is 105 mm. Anything shorter is prohibited.

    • David/Sharpie

      Which sucks, a standard Glock 26 is Prohib, but with a 17 barrel it’s A-Okay.

      Very dumb.

  • Big Jay

    It’s just too bad that you can’t reload rimfire cuz I would love to see “Ruger Only” loads for this bad boy.

  • Samopal


    There’s no rhyme or reason to Canadian gun laws. Most of the restrictions are completely arbitrary, created by people who don’t know anything about guns. For all I know a politician got bored one night, measured his ****, and declared that to be the legal limit for handgun barrels.

    It makes much more sense once you stop trying to make sense of it. 🙂

  • Samopal


    The only thing I do know is that they picked something about 4″ just to outlaw the majority of pistols and revolvers. 10cm is a nice round number, but that would’ve allowed all the popular handguns. Just by adding that last 0.5cm they outlawed half the popular handguns on the US market.

  • supton

    Interesting gun. Not sure if I want–I have a MkII for dealing with 22lr rounds that need disposing off. My one real comment would be to pony up early–SP101’s used to be available in 22lr (granted in only 6 shot), and I suspect that this one will only last a while too. Most will view it as too much money, although 8 rounds is much better than 6.

  • Craicbard

    I just purchased a Ruger 101 .22 cal, 8 shot revolver. Put 100 assorted rounds through it without any flaws. Nice weight, sights and feel. At this point its to soon to assess its long-term positives. I still like my Taurus 94 in .22 cal LR and it is still the .22 cal revolver to beat. The jury is still out between my Ruger and my Taurus.

    I’ll keep you posted.


  • alain

    i am a canadian and hate the law fore the fire armrs but i have to do with it my freind has a 22 sw lr and buying ruger sp 101 yes wath a nice gun cant wait to try it out i am francophone sorry for my writing

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