Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Precision Rifle

The latest DVD from Magpul Dynamics is entitled The Art of the Precision Rifle. The trailer looks awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Blu-Ray when it is released.

[ Many thanks to E for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • John

    Hells Yeah!

  • That is amazing. I have always been a fan of The Long Shot and what it takes to perform one.

    What class were they taking in that video? Not seeing the video on amazon – they usually have it up for pre-order up to a year before these things come out.


  • impressive shooting skills by this highly trained marksman… truly that the sniper is a special breed of army. or marines.

  • Lance

    Looks fun but no M-110 or M-14s? Only Rem 70 that was depressing.

  • Matt G.

    Though I know this video won’t be as high speed as the rest I still can’t wait for it.

  • Alex Vostox

    Good example how to fired the sniper rifle ‘hidden sideways’ style just like the UTK teaches us few months ago

  • Stefan

    Can not wait for this.
    10h of long-range-porn.
    They should invite Craig Harrison 😀

  • DaveR

    Of all the Magpul videos, this might be the best for us Armchair Operators 🙂

    This should translate to hunting situations very easily.

  • Joseph

    I would like to point out they seemed to fog out the apparent “BCM” logo on the side of one of the rifles. Guess it was a no go?

  • Mac C

    Never been blown away by the Magpul Vids. They have high production value but their “teaching style” in the vids always left something to be desired. You were really just WATCHING them teach a class and as such you loose a lot of the advantages you can see with an true instructional video. By not addressing the home viewer they always seemed to leave stuff out, have gaps in the instruction etc etc. The old vids with Lenny Magill are dated and often cheesy but they’re well though out and obviously had some instructional planning. If Magpul hired a solid director who has a good instructional video background these videos would be far far better. As they are now, they’re more gun class prn then true teaching tool.

  • erwos

    @Mac C: I agree and disagree. Yeah, they could make it a little bit more end-viewer oriented, but I know I’ve improved my technique by watching the carbine video and practicing what I saw. In fact, sometimes, I’d watch it standing up with my carbine in hand… if I saw something new and interesting, I’d pause the DVD, practice it a few times, watch the section again, and repeat.

    When you get down to it, though, proper training classes are the best option.

  • @ Mac C, The training class format is done on purpose to illustrate students making mistakes and seeing the students fix and recover from them. You still get a lot of instruction (most of out sets are over 4 hours total with a full drills disk to break down the instructor’s actions), but or me, seeing the mistakes are more valuable to my overall learning than just watching experts do there thing.

    @ Joseph, For all new videos we are blocking out any logos other than those which we have formal written agreement to use. It is not a endorsement or rejection of any particular company or product.

    @Lance, M110s are covered in the Military weapons section, but no M14’s sorry.

  • tyler long

    what rifles were they using