Cali Legal Mac-10 Carbine from Masterpiece Arms

Masterpiece Arms have developed a California-Legal version of their Mac-10-patterned carbines. The Defender Carbine models MPA1SST, MPA20SST and MPA9300SST now include a magazine lock device that will prevent the magazine from being removed without a tool, thereby making it Cali-Legal.

45 ACP Side Cocking Carbine Rifle with Scope Mount and 16″ Threaded Barrel (Standard Model, Not Cali-Legal)

No word if pricing for Cali-legal models is the same as the regular models.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom

    Good God, that thing looks insanely stupid.

  • This is a nice change for us here in California and I hope more companies realize that bullet buttons are legal and completely avoids the need for a fixed magazine. We’ve been building AR’s with bullet buttons for a while, but some of the larger stores like Turner’s mostly only offer rifles with fixed mags.

  • Flounder

    I like it but the barrel can’t be threaded or have a “flash hider” it has to be called a muzzle break by the manufacturer… Yeah I hate it… This is pretty sweet except I have to laugh if they include a full size mag when they will have to be pinned to 10 rounds.

    AND!!!! Whatever happened to the 460 rowlands version!!!!!!! If you can only have 10 rounds may as well make them beastly! 😀

  • Don’t Know Nuthing

    I don’t see any 10 rounds mags for sale on their accessories page — that’s going to be a problem. Why doesn’t someone just manufacture a Marlin Camp 9 style carbine that takes Glock mags?

  • Why not just move OUT of California????

    Problem solved.

    You’re Welcome.

  • Reverend Clint

    looks like a mac-10 mated with a m-4 next to a nuclear power plant

  • Darkness

    Hahaha, my thoughts exactly

  • Lance

    Wont remain legal for long the Kalifornia AG can ban any gun he doesn’t like. The MAC on full auto was a good PDW but semi auto copies are crap! don’t waste your money on one get a AR or AK instead.

  • Martin (M)

    I moved. Much happier now.

  • Gregory


    Because some of us have more important concerns than the size of the mag we can stick in our guns. I know, I know…it’s hard to believe that there could be people like that, but it’s true.

  • 032125

    @Gregory If magazine capacity restrictions were he only issue in Cali, it would be worth inhabiting. Sadly that is only the tip of the frozen bovine offal iceberg that is the People’s Republic of California.

  • Anthony

    I’m glad to be back in California after 20 years. I’m an hour from the beach an hour from the mountains and about an hour and a half from the desert but best of all I’m 5 minutes from my parents and 15 from my brother. If you don’t have roots here I can see why you wouldn’t like it, if you’re here and leaving please take some people with you.

  • Mike

    @Andrew: You need to get out more, there are plenty of places you can get bullet button rifles, or even better; featureless. Detachable magazines, you can use your legally owned standard capacity magazines… You just don’t get a pistol grip.

    @Flounder: Threaded barrels on rifles is fine. It’s handguns with threaded barrels that are a problem. Also, on a fixed mag rifle flash hiders aren’t an issue anyway. You can have a flash hider, pistol and forward grips, collapsible/folding stock and all the other evil if that mag is non-detachable (and under 10 rounds).

    Yes, folks, under CA law the Sig Mosquito qualifies as an “assault weapon” if it doesn’t have something covering the exposed threads permanently.

    @Don’tKnowNothing: In more ways than one. One of the other definitions of “assault weapon” is a centerfire, semi-auto rifle with a fixed magazine that has a capacity over ten rounds. If they don’t sell 10 round magazines, there’s going to be a problem.

    @Lance: No, the AG cannot add to the list and hasn’t had the ability to do so for about 4 years now. They repealed that part when Lockyear was terming out as AG because they were worried about the possibility of a less-anti gun AG (like Brown) adding to the list and triggering tens of thousands of new registrations.

  • howlingcoyote

    I think California is called: KKK
    The Kommunist Kountry of kalifornia
    Do the power-crazed politicians in kalifornia still allow subjects to still own guns?

  • Nadnerbus

    Lance, while technically true, it hasn’t happened yet. Lot of people think that because if the AG did so, they would have to either open the assault weapon list for new registrations (which would allow registered AWs to have the bullet buttons removed and full caps used), or declare off list/bullet button semi autos illegal which the law pretty clearly doesn’t allow. Best guess they are waiting to see where the political winds blow.

    A friend of mine bought the pistol version of this gun and damn was the thing heavy. I just don’t get paying that much for a big ass heavy steal .45 pistol that looks like it was stamped out of sheet metal. If it can’t go full auto, it’s just a big handgun. Making it into a carbine adds a little bit of sense to the design, but I bet the thing is even heavier now.

    And I can’t defend my residence in this political dump except I was born here, grew up here, and have work here. Most of my family has already moved though, I probably will some day too. Its a beautiful state, I just wish we could transplant the government and laws of Idaho or Texas to it. And maybe nuke Berkeley and San Francisco.

  • Lagduf

    A lot of people posting from outside of California are terribly confused about CA firearm law. I suggest a visit to the Forums over at http:/ to get your “facts” on CA firearm law set straight.

    In CA through grassroots 2A activists and effective legal actions coordinated with multiple groups (NRA, CPRA, SAF, CGF) we are slowly winning back our firearm rights in this state.

    CA firearm owners are some of the staunchest gun-rights advocates and much that is happening here will have repercussions on the national level.

    If you’re against firearm owners in CA then you may as well be against 2A rights in general. Don’t cast us off. Much of the current regime of laws was in place even before I could legally cast a vote on the ballot.

  • Cam

    Lagduf, I am stuck in this dung pile of a state, having once been a free man who was seriously into shooting. Gun enthusiasts here for the most part are regulated into being a joke, a bad one at that who often don’t come off to the masses as anything more than either racist and stupid, or as immature as 8 year olds theorizing the first time they’ll get laid as they talk about their stupid, naughty little plans to smuggle magazines from Nevada, or their bizarre legal stocks for otherwise illegal rifles. And it’s not their fault, doing anything more is highly illegal!

    Calguns may have it’s upsides, but it’s burdened by cop loving moderators who love to censor opposing viewpoints. There really isn’t much to work with to bring about meaningful change, and hasn’t been since Reagan banned loaded carry.

    I am stuck here temporarily for family reasons and cannot wait for the day in about a year when we will be leaving. This place is a lost cause for gun rights, and no doubt leaving is the only good option. Lying to yourself that there is a chance that things will be fixed one day isn’t healthy.