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  • Dmitry

    Journalist vs. guns.
    Similar to girl vs. gun.
    Funny Joke!

  • Witt Sullivan

    I wish more (really, all) journalists were as open minded as he is. The world would be an easier place.

  • chirol

    That’s funny, I live a few miles from the NRA range and go there regularly. They are NOT NFA friendly.

  • SpudGun

    Hooray! That’s what we need. Every lilly livered anti-gun friend I’ve ever taken shooting has suddenly changed their opinion on firearms.

    Don’t get me wrong, they still think that guns are an agent of total death, but they understand that everyone who goes shooting isn’t a psychopath ready to slay innocent people.

    Despite themselves, they love the buzz but still have self denying reservations. Leopards and spots, etc.

  • JT

    I would not give that man an Uzi.

    At least it wasn’t a Glock 18. That just would have been wrong.

  • “gunner”

    short bursts jim, short controlled, aimed bursts, no “spray and pray” it just wastes ammo.

  • bill

    awesome that the NRA pr people did this. I love taking people who’ve never gone shooting before.

  • Lew

    All one needs to be a good person is an open mind and a willingness to try new things. This person obviously has both. Especially poignant was what he said at the beginning about writing about the issues, “the single guy who gives marital advice” is an excellent analogy.

    Mr Geraghty, you have grown as a person in my eyes. Now we just have to work on those groups ^^

  • Peter in DC

    That’s my range!! And if I recall, correctly mind you, full-auto is prohibited. Perhaps if I become a reporter and shoot like a girl they’ll let me bring in some auto fun.

  • Flashman

    Why did the journalist only shoot GLOCKs?

  • “gunner”

    back when my daughter was a teenager we were out shooting my f.n. and her ar15 when we heard the slow “pop, pop, pop” of a single shot bolt action .22 in the large sand pit we were shooting in, on our way out we met another dad teaching his younger daughter, about 12 years old, to shoot, so we invited her to try my daughter’s rifle. after showing her it would not “kick” her hard, by shooting it one handed, as if it were a pistol, she gave it a try. then went through a 30 round magazine to bolt lock, turned to her dad and said, firmly, “i want one of these daddy!”

  • Nadnerbus

    Very cool, but everyone keep in mind National Review is a conservative journal of opinion, so this is still a bit of preaching to the choir. If they can get Maureen Dowd or Krugman down there and change their minds, then we might be getting somewhere.

    Everyone should go shooting at least once if they want to have an opinion on guns.

  • subase

    Yeah. accidentally shooting his hand if it slipped, on his first time shooting a gun no less, would not have been a thumbs up for the NRA.

  • That range is in the NRA basement. Definitely something to check out if you’re going to be visiting their museum. Drive around back underneath the parking garage and you’ll see the entrance. Its truly the best range in Virginia or the DC metro area, with the ability to shoot up to 338 Lapua at a 50 yard indoor range at only like twelve bucks an hour. You don’t have to be an NRA member to use the range either, it’ll just cost you an extra dollar or two per hour.

    I like how the guy didn’t keep the gun down range at all when he pulled out the AR and brought it over to the shooting lane. Any one of us would get thrown off of the range for the way he handled that rifle. Guns should be holstered/unholstered or cased/uncased on the firing line with the muzzles pointing downrange according to their rules. Everyone has to take a written safety test which outlines their rules in order to shoot there. Maybe the guy with the AR is above the rules.

    SBRs and silencers are allowed at that range with proper paperwork, but no AOWs or full auto is allowed. I’m not sure about their opinion on SBS, but I know they won’t let you shoot a shotgun without a buttstock.

  • Chuck

    How come they didn’t show the last target?????

  • Okay, one fairly-conservative journalist introduced to shooting. Now they’ve got to work on the people at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer. . . . . . .