CzechPoint / Alfa-Proj Revolvers

CzechPoint USA is importing revolvers from Czech firm ALFA-PROJ. The revolvers, chambered in the classic revolver cartridges .32 S&W, .38 Special and .357 Magnum, are branded as CzechPoint USA at the factory. The frames are made from either an alloy or steel and barrel lengths range from 3″ to 6″. The cheapest model is the CzechPoint 840 .38 Special, which has an affordable price of $299. A few of the models are pictured below …

CzechPoint 840 .38 Special $299
CzechPoint 3541 .357 Magnum $489
CzechPoint 3831 .38 Special $475

[ Many thanks to G for emailing me about the revolvers, and Dan for providing photos. ]

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  • Reverend Clint

    i’d czech one out
    they look decent enough and the czechs know how to make quality guns

  • Reasonably priced revolvers. Alloy frames make them suitable for slight build youths and women life my wife. Considering a target alloy frame never has anything other than “poof” loads shot in it will never wear out. Oversized Target grips must be cheapest in the world. Quality revolvers from the CZ Republic – good beer and guns!

  • Todd

    I emailed Czechpoint a couple days ago and Dan Brown told me this: “The steel frame revolvers have a nice solid feel to them. In my opinion, the finish quality is very close to S&W. For a solid look and feeling of quality, I would go with the steel frame revolvers (Alfa). If you have customers that are very sensitive to price, then the alloy (Holek) frame revolvers should suit them well. The quality of the alloy S&W revolvers are higher than the Holek models.”

    Here’s the manufacturer’s website:

  • Cymond

    Very interesting! An alloy framed .38 with 4 and 6 inch barrels is an interesting, lightweight gun. A 4″ barrel weighs under 29 oz, and a 6″ model comes in under 32 oz.

    I have a lady friend who wants a firearm, but she hasn’t selected one yet. We’ll visit a range the next time she’s around, and she can make an informed decision on her own. Still, if she likes revolvers, I may point her towards a 4″
    Holek, or I may buy one for myself eventually.

    Funny, I sat down at the computer to research the existance of a long-barreled J-frames. (Hint: There was a steel J-frame .357 with 5″ barrel, but no long-barrel airweight .38s)

  • Burst

    Not to pee in anyone’s cheerios, but the EAA Windicator offers an exceptionally tough gun at a similar price point. No .32s, though.

    I DO like the look of the blackened hammer on a stainless frame.

  • These are some very high quality guns for very fair prices.

    They also make a full-moon-clip loaded 9 mm Luger version:

    The steel ones’ fit and finish, and the trigger is much better than a Taurus, but imho not up to SW standards…but at least there is no internal lock:-)

  • Uuj

    Can’t locate a 2-incher on their website except for the thumbnail leading to the revolver page. They don’t meet import requirements?

  • drewogatory

    Are these Smith clones? Anyone have any trigger feedback? If they Ca. certify, I’ll definitely check out the 3541 (.357 blue,4″,adjustable sights). The lack of reasonably priced double action revolvers in BLUE really annoys me. Quit buying those hideous stainless/nickel/whatever pimp guns people!

  • Rob

    Does anyone know if these have a Smith and Wesson type action? The cylinder release leads me to believe this is the case, but that by itself is not definitive.


  • Brandon

    Great deal as long as the triggers have a nice crisp feel

  • howlingcoyote

    Is is 32 S&W or 32 S&W Long? Since it’s made in 357 mag., it could be produced in 32 H&R or 327 Federal.

  • soless

    GVASS – “The steel ones’ fit and finish, and the trigger is much better than a Taurus, but imho not up to SW standards…but at least there is no internal lock:-)”

    That’s a step in the right direction. I noticed on the site that these are “licensed”. I don’t know if there is something that’s lost in translation but they definitely look like S&W. Btw, any idea why the shorter barrel costs more? I’d like one of these in .22 if the price is right. I know they make them.

  • “I noticed on the site that these are “licensed”. I don’t know if there is something that’s lost in translation but they definitely look like S&W.”

    The Alfa revolvers are direct (unlicensed) replicas of the old German Röhm RG69 gasrevolvers, practically their system is a simplified Smith and Wesson DA/SA, for example coil mainspring is used.

    The ejector rod is not locked at the front with a spring pushed pin, but the ejector rod itself has a conical part at the yoke, that is the forward locking element.

    What I really like in Alfa revolvers is the excellent DA trigger.

  • Sean

    Why wouldn’t you just buy a used Model 10?

  • armed_partisan

    I was thinking it would be absurd to make a gun in .32 S&W, but if you examine the website, the caliber is described as .32 S&W, but on the Specifications, it clarifies that they mean .32 S&W Long, which can fire the .32 S&W. Most of the H&R .32 Long pistols I’ve examined can *just* fit a .32 H&R mag into them. I examined two otherwise identical H&R 932’s of different vintages that were “chambered” in the two different calibers, and both would accept the magnum. I wonder if these Czech ones will as well? It’s an easy upgrade to make, and .327 could be done if the steel is up to snuff (unless it’s heat treated).

    The design looks similar to late style offerings by Charter Arms. Kinda a Charter/S&W hybrid. I’d like to examine one close up. There just aren’t enough .32 revolvers out there!

    They also make a “Revolving Carbine” with a 12″ barrel there, 20″ barrel US, as an 8-Shot .22 Magnum, which is cool. That looks like fun.

  • Frank

    It would seem smarter to just chamber the .32 model is 327 magnum now

  • Noir

    @gvass: “licensed” means that it requires “gun licence” in Czech republic to buy one. Hence “licensed arms” = firearms, “Unlicensed Arms” = airguns, percusion, flobert…

  • Sean Brooks

    I have a czech point model 830 snub nose. I’m not fond of snub noses, but I have to say this is by far my favorite gun out of all my handguns. Great feel and look too it (I’m not into flashy chrome) simple gets the job done oh and the ladies love it Lol. Here my little video of it in action