Poll: Will The 2012 Presidential Election increase demand for guns & ammunition?

This poll may appear political, but it is not. I don’t want to know if you think Obama is going to win or lose, or if he is a gun-grabber or not, but if you believe other gun owners are going to start stockpiling guns and ammunition before or after the election. Sound off below …

Steve Johnson

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  • KC

    depends on the GOP nomination, but I expect a slow increase as the election approaches.

    I think some people are worried about Romney’s past with gun legislation, so if it’s Romney & Obama for 2012, I think we’ll see an increase prior to the election

  • jpcmt

    Like the 2008 election it is manufacturers who lead the pack in stirring fear in customers to buy their product. And yes, it will happen again regardless of who is running. And the majority of us will pee their pants and then buy up super cheap AR receivers by the box and thousands of rounds of their favorite calibers.

  • aubrey

    I believe people will stockpile if Obama is reelected as he will no longer have to worry about getting reelected.

  • jdun1911

    The 2012 election will not increase the demand of gun and/or ammunition? The 2012 election is a far-gone conclusion. The 2012 election make it official that a Republican candidate will be POTUS. It will also decide if the Republicans will have for the first time in history a Super Majority in the Senate.

    There is only one President in modern history that got reelected with an approval rating below 50 and that was Truman.

    There is only one President in modern history that got reelected with unemployment rate above 8% and that was FDR.

    No President have gotten reelected in modern history with an approval rating below 50 and unemployment rate above 8%. FDR had approval rating in every reelection above 50%.

    With that said, gun and ammo sale in 2012 might increase due to civil unrest. I’m personally stocking up on ammo tho. Price have gone down a lot on ammo. The last couple of years had depleted my reserve.

    BTW PSA has AR15 lowers for $49. The last time they got it for that price was Father Day Sale. Shipping takes 2 weeks tho from personal experience with the company.


  • Nater

    I really don’t think Obama is going to be re-elected. Even if he is, I highly doubt he’ll have a friendly Congress. Regardless, there are much more pressing matters than gun control in a country in which crime is dropping.

    Under perfect circumstances, I think Obama would definitely institute another AWB. As it is, the circumstances are anything but. Look at the political situation, look at the economic situation, ect. It’s definitely towards the bottom of his list.

    Again, I don’t think it really matters. I’m generally pretty liberal (excluding guns, it’s a simple Constitutional thing and only complicated if you’re a lawyer or politician). I’m high disappointed in Obama for numerous reasons. The right hates him, the left is disappointed in him. Not a good sign for him and his reelection efforts. Unless the GOP absolutely drops the ball, they’ll be in the White House come January 2013.

  • Mark

    Firearms not politics…

  • W

    I think it is too early to tell simply because candidate nominations from the GOP are inconclusive at this time.

    I believe that after the Obama “ammunition/assault weapons” scare and the 2008 economic crisis, sales of ammunition should continue to be strong among those (like me) that believe in having extra supplies in case bad things happen.

    World of advice, whether you are a shooter or survivalist, or somebody with common sense, extra ammunition is not going to hurt you. Besides having plenty of rounds to shoot with, ammunition will be worth its weight in gold given a catastrophic event. I have been more than generous in my purchase of 9mm, 12 gauge, 5.56, and 7.62.

  • erwos

    @Nater: stop talking so much common sense! The manufacturers and retailers need to sell, and they sell more when you’re scared and stupid!

    Seriously, it disgusts me when I see retailers fear-mongering about non-existent legislation so they can sell more crap. They do the community no favors, and only make it more extreme.

  • “Firearms not Politics”


  • SpudGun

    Honestly, I don’t think it will effect sales. Back in 2008 there was the whole ‘Obama’s gonna take our guns and then terrorists will kill us all!’ rhetoric coming out of the woodwork.

    Everyone’s too concentrated on the economy and unemployment and gun control is way down the list. If any new laws were going to be brought in, they would have happened right after the Gabrielle Giffords incident.

    I’m not too concerned who gets elected, as it will be same crap, different day. Unless it’s Michelle Bachmann, as that will obviously certify the ‘End of Days’. 😉

  • Charles

    Folks seem to be preparing for “social unrest” after the elections. Whoever wins, there will be some hotly contested domestic policies after 2012. With the London riots and the apparent helplessness of the police there, some concern may be warranted.

  • Freiheit

    “Firearms not politics…” +1.

    Its one thing to talk about the firearms market and you can’t talk about the market without recognizing politics as a force in that market. However, this is blatantly political.

    • Freiheit, I hear what you are saying, but the elections had a significant impact on shooters last time (very hard to get certain types of ammo) and manufacturers (they suddenly could not supply enough). Deciding to stockpile now, in the vent of shortages, if something even the most apolitical shooter needs to take into account.

  • YAS (yet another steve)

    Just depends on whether or not the manufacturers can drum up another hysteria. It’s like their own little fake grassroots campaign.

    Stock up now and you won’t have to worry about it if it happens again.

  • gunslinger

    i agree with mark.

    but having said that, i think nater is pretty much right on.

    even if obama is elected, he would need a anti-gun congress with nothing better to do. while plausable, i think that scenario is not going to happen.

    what would more likely cause the shortage is if the “industry” runs the scare tactic of “oh look a democrat president…’buy your guns, buy your ammo cuz they’re taken’ all-dat away'”

  • greasyjohn

    I think with Traver heading the ATF, it’s pretty much a given. The industry would’ve found a crisis regardless, but they couldn’t ask for better than this.

  • Mark

    Like many, I was not surprised when prices went up and availability went down after the last election. I don’t know too many people who stockpiled ammo. I had just bought a .380 and ammo for that was scarce and expensive. A 100 round box from Wally World that I bought for $32 was selling for $90 at a gun show in Ft Worth a month later.

    And yet, there hasn’t been any significant new gun legislation that I am aware of.

    So I think it depends on the race in 2012 and then, who wins it. I don’t believe that there will be any new legislation. I don’t think the President (whoever it might be) or the Congress have strength for that kind of fight. But the ammo makers and retailers will certainly use the opportunity to control supply and drive up the prices.

  • Cisco

    Mark could have not put it better…

  • JMD

    Considering the default response to almost any situation in this country is mass purchase of arms and ammunition, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was another period of panic buying as the election approaches.

  • Meat Pants

    Dear god I hope not.
    The English language does not offer a word to adequately describe how retarded the last “gun scare” was.

  • charles222

    I’m hoping everyone manages to remain calm this time; gun control has been a non-starter as a major political issue (despite BATF’s current circus-esque performance) and has honestly been completely overshadowed by economic meltdown, medical care, and the general stupidity of the current Congress. Not to mention that it’s literally nearly 50% of the nation that own firearms; you’d have to be borderline retarded to potentially anger that many voters; the 1994 elections graphically demonstrated what can happen when you piss off gun owners.

    Although if the current combination of political gridlock and bad economic times continue, I can see gun ownership becoming more popular as people look to ensure their family’s stability, and perhaps a small increase as people register that hunting deer is both far cheaper and much healthier to eat than beef. Plus, you know, tastier.

  • Komrad

    Well, I think people will stockpile if Obama is reelected, even though he has done almost nothing regarding gun control or expressed any interest in doing so. The closest thing was the refusal to import those M1 Garands from Korea, and I think that was an ATF decision.
    Stockpiling ammo is stupid, please don’t do it. It’s like those “shortages” way back. The stockpiling made it way worse because a huge amount of the supply of whatever was removed from the market and sitting in somebody’s basement.
    If you normally stockpile, whatever, but stockpiling in response to shortages, perceived shortages, or predicted shortages makes it worse for everybody else.

  • Bryan S

    Not as big a surge. Here in PA, when you go to the gun shows, there are lots of people who are paying purely to look at what they cant afford.

  • howlingcoyote

    Why is it the price of ammo has dropped, but the price of guns has gone up?
    When I see write ups on the 2011 Winchester model 94 and its retail price is $1200!!?? Before the company closed up, it was a $300 rifle.
    When I read about every company bringing out another type of AR-15 and the prices go from $1000, 2000, 3000, huh? who can afford that? You could buy a used car for those prices.

  • Roy

    Reasonable people should not stock up on ammo. It only runs up the price. Really show me one creditable risk to the outlawing of ammo? No one , including the democrats. have proposed any serious gun/ammo restriction laws out side of 30 rd mags for handguns after the AZ shooting have have gotten any traction.

    For 40 years ,I hear every election, the liberals are coming for our guns/ammo if they win. So far gun ownership laws have only gotten more lenient. Obama could have vetoed the law that allowed guns into national parks, but signed it. I follow politics pretty close and no one will be taking your guns any time soon.

  • Jamie

    I shake my head when I see how many sheeple poopoo the thought of any new gun-control after the next election. You’re just the kind of firearms owners the gun-control freaks like…heads in the sand and ass in the air. I’ll be stocking up on ammo/re-loading supplies if B.O. or some “moderate” Republican gets elected.

  • W

    i choose to “stockpile” on ammunition simply because i can, we do live in a free market where one can choose to waste their money in any way they want 😉

    I think it is foolish to not have extra ammunition. I don’t think I’m going to take advice on not stockpiling when comes to food either. Driving prices up? that is a moot point when a crisis is occurring and you need the stuff now. I prefer not to take into account economics and price speculating when it comes to the defense of my family. I’m buying it while it is still relatively inexpensive. I’m glad i did back in the 1990’s, especially 7.62×39 and 308.

  • jdun1911

    Meat Pants,

    How old were you when the AWB was made into law by Democrats? The AWB had an immediate impact on all gun sales. It lasted for 10 years. A normal high cap magazine for my Glock 19 was over $100 each.

    On the bright side the Democrats lost the 1994 election. Since than Democrats try to stay away from gun issues but their hardcore liberal side keep pushing them to get more gun control laws in place.

    Obama is a hardcore liberal. If he could he would ban all guns. He taken to the extreme trying to use Mexico to promote his anti-gun ban. It cost at least one US boarder agent one life.

  • jdun1911


    Stockpiling make sense. It’s not stupid. Ammo are consumable goods. That means that if it use it’s gone.

    I stockpile a lot of ammo. I dip into it when prices goes up. I restock when prices goes down.

    M1 Garands from Korea was Obama decision.

  • Pete

    If Obama gets elected he will definitely go all the way with his anti-firearms agenda, this is why there will be another “run for the gun” before the elections.

    Democracy is 51% of people crushing the other 49%…

  • Roy

    I keep a reasonable amount of ammo on hand. A couple hundred rounds of each caliber I own. More for the M1 as it is collectable and harder to come by..

    It scares me that so many of my fellow Americans think that we are one election away from a major fire fight to protect our families. No matter who gets elected, I will only need the 8 rounds in my 1911 to protect my family, and maybe one extra mag for comfort.

    You are delusional. Please explain how the House of reps , and the senate pass a bill to outlaw guns, the POTUS signs it and it stands before the Supreme court. They have already ruled against cities handgun bans. Obama and the supreme court both state that gun ownership is a personal right.

    As far as the old AWB, It was a toothless feel good law. Manufactures just changed their designs and sold similar weapons. They mass produced high cap mags before the ban and continued to sell them. I bought several 15 rnd mags for my S&W model 459 during the ban and never paid more the $25.00. Ammo was cheap and plentiful.

    According to a 2007 international study ,U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world’s 875 million known firearms. How do you suggest the government will take a way our 270,000,000 guns? And assuming only 50 rounds of ammo for each gun, 10,000,000,000 rounds of ammo. Assume they could get the military to go a long with that and they used them. All branches total (2009) total only 1,500,000 people. And and 350,000 of those are navy.Be vigilant but relax, it anit happen.

    And each year Americans buy 4,500,000 to 5,000,000 more. Plus supplies and ammo and related purchases, that is a mega billion dollar industry. It is not going away.

  • I think it’s too early to say. The Republican nominee isn’t locked in yet, and a lot can still happen yet. Another mass shooting, terrorist incident, political scandal, or serious presidential screw-up or gaffe could each or all have an effect.

    I’d hope that America’s too smart to fall for another gun control scheme, with:
    – gun ownership much higher than in recent decades
    – the crime RATE lower than it’s been in decades
    – firearm accidents at an all time low
    – cities with all the laws that the anti-gun lobby wants at the top of the murder-capital list

    I was holding out hope that McCain/Palin would win in 2008, and that didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it though, so . . .

  • alex

    hi, i read this blog almost daily and enjoy it quite a bit.

    however, i find this poll to be confusing.

    you ask a question “Will The 2012 Presidential Election increase demand for guns & ammunition?” and offer one choice for “no,” one vote for “i dont know,” and essentially three votes for “yes”

    my problem is with the choices for “yes.”

    option one is binary (yes/no).

    the next option is binary with a quantity value.

    the third option is the same as the second with a differing quantinty, but confusingly adding a third variable (timing).

    the fourth option adds a political outcome to the prior option.

    option five is a placebo for people who feel like they must be heard

    imo option the poll should either equalize the variables across the board (yes/no, quantity) or add more questions after a “yes/no” was answered, which would lead to a “quantity” poll which could lead to a “timing” poll. that would lead to more useful information.

  • Alex Bakke

    Regardless of who wins, there will definitely be an increase in stockpiling. Gun stores will go ‘Hurr they be takin’ our gunnnnns’.

  • Remember the spike in gun prices leading up to the 2008 election?

    Has Obama pushed ANY anti-gun or gun control legislation though? NO! Guns laws have gotten better, i.e. carrying in national parks, DC handgun ban struck down.

    When I put on my tinfoil hat, I think that the gun industry infiltrates the gun interwebz to spread fear and drive up demand and ergo prices.

  • Roy

    re: The Red Son

    Right on dude. As a liberal shooter/hand-loader/collector I support gun owners rights. But Obama has made no attempt to forward any new gun laws. With the economy as bad as it is, no one wants to start that battle. Even a law to out law 30 rd mags for hand guns, some talked about after the AZ shooting, slipped away. BTW , if you need a 30 rd mag for your glock your a pussy.

    The NRA and their partners 1st priority is to gun manufacturers/wholesalers/retailers. That is where the money is. Do you think the NRA , after giving you a magazine, and a gift and the overhead, makes anything off your $25.00 a year membership? hell no. they just want your name on their membership rolls so they can use you. The real money comes from their corporate masters. That is why they want to scare you to buy. When demand goes up, prices go up, you pay more and they make more.

    NRA’s first goal is to defend your right buy, buy , buy.

    The NRA has 4,200,000 members but a $240,000,000 annual budget. If the NRA kept every dollar of your $25 a year , that is only $100,000,000. Where do you think the other $140,000,000 comes from. Their corporate masters! And they don’t have to print 50,000,000 magazines to give them ( 4.2mill members X 12 issues a year) Who do you think the NRA cares about first? You and your $25.00 or the corporations and their $140,000,000 +?

    Their coming to get your guns and ammo. You know we are serious because we are raising our prices.BUY!,BUY!, BUY!

  • Nater

    Again, I’m not too worried. It’s still a good idea to remain vigilant, we wouldn’t want another ridiculous AWB, but I’m not too worried. Gun control got absolutely nowhere after a nutball shot Gabrielle Giffords and 18 or so other people. If it was going to go anywhere in the current political climate, that’s when it would have happened. It didn’t.

  • AJ187

    If we get the only real constitutionalist running for this office, DR. Ron Paul, then we won’t have worry about our firearms freedom among other freedoms.