Spectra Shot: 12 Gauge Rounds with Multi-Color Shot

Spectra Shot manufactures 12 gauge waterfowl and skeet ammunition that features colored shot. The idea behind colored shot is that if two waterfowlers each use a different color, they can easily distinguish who shot which bird.

I would have thought that finding bird shot inside a feathered sack of meat would be tricky. What do veteran waterfowlers think? UPDATE: The experts (in the comments below) say it is pretty easy to find the shot.

Steve Johnson

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  • Sanjuancb

    I find steel shot in duck breasts all the time so it is feasible. On the other hand, I don’t hunt over decoys most of the time so identifying who shot which bird is usually pretty easy.

  • Mike Hawk

    Nice….is it just me or does the term: ‘Taste the Rainbow’ come to mind when see this product?

  • Auxin

    Most people try to find all the shot before they eat it, at least.

  • GK

    Finding shot inside a dead duck is pretty easy actually, but by the time you’re spitting colored shot onto your dinner plate it may be a little to late to argue over that shiny band you and your hunting partners were arguing over. 😉

  • Woodroez

    You find the shot after cooking them, while you’re eating.

  • ThomasD

    My experience with steel shot is that it is almost always full penetration. On the off chance a pellet remains there is nothing to say another person’s shot might not have been the telling hit and simply passed through.

    It’s not like anyone is going to take the time to dress out and go digging for proof while in the blind. Assuming people are not party shooting (technically not legal, but not uncommon either) then someone is going to have to claim the bird as part of their bag limit right then and their and just keep going. Also, taking the time to pull pellets might mean missed shooting opportunities. Otherwise if they are ‘sharing’ the limit then it’s all academic anyway – at least until the day is done.

    Besides, isn’t part of the fun of waterfowling the banter over who is the better wingshot? Wouldn’t want to do anything that might actually bring that to an end.

  • Popedizzle

    So what do you do if more than one color is found in a bird? Queens rules?

  • Seems pretty silly to me.

  • howlingcoyote

    Just another way to cash in and make a profit.

  • Funny !
    Imagine somebody who made a mixed load with all color shots…then what will happen ? What will they do with a duck with all color pellets inside ? :):):)

  • I heard that some slug hunters put (engrave) their names’ first letters on the bottom of the slug to distinguish who has shot the game !


    WHERE can i buy online

  • Rob Kay

    Has anyone actually tried the product? I’m not interested in pellets in the body; I’m more curious as to whether or not you can see the shot stream and determine whether you are shooting infront of, behind, above/below the target.