The Back-to-School Wish List for Your Favorite Navy SEAL

Allison Barrie has published a list of the latest gadgets for military and special forces. I did not know I needed a Disposal Explosives Tool, but now I realize that I am woefully underprepared if I ever need to crimp a C4 blasting cap. At just $99, can you afford not to have a Gerber 600 with Blasting Cap Crimper?

Gerber 07400 DET Multi-Plier 600 with Blasting Cap Crimper

Steve Johnson

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  • Bandito762

    These multitools are all the same. Combine many useful tools into one package that performs much worse than all the tools did separately. Kinda like the ACU’s performing equally poor in all environments.

  • Lance

    I go for some C4 and more M-855A1 ball ammo.

  • Mike

    Does anyone else find it odd that a Gerber multi-tool has Remington’s logo on it? Well, it says “RemGrit”, but it’s still Remington’s typface…..

  • Pops715

    It’s easy to see that Bandito has never used a multitool…..

    I’m a mechanic and I’ve used a multitool at work for over 24 years. They are definitely NOT all alike! Some brands are better than others. Most professionals prefer Gerber, but you definitely want a model in which all the tools lock into place. And while the tools may not do as good a job as the real tool they are designed to replace, they DO work and it’s better than nothing. That said, I’m gonna have to buy me one of these!

  • Joel

    Lame, they copied the Leatherman Mut. Will Gerber ever do their own R&D?

  • drewogatory

    The “Bone Phone” is back? Talk about what’s old being new again.. I remember this being a big topic in the 70’s! I’m pretty sure there was even a consumer grade version produced by DAK .

  • Steve

    All multitools are not the same. Gerber MTs are absolute crap. Gerber’s soul has died in 1990s and now they produce crap.

  • Tahoe

    Gee, that’s funny. I always found it much easier to carry a multitool in the field than 10 or 12 separate hand tools. I guess YMMV.

    This list is entertaining, though I question the author’s “chops” to write this kind of thing. An academic, who’s managed to become a “defence consultant”….well, whatever.

  • CB

    They copied the MUT? I was issued one of these about 5 years ago, before the MUT was probably even on the drawing board.

    Having used this tool in its intended purpose for many years, it is definitely not crap. The C4 punch, while effective at priming C4, is even more handy as an all purpose weapon takedown and cleaning tool.

  • subase

    The only interesting suggestions on that list are the wearable computer and bone conducting comm device, apart from that it’s an advertisement.

  • Geoff

    I have a a different variation of that same tool. mine has no blasting cap or military thingamajigsand but its the same frame and a lot of the same tools. I’ll say it’s a pretty damn solid multi-tool. Maybe others out there
    have had negative experiences with other multi tools, but this one is pretty well built. I’d suggest you give them another shot.