9/11 Revolver

Of all the guns I saw when I visited the National Firearms Museum last year, one of my favorite was definitely the S&W revolver recovered from the World Trade rubble. Its owner, Officer Walter Weaver of the New York City Police Department, went in to help but did not make it back out. The gun was identified by its serial and returned to Walter’s family who donated it to the National Firearms Museum.

You can read more about the revolver at NRA Blog.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Proves how tough a S&W revolver is it can stand being crushed and still ake it out. Just like American steel.

  • Arifonzie

    A true hero. As a lifelong NYC resident I am very proud.

  • bullitt396

    I’m not a big fan of New York, but I am a Wally Weaver fan since I read this. God Bless America

  • 9-11 is one of the few things that can bring me to tears, even 10 years later.

    Never Forget.