Blondes prefer Glock

Gaston Glock, 82, founder and owner of Glock g.m.b.H., has married Kathrin Tschikof, 31, after a seven year relationship. Kathrin is the CEO of the Glock Horse Performance Center, an equestrian organization owned by Gaston Glock.

Gaston Glock & Kathrin Glock

Mr Glock is has also been in the news recently because he has reorganized his assets because of changes to the tax legislation in Austria. He is splitting his considerable assets into two private foundations (a type of trust). A capital transfer tax of 5% (or 8.5% for real estate) must be paid on assets transferred into these private foundations, so this restructure will be costing Glock a considerable amount.

I wish Mr & Mrs Glock a happy marriage.

Along with guns and shovels, Glock also makes horses.

[ Many thanks to Axel for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    So Kathrin, what first attracted you to Billionairre Gaston Glock? Was it his reliability, ease of maintenance or that he could be stripped without tools?

    And he was banging her when she was 24.

    One word: Creepshow.


  • SpudGun

    ‘Along with guns and shovels, Glock also make horses.’ – Hahaha, that really cracked me up. Bravo sir! 🙂

  • Dave

    That must be some nasty new tax legislation if getting soaked for 5-8.5% is the good alternative.

  • Greg

    horse looking at his leg wear “the hell they make me wear!?”

  • Ramsey

    They look like such a happy couple.

    Maybe they can use the fortune to buy some smiling lessons 🙂

  • Johannes

    now thats some serious gold digging

  • Patrick

    So, are Glock’s horses numbered? “Glock model 33, a lovely Arabian…”

    Will there be a Glock Model 7 Horse? Has ceramic horseshoes?

  • drewogatory

    I guess money really does buy happiness…

  • Ryan

    I think I speak for all Men. “Nicely done, Mr. Glock! Keep up the good work.”

  • “I ain’t sayin she a gold digger…”

  • Ryan

    she does not look 31…more like 41.

  • fw226

    I’m still chuckling about the “also makes horses” bit…

  • jpcmt

    lol “..glock also makes horses!” I about blew my sandwich out my nose when I read that caption.

  • armed_partisan

    God, I love that guy. Gaston, I salute you!

  • Or perhaps the title could be Glock prefers blondes!

  • allen

    Oboy, I can’t wait to see the comments on this marriage!

  • Lance

    And brunets prefer Colt .45s!!!

  • Samopal

    Good for you, Gaston ;D

  • NorfolkNeville

    Wow. I will legally be able to have a wife that much younger than me in 21 years. Maybe I’ll start hanging out in maternity wards in a couple of years time.

  • J.T.

    I smell a gold-digger.

  • Bandito762

    i am surprised the the saddle isnt really boxy and uncomfortable.

  • jamieb

    What would any 24 year like romantically about a 75 year old. In a way good for him, but she sounds mental, or like a wallet sniffer.

    I would say most 24 year olds would go for guys 2 or 3 years younger and 10-12 years older.

    50 years older? And an attractive 24 year old at that? Not bloody likely.

  • Andrew Racek

    Oh god oh man.

  • Sean Ingram

    Whatever makes him happy. Last name sounds Russian.

  • Joe

    I just hope he made her sign a prenup.

  • Joe

    Oh yeah, Glock also makes knives and tupperware.

  • howlingcoyote

    Doesn’t anyone remember Anna Nicole Smith marrying the senile, 80 year old fool who also was a multi-millionaire? And how she made him rewrite his will giving her everything and leaving his 60 year old son out?
    Well, maybe Kathrin liked his looks?
    “Where am I? Who are you? Oh, you say you’re my wife? I thought you were my granddaughter.”

  • Squidpuppy

    Austrian horses are notoriously high maintenance; perhaps the cavalry requested a redesign… wonder if those fetlocks are polymer.

    Oh, and in case you’ve never been exposed? Horsey girls are all pretty much looney toons, so nothing newsworthy here. To be fair, horsey guys are bonkers too.

    Now, buckaroos & buffalo gals; different story. Maybe Ruger should get into the Quarter Horse market? Need a Cayuse to go with your Vaquero…

  • Greg Bell

    This guy is my hero. He is a real life Bond villian.

  • Sandwichy

    In that first picture she reminds me of Dieter from Sprockets.

  • JAFO

    WOW I misread that title!!

    I’ll second the statement that horse chics are bonkers.. Been there, done that… and on top of it all, this one’s blonde… no way, PASS!

    She’s definitely smelling the paycheck when he kicks the bucket.

  • Sid

    What does he care “why” she is in this relationship? I am happy for him.

  • subase

    This is great, when Gaston passes away, his wife will no develop the Glock futher, which has pretty much remained unchanged for the past 30 years. Maybe she’ll start by making it less ugly.

    • subase, he has three children by his first marriage who will inherit it all. Glock will continue, hopefully with some much needed innovation. I am sure Mrs. Glock will inherit the horse business, which she seems passionate about.

  • You know what they say, “Money can’t buy you Love, but it can Rent the next best thing!”.

    There’s proof……..

    I hope his fortune never leaves him, cuz I’m sure she would follow suit!

  • John Baker

    She’s young enough to be his great-grandchild. I bet his children and grandchildren just love her.

    The expression on her face was the one that Lena Headey had to master to play Cersei Lannister in “A Game of Thrones”

  • Alaskan

    Can I get a high capacity Glock Horse with competition grips and a compensator on the front end?

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    He’s getting what he wants…She’s getting what she wants…who am I to judge? Congrats to the both of ’em…and to Pfizer Parmecutical, for the big order for Viagra…

  • Henry Bowman

    And nobody twigged onto the realization that his simultaneous creation of financial trusts was almost certainly designed as a virtual unilateral prenup?

  • On horses, the best place for the compensator, is on the exhaust end.

  • Chris

    God bless you Mr. Glock. I wish the best for you and Kathrin.

    Will we be seeing a Baby Glock any time soon?

    I really think you should make a single stack 9mm.

  • W

    Further reason why I want to be like Gaston Glock when I grow up…

  • Alan

    Hope the marriage is soon! If she waits too long she may have to pass a mental health exam before she gets her Glock!