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  • Gabriel

    Kills vegetarians!!!

  • Hryan

    Honestly, makes me want a steak.

  • Sandwichy

    I can’t wait to hear the beef this starts for the “Meat is Murder” crowd! What kind of jerky would do this?



  • Why?

  • HK93

    Looks like props from the next David Cronenberg film. Remember the “flesh gun” in Videodrome ?

  • Do not want.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Wow…a gun where a ‘cooked off’ round would actually be kinda desirable.

  • Armored

    This makes me want to hurl….

  • JT

    Did he get the idea for this after watching Videodrome for 3 days straight?

  • Lance

    Thats just wrong in so many ways….

  • Alan Perez

    I like the Mac-10, but he screwed up on the grip and the ejection port. It should be more to the middle. There is no room for the bolt to recoil in the configuration he created. Maybe I shouldn’t look for realism in MEAT guns, but if your going to do something do it right!

  • mtptwo

    Beef is an excellent man stopper, but I personally prefer pork for its higher capacity.

  • Thomas

    Hey I did that at my youthgroup. I maid it out of spam. It was a glock I think.

  • Squidpuppy

    LOL This reminds me of last Saturday. Spent half the day at the range with buddies, then we all went and feasted on Korean BBQ.

  • Lance

    Now liberals want a ban on high cap meat sauces there too tasty for civilian ownership :X

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    Meat is Murder…tasty, delicious murder…

  • Cymond

    I naturally suspect that this is some kind of statement about guns and violence. Ironically, beef is the real threat to my life and health. Also, gross.

  • Foetus

    I’d eat it.

  • M 1

    “but if your going to do something do it right”

    Oh, the irony. (ProTip: you’re)

  • Máté

    The bacon AK was better.

  • Netforce

    Reminds me of the gun that James Woods used in the movie “VideoDrome”.

  • Sandwichy

    That 1911 would look better with whole wheat grips.

  • tommy2rs

    Just needs some Hoppe’s No 9 steak sauce.

    Now if he had made vegetables out of meat, that I could get behind

  • alex

    the gun lover and artist in me loved it.

    the vegetarian in me made me sick.

    overall i like it

  • Airrider

    Only reminds me of this discourse…

    “Jamie: What did you do today honey?
    Adam: (Mimics a conversation) I made a Meat Bullet. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”