The Anschutz MSR is the ISSC’s MSR MK22

It will shock many to you to learn that once or twice in my life I have made a mistake1 . Yesterday you bore witness to that rare occurrence. I blogged about the Anschutz MSR RX22 but completely missed the fact that is it clearly a variant of ISSC’s MSR MK22 rifle patterned after the FN SCAR.

Anschutz MSR RX22

In retrospect, I don’t know how I missed that! In my defense, the last time I fired the MSR MK22 was about 18 months ago, and I have a bad memory! Fortunately I have you, my intelligent readers, to catch my mistakes quickly.

I suspect the reason Anschutz licensed another gun is that the ISSC’s MSR MK22 can be produced much cheaper than their .22 semi-automatic Model 520.

  1. Thats a joke. I make LOTS of mistakes. 

Steve Johnson

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  • Brian P.

    Wow, that was the most corrections I’ve ever seen on one post. Nearly everyone commented on how it looks more like a SCAR than an AR-15.

  • Theodoric

    Do’n’t worry, we forgive you. 😉

  • Jakes

    I don´t understand why companies like HK and Anschutz put their well respected names in guns (the GSG5) that are really not good. I owned a GSG5 and decided to sell it because it was so complicated and fragile. I also sold my “Colt” M4 for same reasons (I believe the Colt is even more fragile…) Now I only have the Sig 522. Probably not as tacticool and comfortable, it is very well made, easy to maintain and rugged. These guys just put together the best things in the market and made an excellent rifle.

  • Matt1

    Hey at least you’re willing to admit it and have a sense of humor at the same time about it!

  • Lance

    Still ugly and not as ergonomic as a AR-15.

  • Matt G.

    I thought I recognized the lower part yesterday. I was handling the issc one in the gun shop the other day and I have to say the safety is terrible. It rotates in a way that makes it very difficult to use instinctively like an ar safety.

    If I was going in for a 22 knockoff I’d probly do a Gsg5, for the ability to slap the bolt closed like every 90s movie ever, or the sig, since it is pretty cool.

    Until someone comes out with .22 ACR copy those are the only good ones.

  • Tinkerer

    @Lance: but probably as reliable and dependable as a AR-15.

  • Samopal

    I really wonder if this is just a rebranded ISSC MK22 or if Anschutz really gave it the “works” and turned it into a bona fide target gun. The stock and forearm look more like afterthoughts which doesn’t leave me with too much hope.

    Jakes: quality alone doesn’t sell anymore. Manufacturers feel that they need to jump on tacticool bandwagons and cater to the Call of Duty generation to make a real profit. This is why we’re now seeing ridiculous and downright useless firearms from once-respectable manufacturers such as Mossberg, H&K, and Colt.

    Also the GSG-5 didn’t have anything to do with HK. They ended up suing the GSG-5’s manufacturer and introducing their own, even shoddier .22 MP5 clone (made by Umarex, of course) in a desperate attempt to snatch up GSG’s market share.

  • Bandito762

    Man, everybody seems to be really hostile toward the CoD crowd. I’ll admit they, along with airsofters, seem a little dorky, but can’t we just be happy that more people are becoming interested in the field of firearms. More people active in the market will lead to more new and interesting ideas and innovations.

  • don dallas


    99% of the Cod crowd have no desire to ever be innovative. They have no interest in firearms but their violent usage and think that killing other people is fun (i’m all for defense but i think you’ll all agree killing other humans is NOT fun).
    I know two 12 year old monsters that play the game and it is disgusting, one SERIOUSLEY weighs 300 or so pounds (not very tall so it is very disgusting), and both have no ambition to get into the sport unless they get to shoot someone. They post hateful comments on youtube to gun owners and tell them that Cod doesn’t have their certain weapon so it is not real. Funny that some of the most violent individuals (not yet) are sitting in a no weapons tolerance classroom.

  • Samopal


    The only “innovations” that come from this group’s involvement in the firearm industry is crap like the Mossberg Chainsaw and all the “tactical” .22s that are suddenly showing up.

    Like don dallas said, most of these kids have no serious interest in firearms, they just think violence is fun and want something “cool” to show off at the range. These aren’t the kinds of people we want representing gun owners and manufacturers should really stop catering to them.

  • garynyer

    don dallas, no offence but everything you just said is bad parenting not call of duty, people over 40 need to stop blaming hip hop, videos games, and movies. second of all get over it they’re 12, by natural law they are allowed to act like idiots, which at that point their dad should put them over his knee and take a belt to them like my old man. its funny how quickly people forget what its like to be a kid

  • Leif A.

    Can someone please confirm the following:

    The ISSC MK22 is a plastic gun with no special features or accuracy?

    The MSR RX22 is a modern sporting/hunting rifle made with the purpose of having a semiautomatic and precise rifle for ISPC etc?

  • Dave

    ISSC’s version is essentially Chinese-made crap, built under license from Anschutz.

    The Anschutz version is, according to Anschutz’s US marketing director, is 100% German parts and built. Supposedly. Not even comparable in quality.

    Just my two cents

    Check this out on YouTube: