Unboxing, Rebel Style

Urban Dictionary defines the cultural phenomenon of “unboxing” as …

The Internet trend of showing photos or video from the unpacking of a retail box of some desirable product, such as the latest laptop or portable music player.

After discovering unissued, and still boxed up, firearms in Gaddafi’s compound, the Libyan rebels have enthusiastically adopted the practice of ‘unboxing’ 🙂 CNN Reporter Sara Sidner reports on the captured weapons…

[ Many thanks to Christopher for emailing me the video. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • David Garrett

    What was that gun in the box? Looked like a shotgun of sorts. Definitely not a “handgun and rifle.”

    I saw some Ak-74s and a G36 (silly Gaddafi, you wasted so much money on that plastic thing when you could a bought an AR-18). Anyone else catch something I didn’t?

  • JT

    If only they sent in Oprah

    “You get an gun! and you get a gun! and you get a gun! and you get a gun…”

  • Mobious

    They don’t need the US, France and rest of the “supporting” nations to drop them anymore weapons, they’ve found enough for themselves to flood the nation and rest of Africa to ensure that the region would continue to stay in perpetual chaos. So, who’s going in next to raid the land of natural resources while they’re all busy fighting?


    Anyone notice the G-36 at 1:36? seems out of place compared to the AKMs and RPKs but then again they have been finding F2000s so thats not surprising.

  • I dont think we should glorify gun theft. These looters should not be made into heros.

  • Jim

    What gun is in the middle picture inside of the box?

  • Ben

    Anyone ID the guns in the boxes?
    Pretty sure I saw a G36 carry handle in one.

    Doesn’t seem like the Rebel Forces have much of a chain of command….

  • Josh

    Good day to be a rebel lol.

  • 54Bravo

    I’ll be looking on GunBroker for some sweet deals from Libya in the coming weeks. : )

    Wouldn’t mind ‘unboxing’ on of those FN-FALs I kept seeing in the news. Even better, how about a slightly used ZU-23? (23 mm quad mount-GREAT for skeet shooting!) I could park it out front as a snazzy lawn ornament too and as an added bonus, maybe my annoying neighbor would think twice about parking right in front of my house, all the time?

  • Lucky bastards……………

    Why don’t I ever stumble upon free weapons?

  • Other Steve


    Glorifying gun theft? Yea, because I suppose the difference in “looter” and “hero” can easily be made from the comfort of your computer.


    I think those “lucky bastards” have problem lost enough of their lives, friends, family, land, and rights, long enough that some free weapons are a minor consolation. Be careful what you wish for. You might someday be unboxing an M4A3/M203 and it could be the worst day of your life.

  • Sid


    Slight correct. These weapons are not free. They are liberated.

    And I doubt we will ever be that lucky.

  • Máté

    They deserved it.

  • Lance

    @ David Garret

    Sorry those are 7.62X39 AK-103s. Libya never bought AK-74s. they bought AK-103s from 2008 till the embargo early in this year from Russia. Im surprised to see German G-36s coming out of Qaddafi’s compound he had embargo on him and his nation and I see new G-36s coming out Germany has some explaining to do.

    Im not too happy most of the rebles are tied to AL Qaeda and seeing them with new and in some cases state of the art weapons makes me worry.

  • Martin (M)

    Lucky desert dogs. Oh, how I wish US law enforcement agencies would allow this to clear out their evidence lockers.

  • Lance

    Ohh and I forgot some other interesting Libya news with all the Arabs shooting in the air there have been thousands of accidental shootings from falling bullets from them shooting upwards all the time.

    A good message to you guys:
    What come up must come down DO NOT shoot up in the air when happy.


  • Tinkerer

    @David Garrett, Jim & Ben:

    the rifle in the box smells like either Beretta Rx4 Storm or Benelli MR1 with Argo gas system (basically the same thing).


    Or maybe it IS a Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun, which also has the Argo gas system.


  • Paul

    as with events earlier this year in Egypt, I am right behind the efforts of the Libyan people to seek democracy and freedom. If in exercising those new rights, they elect people who’ve had dealings with Al Qaeda, then so be it. That’s the price we pay for NOT being imperial powers anymore.

    Elements of the NTC have had ties to Al Qaeda, parts of the Muslim Brotherhood have too, but don’t forget, you don’t have to go back too many years and so did the CIA! The only long-term option open to the West is to seek rapprochement with moderates, sympathisers and fellow-travellers where we can, or we will be fighting them FOREVER.

    We have been involved in dirty intrigue and the support of tyrants for too long, because they were anti-communist, because they were secular, or just because they were sitting on the oil. It’s time to show whether our rhetoric of freedom and democracy really means anything.

  • A

    G36 show in this slideshow, as well as an FN P90

  • Ferrus Manus

    If you look carefully, you could see that these G36 are G36V and G36KV from Spain. These G36V only have an 1,5x magnified sight opposed to the german G36A2 which has a dual sight with a reflex sight and a 3x magnified sight combined. Additionally, the pictogram on the G36V reads S-T-R, and on the G36A2 S-E-F.

  • Richard

    Excellent post, Paul- so many of the problems the US has had recently is no small part because we try to have our hands in everything, steering the world to our advantage while talking about freedom and democracy. We can’t have our cake and eat it too, nor can we solve all our problems by force.

  • Lance


    Well the problem is that there are no real democracy parties just the dictator and Islamic party and if the Islamic party wins then rights of women and religious minorities gets crazy and no peace with Israel.

  • j

    they’re all like- “I’M ON TV!”

  • Clodboy

    H&K denies ever having exported G36s to Libya.

    Official statement from back in March: http://www.heckler-koch.de/media/News/Dokumente/HK_Statement_Libyen_Mrz_2011.pdf

    Translation of the bullet points:
    * “At no point were there shipments of G36’s to Libya from Heckler&Koch GmbH and affiliated organizations”
    * “Nor were civilian contractors or personal security companies provided with G36 assault rifles”
    * “Some prop guns and simulation weapons were delivered to civilian companies. These weapons were de-militarized according to the appropriate regulations”
    * “As for the photographs of a mercenary/son of Qadaffi holding a G36, the two remaining explanations are that it is either an airsoft replica or a real weapon acquired illegally through channels unknown to Heckler&Koch”

  • Lance

    Maybe China is making cheap G-36 copies 😉

  • Pete

    The soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan will not find that funny or cool…

  • John Matthew

    Take it easy guys, firearms not politics remember?

    I’m actually a little surprised there aren’t more chrome/gold guns showing up, given the nature of the owner.

  • Lance

    I guess Qaddafi want like Saddam and liked golden guns he was more liberal minded. LOL