A Gun in Every Room

For a gun to be useful it needs to be at hand when needed. Some folk carry whilst they are at home whilst others, like Jack, embark on a quest for the holy-grail of gun storage: a gun stored in every room. Jack has stored guns in 15 places in his house, everywhere from a piano (before his wife noticed) to the classic gun-in-a-book.

Steve Johnson

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  • Justin H

    Nice idea, but what if he’s robbed whilst out of the house?
    I hope he has precautions in place to prevent unlawful entry in the first place.

  • SpudGun

    That was a fun read, I like Jack’s writing style, if not his DVD collection. Whilst I haven’t made enough enemies (yet) to have a gun in every room, the article was very useful and the points he made were valid.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to put my CZ in a plastic bag for my monthly shower. 😉

  • Juergen

    Can anybody tell me what kind of safe that is? Looks like some kind of combination-lock safe…

  • TZH

    its kinda hard not to notice that black box under the piano. 🙂

  • Dave

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to just keep one on his hip all the time when he’s awake?

  • patrick

    Its a shame some people have to live in fear . Wear one comfortable gun , rather then hide them . You are likely better off . Imo.

  • Lance

    Well if your in witness protection or tick alot of creeps off this is a very smart idea.

  • Sean

    Nothing wrong with that. I have a few stashed around the house. That book idea is one that I have used quite a bit.

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the feedback, and thanks again to Steve for plugging the post. Allow me to remark on a couple comments:

    @ Justin H – Excellent point. I obviously love guns, and am a huge proponent of making them a part of any home defense solution, but arguably more important than accessible firepower is basic home security…motion sensor lights, monitored alarm system, jamb enforcers, big dogs, frozen steps to the back door, irons falling from the laundry shoot, cans of paint swinging from rope, Micromachines in the entryway…

    Of course, for two years, I’ve been running a blog, telling thousands of strangers all about my security system…at this point I might as well just leave the door open 🙂

    @ Juergen – It’s a V-Line Desk Mate. It uses the 5-button mechanical Simplex locking mechanism–no power required. It’s a ridiculously simple pistol safe with very little bells and whistles, but it works like a champ, and as you can see, I can mount it just about anywhere.

    @ TZH – yep–goodness gracious, great balls of 40 caliber fire.

    @ Dave – that would be more simple, and that’s generally what I do. That said, a journal of me snacking around my house with a holster on would make for a far-less entertaining blog post 🙂

    @ Patrick – agreed–to an extent. I don’t feel that having a gun in every room is a necessary measure, however, one or two well-placed firearms around the house (one on every floor), and a home defense kit/bug-out-bag offers a nice peace of mind, whether you wind up needing it or not.

  • howlingcoyote

    yeah, but I’ll bet he’ll forgets where all of them are hidden. Unless he checks on them everyday.

  • I fall in the just keep one on your hip camp myself. I carry a full size 1911A1 everyday in an in the pants holster, and have had people not even notice it’s there, without a cover shirt/jacket on. Non gun people often don’t recognize just the grip riding along my belt and think it’s something else. I have been asked why I carry a double knife pouch tho….

    Most people assume it’s ‘Something’ they recognize, and not what it is.
    Stupidity can work to your advantage sometimes.
    Speaking of stupidity, I once carried my gun on me into NJ for a rabbit show, never realized it was still on my belt until we were packing up to go home. I don’t want to know the world of shit I’d be in if someone had noticed and realized what it was! Guess I conceal it pretty good though!

  • Just Saying

    This is one example why many think gun owners are nuts.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    I am a “keep it on me” guy for the most part. Having said that, with knives, fencing gear and other swords, axes, hatchets and tomahawks and my cane I have stuff all over the place. Few things are as scarie as a boar spear.

  • bernard

    @ Jack: haha… you cracked me up mate 😀
    but there’s one thing that i’m worried most with the strategic placement of guns on every space of your house is… what about the kids. Sure you can say it’s safely locked in an intricate locking mechanism box. But if you know kids.. they always have their way to crack something open if they want to.
    I guess the best way to store the weapon are (if you have the a pocket that deep) is doing it like in every good spy/action movie… like it was in “Mr & Mrs Smiths” hide it with electronic/biometrix storage room hidden in unassuming corner which has backup independent electric generator in case of emergency shutdown.

  • 54Bravo

    RE: Arthur B.. Burnett

    Hello from Oregon–I too have an interesting assortment of potential melee weapons scattered in the household in addition to a carried pistol (CZ or Beretta).

    I can’t top a boar spear(!) but looking about here in the office, I have an ’80s U.S. issue machete, U.S. Vietnam war helicopter ‘crash axe’, WWI sword bayonet, vintage hammer head/hatchet, and a very large antique monkey wrench (which makes a heck of a paper weight).

  • Sam

    Carrying guns around can be slightly uncomfortable, especially if you have to keep them concealed under warm-weather clothes.

    The obvious solution is to buy 15 pistols, 15 safes, and hide them in every room. I don’t see it.

  • Billy Bones

    I imagine you would want to standardize on the make and model for this purpose.

    Though I think it’s over the top… If I lived in an area of immenent threat, I’d want the handgun on me ready to go… After all, what if you are in a hallway?

  • West

    That is seriously unnecessary and borderline nuts.

  • TZH

    You the man Jack, learning the hard way for all of us!

    I remember an old forum that used to share tips for safely hidden home weapons. can’t find it no more. bummer

  • Popedizzle

    I hope you have a contingency plan for a break in while you are away. A through burglar could potentially find some of the less secure firearms.

  • Popedizzle

    I’m quite the stickler for typos and noticed I spelled “thorough” wrong.

  • Mike W.

    Well at least he buys good safes. Those 3 V-lines set him back close to $900.

  • davethegreat

    One thing about the book:

    It’s a fine and time-tested storage method, but DON’T USE IT IF YOU HAVE A KID that is not gun-safe (ie: taught gun safety and old enough to actually understand it).

    I’m not a parent, but have been a kid. I know that I would probably have taken such a book for a walk to show my friends or something, and given enough time/big enough rocks, would have gotten it open sooner or later. I was well-taught and was gun-safe from about age 8 or so onward (and have known younger kids that were, and older kids that were not).

    Also, while your kid may be gun-safe, your kids’ friends may not. Know your kids, know their friends, make your own decision based on what level of maturity they are rather than what level they should be at.

    And if you find your kid situation is not one that currently can safely handle a gunsafe that can be picked up and carried off: a cable lock securing the safe to the wall or furniture works wonders. Makes it slightly more awkward to handle but far less likely to go wandering off while your back is turned.

  • Sandwichy

    Beretta 21a in a BLACKHAWK! pocket holster for around the house.
    I have always wanted a .38 revolver with a taped handle to keep in the toilet tank though.

  • Sandwichy

    I was gonna make a joke about Matchbox, Jackass and NAA teaming up to make a pistol and holster set for ultimate concealment, but I don’t think that would be respecting the technical nature of the blog.

  • Hey guys,

    I just need to clear something up, for those who haven’t visited the post on my site:

    I DO NOT actually have a gun in every room of my house, nor do I think that it’s necessary (although it IS cool–Hollywood cool, if nothing else). The purpose of the article (as noted on my site) is to show that with the right pistol box, you COULD have a gun in every room (really, several in every room).

    I happen to be a big fan of V-line’s product, which is why I featured the Desk Mate.

    I also need to make it clear that the Desk Mate, or any pistol box for that matter, is not a total security solution–don’t stuff your pirate treasure in it and expect it to survive Hell and high water. Pistol boxes, generally speaking, provide a balance between security from general unauthorized access (aka – kids and chewed up crack heads), and quick accessibility (to chew up chewed up crack heads).

    With regard to your kid ripping off the mounted surface, stealing the box and busting it open with his friends…I don’t really know what to tell you, other than your kid has a major ass-whoopin’ coming his way (mine would anyway).

    So, just wanted to clear that up; I’m not the trigger happy lunatic that some of you think I am…I haven’t yet earned that title. I’m just a security enthusiast who gets his kicks experimenting with gun storage solutions. 🙂