LOKI LWSF 3G Competition Model

LOKI Weapon Systems have developed a lightweight AR-15 rifle designed for competition shooting. The LOKI LWSF 3G Competition Model is chambered in .223 (“Wylde” chamber1), 6.5 Grendel and .300 AAC BLK.

Our 3G Competition model features a 15-inch vented carbon fiber free-floating handguard, an 18-inch double-fluted stainless steel barrel with Nordic Corvette compensator, mid-length adjustable gas system, a .223 wylde chamber, Giesselle SSA two-stage trigger, and Vltor A2 stock with lightened buffer. The 3G rifle shoots sub-MOA, has negligible recoil and practically non-existent muzzle rise.

  • 18″ Stainless double fluted 1:8 twist 223 Wylde chamber barrel with M4 extension
  • Geissele SSA 2 stage trigger
  • NiB coated Bolt Carrier Group
  • M4 Billet flat top Upper
  • Billet 7075T6 Lower receiver
  • adjustable gas system
  • 15” Vented Carbon Fiber handguard
  • Nordic Corevette comp
  • VLTOR Rifle Modstock
  • Ergo™ pistol grip
  • Lightened Buffer
  • XL Magwell
  • 30 round PMAG™
  • Life Time LOKI Limited Warranty

The retail price is $2,099 (+$180 for a .300 or 6.5mm barrel).

  1. A hybrid .223 / 5.56mm NATO chamber. 

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Sid

    It may be a truly superb gun. But it is significantly overpriced.

  • hoseking

    I have never liked 2 stage triggers for fast shooting. I much prefer a light clean break single stage, and most other serious 3 gunners will agree. I have 2 stages on all my long range rifles but not for something that I would use for 3gun.

  • RCG

    So after all that, how much does it weigh?

  • howlingcoyote

    Only $2100 dollars?
    Every time a “new” AR-15 comes out, the prices keep climbing higher and higher. Soon they’ll cost $3,000 then $4,000!!

  • Vitor

    That gun in 6.5mm must be a hell of a long range shooter.

  • Lance

    Still take a A2 or M-4 or Ruger 556 over this.

  • jdun1911

    To be fair there are some very high end parts in the built. The bolt carrier group and trigger combine cost almost $500. Than you have the 18″ Stainless double fluted, that’s going to cost a pretty penny.

  • G

    I believe I have followed this blog since the beginning and I am always amazed by the amount whynning that follows any mentioning of price in Steve’s blog posts.

    Why must every firearm be a low cost, low quality firearm? Why can’t there be higher quality firearms as well?

  • W

    I havent heard of Loki before, though it sounds like they have a high quality AR15 on there hands here. The only thing i don’t fancy is the notches by the magazine well, which i assume is intended for the magazine well grip (which is fundamentally incorrect for accurately shooting the AR15).