J Bunting Machine Ruger 10/22 Bullpup Stock

A reader brought my attention to Jim Bunting, who is producing a nifty bullpup stock for the Ruger 10/22. The stock chassis is CNC machined from aluminum. The stock has a simple design, which I think looks much more attractive than the futuristic curvy design of bullpups such as the FN2000 and Walther G22.

The stock makes use of an AR-15 compatible pistol grip. The aluminum trigger is skeletonized. The standard package includes a 10″ top rail and 2″ under rail. Side rails are optional.

The system is compatible with Ruger 10/22 extended magazines and regular magazines. Judging from the photos, an extended charging handle is required.

I would love a rifle like this with a 14″ barrel registered as a Short Barrel Rifle. It would be the ultimate pack gun.

The basic stock costs $295. A vented for-end (pictured above) costs an additional $80 and side rails costs $40-$50. According to the website there is a waiting list.

[ Many thanks to Kody for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Whilst I marvel at the Jim Bunting stock as a thing of beauty and would love to have one, I’m not overly keen on a fully aluminium stock. From an aesthetic point of view, they are great, if somewhat prone to getting all ‘fingerprint-y’.

    But I’m reminded of being on outdoor ranges on very hot and very cold days and accidentally grabbing the metal bits of a rifle with my bare hands after it had been lying on a shooting bench for over an hour.

    I now have totally unrealistic visions of this thing sticking to my face on a cold February morning.

    • Jim Bunting

      Fingerprints shouldn’t be an issue because all three colors are a matte finish Duracoat. Slimy potato-chip fingers would probably still leave marks but I am sure you probably wouldn’t do that sort of thing while handling your gun. lol :o)

      • Jason

        Are these bullpup style stocks legal in Kansas?

  • PT

    Looks perfect for a silencer set up without a SBR.

  • Sian

    Minus the rails it looks a bit 1980. Like it would look right at home sitting next to the Mattel Intellivision.

    At least it isn’t a muzzelite!

    @spudgun I’ve got an aluminum bullpup stock on my saiga-12. Your concerns are what olive drab paint is for. =)

  • Sandwichy

    Would this be compatible with the BX-25 mag? The clear magazine looks cheap to me, especially if I was gonna drop $300 on a stock. I know looks shouldn’t matter…

    • David/Sharpie

      That’s a Butler Creek mag, I’ve never had a serious problem with any I use, you just have to make sure you grab one that is molded properly (I’ve bought some that were molded wrond and they wouldn’t join together)

      If this was available in Canada I may think of getting one, with a 12 inch barrel it would be a great survival gun, but I highly doubt it would, bullpups are largely illegal here

  • James

    The stock reminds me of a Barrett’s stock, especially the M82A1. Might make a nice trainer for 50 owners 🙂

  • ThomasD

    Nice clean design, seems to me a tad bit overbuilt for a .22 rifle.

    Less aluminum, more plastic (or carbon fiber) and make the pistol grip fold back for storage, and the buttplate do likewise. Then it would be lighter and more easily shoved into a ruck or backpack. I could even do with a shortened top rail, since I only put open dots on my .22s these days.

    Hopefully some other enterprising machinists will note his ‘ever expanding waiting list’ and get into the game with their own designs.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Looks like a chunk of metal with a pistol grip and rails ….. actually it is so 🙂

  • Andrew

    Now lets see it made for a 597.

  • Bryan S

    I like it, and already owning one homebuilt bulpup 10/22, I think I am going to have to pass, more because I dont like the looks of the finished rifle. Looks more target than anything, and not my cup-o-tea.

    I’m more an FN ergonomics kindof guy.

  • Other Steve

    Am I the only person that thinks it looks like crap? That wooden Aug stock looks better than this IMO

  • Foetus

    At first I thought it was lego 😀

  • Netforce

    SpudGun has a point. It looks beautiful alright but it’s gonna hurt any user if the stock is too hot or cold.

  • It looks kinda Hera Arms Glock Carbine

  • Projectile dysfunction

    I got one of the very first production models back in 2009 when I contacted Jim via Rimfirecentral. The kit may not be the prettiest but it puts construction ahead of looks- it’s rock solid and unlike most 10/22 aftermarket conversion kits it feels like a real gun. The trigger transfer bar system used is a nice touch as well since it doesn’t flex or add weight to the trigger unlike most other bullpup kits. The 10/22 I used in the kit has an 18″ Whistlepig barrel but when assembled the gun is shorter than the Ruger factory wood stock- just a hair over 26″. As a side note while an extended charging handle is nice it’s not required.

  • Caseless

    Nowadays, I have developed a spoiled? expectation that any bullpup rifle should have forward case ejection, a la FN F2000 and Kel-Tec RFB.

    • Jim Bunting

      I would have loved to end up with something along those lines and if I had developed a whole gun from start to finish that is definitely the direction I would have gone with a bottom ejection setup. However, since this is a stock conversion for a Ruger 10/22 I was stuck with their factory design to work around. Works quite well for right-handers. I am working on a design for a shell deflector for the lefty’s out there.

  • 6677

    I think the front end being a little longer with perhaps a polymer handguard/grip interchangeable for a rail or maybe a grip the attaches via the picatinny. Who knows, If i can get my hands on a 10/22 (this is england after all, fully possible to get one just not easiest thing in the world) and I had the tools I could give a wooden conversion a shot with steel/other metal reinforcement if needed, got a few ideas that could work.

  • BillyBones

    Cheek-on-stock is a non-issue, just use a thin adhesive pad that is used for many trap/skeet shooters.

    Or hot-air gun a piece of kydex to it. wrap or contact cement as you see fit.

  • Jim Bunting

    Thanks for all the comments, both good and not so good. I have worked hard to make this a quality item that will last a lifetime. While not everyone may like the look of this stock, you will be hard pressed to find one that is more durable. This particular setup was not designed for “throwing in a pack” or folding up for storage. It was designed as an attractive, durable, alternative to the cheap Muzzelite stock and the incredibly overpriced other stocks out there. I have not had any bad reviews about the “coldness” of the metal against your cheek but you could certainly add a thin adhesive pad to alleviate this problem. Aluminum usually throws off enough heat to not be a problem on a hot day. As far as fingerprints showing, all of these stocks are coated with Duracoat in matte finish so fingerprints do not show unless you’ve just gotten finished eating a pizza. If you handle guns after greasy food with out washing, you deserve all the fingerprints you get. lol
    Thanks again for all the comments. If nothing else, it gets people talking about my design.

  • BlackKat

    Anyone would kno how this would shoot for lefties? I’d imagine not too great unless it had the ability to change the direction of the ejection port?

    • Steve in Delray

      Good point. Maybe a non-reciprocating charging handle further forward towards the grip and an add on external ‘chute’ over the ejection port to deflect the spents forward and down? Just an idea.

      • BlackKat

        That would be great… Not a permanent fix for us lefties but definately a step in the right direction, I like the idea tho.

        Could that be a possibility? I wouldn’t mind another attatchment if it will enable me to shoot comfortably and not have shells hit my face

  • J.B. Browning

    Hmm, You know if you stuck an extra long, threaded, “bull” barrel with one of those fake .50 cal muzzles on it it would look like a Barrett M99.

    • Pup Master

      I know ther are some companies making CNC bolts for the 10/22. Seems like it would be easy to reverse the design for lefties. Then you would have to have a machinist, or gunsmith,cut an ejection port on the left side of the receiver (and stock) and remill the groove in the barrel for the ejector claw. Not too impossible. With all the 10/22s Ruger makes, I’s a wonder why they haven’t made lefties.

  • Fantastic blog.Much thanks again. Will read on…

  • ALEX

    I wanna get one, for my Integrally Suppressed 14″ barrel/suppressor combined.
    Its an inch in diameter, but im sure Bill at Paladin armory can remedy that.
    All of you, saying its ugly, should look in the mirror. 🙂 jk jk jk
    I would get it uncoated and send it to ARS for a better coat than durapaint. ha ha.
    I wish it were made from stainless or even 4140 steel.
    Good work jim bunting

  • I would love to feature this stock on my blog. Beautiful creation.

  • DonL

    Would have bought it if it wasn’t for the length from stock to trigger. At about 16.5 to 17″…way too long for me. Mag well to end of stock is too long, length to trigger should have been around 13-14″…for me anyway. Nice job on the stock otherwise.

  • Chris

    Whats the trigger pull like on that thing?

  • R.J.

    Wait a minute… all ive heard about this gun on here, is you guys tearing down. its too long, its all metal, im gonna get fingerprints on it. WAHH!!! are you guys kidding me? this guy comes up with a bullpup design that is of superior quality to the rest of the crap out there for the 10 22, and all im hearing from you pansies is, My Face is gonna get cold, i might burn my cheek. realy? i could go on and on about it, but rather, lets just let these two points setttle. 1. he’s got a waiting list a year and a half long 2. its not a plastic P.O.S.

    • David / Sharpie

      And it’s made in America, isn’t that what all Yanks want?

  • Josh

    if it wasent $300, id have one already. but then again, if i wasent $300 it would be made outta plastic dog farts. 🙂 love the design. kudos.

  • I have recently received my stock from James and all I can say in one word is WOW. This is a thing of beauty, form and function. I had built a Muzzlelite for my self a couple of years ago and gave it to my daughter. That particular stock setup felt more like a toy airsoft gun than a legitimate rifle. The Bunting stock is created by hand and each one is machined individually by James. The craftsmanship is superior to anything out there for a 10/22 bullpup design. Got mine in OD green and black. I have numerous Black Rifles and this has become my # 1 CQB practice gun. Love it more than my S&W M&P 15-22. Never thought I would say that but yeah…..there it is! I put an Sightmark Ultrashot with a FTS magnifier which gives it versatility for those longer engagements as well as those up close and personal moments. Eotechs are reserved for my 223’s but will fit well on this if you want to spend that much to play with a 22. The Stock has some heft but is not uncomfortably heavy. I run it with a single point sling. I added an extended mag release and extended charging handle for greater ease of operation. Butler Creek extended mags clear the pistol grip well and do not interfere with the ergonomics of the rifle. The rifle is cradled in the stock I dare say better than the wood stock it was transplanted from, so accuracy can be increased due to this. For grins and giggles I added a Gripod for a vertical foregrip with integrated bipod in the handle that deploys with he push of a button. This rifle now serves double duty as a home defense gun for the Mrs. as it is compact, light enough for her to handle well in close quarter situations. You say expensive…I say yes and worth every penny. Good don’t come cheap! Am having another one made for my daughter done up in Pink Camo…He said he would do that for me. Takes time to receive but good things come to those who wait.

  • I want to order one!

  • Don Allred

    At $300 or $400, depending on accessories, just by a Mossberg 715T Tactical .22lr for around $250, or a SW MP-15-22 for around $425, or the Ruger SR-22, AR-15-style .22lr for around $475.

    • SGT Kelly

      I think you’ve missed the point, sir. It’s a bullpup, and a damn well built one, too. $200 for a 10/22 and $300 for this kit, and you have one of the finest quality 22lr bullpups I’ve ever seen. I challenge one to show me 22lr bullpup of this quality for anywhere near $500.