Kids Say the Darndest Things

These days I do most of my shopping online, but occasionally like to visit stores to discover things I did not know I “needed”. This weekend I payed Gander Mounting a visit. After accumulating a pile of clothes, gadgets and cleaning equipment I ended up at the airsoft aisle and was giving a cheap transparent-plastic airsoft shotgun the once-over. This was the kind of gun no self-respecting airsofter would be caught dead with (see photo below). These two cheeky 12 year olds who were walking past shouted out at me “So you like big guns, huh?” and then ran away. I couldn’t help laughing.

Steve Johnson

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  • calool

    haha, cheeky buggers, but yeah that is one stupid looking gun, although with a coat of paint im sure it would be a nice piece for a young aspiring airsofter

  • crisara722

    the story of my life

  • Lance

    @ Steve

    And you after hearing this didn’t see Rosie O’Donnell come out and demand the kids be taken to a reeducation camp shocking!!!!! LOL 😉

  • Popedizzle

    Airsoft. The next level up on the lameness scale above Cowadooty.

    • Popedizzle, I actually enjoy airsoft. It not much different to painball, other than being cheaper and less messy.

  • Axel Nordberg

    And it looks way cooler.

  • Popedizzle

    I kid, I kid. When I was younger I gave it a shot, but $300+ for something that only shoots BB’s was a bit hard for me to stomach.

  • @popedizzle

    Compared to what? laser tag? nerf guns? Airsoft guns are perfect for little backyard skirmishes. They sting just enough to make things interesting, and they don’t dent cars or break windows. Flanking maneuvers, diving over hedges, ambushes; those days were so much fun.

  • Spike

    Its either that, or the bright blue/green/yellow one’s for the UK market, unless you are a registered UK airsoft player….. *shakes head and walks away…..*

  • KP

    I recently picked up an airsoft gas blow back 1911 replica and it’s turning out to be a REALLY good trainer. The lock time on an airsoft pistol is incredibly long since propane expands slower than powder burns (shocking isn’t it?) so any extra flinch after you pull the trigger is exacerbated in airsoft. The only hits that come are when you hold the gun still from trigger pull to follow-through.

  • Me

    Paid not Payed

  • Alex S

    Bingo on the less messy. I talked with some swat guys once who loved the airsoft clones for close quarters training. Some of those airsoft guns do a really good job of looking and working just like there real world counter parts.
    I myself put together an m16 style rifle out of custom parts, if you’re more then 3 or 4 feet away you can’t tell its not real. (no gas tube) And it does a fine job of making 5-6″ groups at just over 50yards.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    I’m put in mind of a young visitor we had here at HomePlace last year. He was an expert on World War Two weapons who regulary took all comers “to school” when playing a WW2 version of Medal Of Honor. Never held, let alone fired, an actual firearm. He informed me my dismissal of the game not being realistic only told him I couldn’t play it.

    To his credit, when asked if he would be interested to trying out some of the weapons featured in the game he jumped at the chance. So, I dug out the Winchester 1897, M-1 Garand, Simi Thompson, 1903 Springfield and my 1911 and allowed him to carry all of them to my range. I took the Ammo in the M-37 and started setting up targets. He finally came trugging up, sweating buckets.

    At that poing he allowed perhaps one person carrying all these weapons in a running gunfight wasn’t realistic after all.

    After he had a bottle of water, I introduced him to recoil. He left that day a much humbler young man.

    Again, to his credit, he wanted to come back and has several times.

  • SpudGun

    You shoulda pushed those two punks in a gun safe! 🙂

  • Netforce

    Haha, those kids probably have one of those shotguns at home. Not related to airsoft gun but new NERF guns are actually pretty good, fun toys to play with.

  • Bryan S

    I like big guns and I cannot lie….

  • Siege

    I enjoyed this little post. I also feel compelled to stick up for that model of spring airsoft gun :). I bought it in full black in the UK before they changed the laws around here making them bright colours, and it cost me the princely sum of £20. It turned out to be a suprisingly powerful and VERY reliable springer that will still burst soda cans 3 years later. Brilliant!

  • This is pretty funny haha, I’m an avid airsofter and wouldn’t be caught dead with this gun for my back-up’s back-up weapon. I wish big name sporting goods stores didn’t sell airsoft guns at all. If this happened, 90% of the bad media our community gets would disappear. The idiots who brandish their airsoft guns in public and get shot or arrested are never toting legitimate airsoft gear, it’s always 15 dollar plastic guns. Let alone the over priced nature of these guns. DO NOT BUY YOUR GEAR FROM BIG NAME SPORTING GOOD STORES! If you just have to buy locally, check your local army navy store. You’re still definitely going to overpay for 20-50%, but it won’t be a Crosman.

  • Squidpuppy

    In the “Kids say the darndest things” category; this last weekend a friend of mine was instructing his 11 year old in the finer points of AR-15s at our local long gun range, and when he showed her how the bullet button worked (being as we’re in CA), she screwed up her face and said: “Well that’s just stupid. Who thought that up?”

    We about fell over laughing.

  • 6677

    A friend of mine picked up a very similar gun for £30 on the market a few weeks ago, bright orange of course but included a stock and a cheapo red dot sight that worked suprisingly well. No irons on it but aiming down the gap milled out of the top picatinny you can place some very tight groups. Firing at manufacturers stated 350fps its not too bad. True it is more a rifle than a shotgun firing 1 pellet at a time but great fun.

    I might try and get the UKARA permit to allow me to get some nice black guns, I will have my lovely L85 one day