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  • Looks like they’ve finally realized that Kahr sells a whole lot of guns!

    Interesting to see the GLOCK trigger in there, but without the two-pin arrangement. And I had to chuckle at the “ambidextrous controls,” because there are no controls visible! (aside from the mag release, of course.)

  • Sian

    Hi there. Now can I get that form factor with a 4″ barrel pretty please?

  • Jeff

    Yeesh, it looks like a Glock’s fat ugly midget cousin

  • Phil

    If that picture is actually the nano, its kinda ugly. I wouldnt buy that over the lc9.

  • ap

    Wow, I really like the look of this one. I’m a huge LCP, LCR fan but I’ve been holding off on the LC9 for some reason.

  • Any word on the capacity? I’m guessing 7+1?

    • Sheila


  • SpudGun

    Mmm, what an attractive pistol. I think I’d rather get shot then pull this abomination out of a holster. This has to be one of the ugliest handguns I’ve ever seen (including Glocks).

    This is probably offensive but, it looks like a PX4 with Downs Syndrome. Steve, ban this post if it has crossed the line. I totally understand.

    • Lol! Now that’s funny dude. But I don’t think it’s that ugly!

  • ahil925

    I know there are just so many ways to make a polymer pistol, but this looks nothing like a Beretta. Even the Px4 had its own sense of style/look. But this looks like a mini-Glock or mini-XD. Though, I suppose if its looks are the only issue about it, it might be worth looking into.

  • I like the Ruger best so far, mostly because it’s rounded.

    I like Sigs and Berettas in general, but their pocket guns have sharp angles, it seems to me that would make it easy to get caught on something as you draw it.

  • Jason

    if it’s a striker fired “glockish” trigger i’m in for one

  • j-mart

    Ambidextrous controls? Is that a picture of the finished product?

    I hope that trailer park lady doesn’t plug her ear buds into it.

  • J.T.

    Different frame sizes available with serialized sub chassis? I am going to be all over this.

  • Jesse

    It sounds very similar to the Walther PPS with the exception that you can take it appart without pulling the trigger.

  • Cory


    That’s just wrong!

  • Justin

    Looks like a Kahr, which i always found to be the best looking striker fired pistol. Don’t understand the reaction to this, much better looking than a G26. A $400 PM-9 clone gets me pretty excited.

  • norm

    First thing I thought when I saw it like most was holy glock look alike guys.

  • tornacı

    This is the end of “Beretta” legend…

    Beretta caught the fame with his open top barreled models of 1934/35
    and refused to be “Usual” even in manufacturing locked breech pistols as
    using Walther P 38 type construction in response to other manufacturers
    accepted “Browning Tilted Barrel Lock” for economical considerations.

    Beretta survived “Open Top Barrel” tradition with 92 series of pistols, but
    forced to make another desicion to get along with rising tendancy of
    polymer framed pistols as accepting “Rotating Barrel Lock” as giving up the
    open top barrel concept, but insisting to be “unusual” refusing the
    “Tilting Barrel Lock again…

    Model Nano has brought the end of “Beretta Legend” as accepting
    “Browning Fashion” and being “Usual”…

    From now on, it would be clever to hope for Beretta to build other
    “Usual” improvements thought and accepted for more money into the

  • Glocketta



  • Woodroez

    I’m pretty sure all the subcompact 9s are kind of ugly, you just can’t get a lot of graceful lines when cramming those kind of mechanics into the smallest volume as possible.

    I wonder if that little lug cut-out on the dust cover is some sort of proprietary accessory slot. It’s a more graceful solution than Sig’s P290, what with the hole they cut into the bottom of the dust cover. I’ve seen someone report – perhaps in this very blog – that the rubber plug they stick in the Sig’s accessory cut-out actually managed to back up into the recoil spring and jam the gun up but good.

    Really curious how the trigger on the Nano will turn out. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the LC9’s trigger on Ruger’s facebook page. Incidentally, that was in a post where Ruger sent out a survey asking people what improvements in the LC9 and LCP they would want to see most. Sounds like Ruger’s looking to keep up with the competition.

  • Paul O.

    Reminds me of the Sig P290, but with a funky trigger.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Seems like child of Glock and PX4 🙂 (talking about exterior design)

  • Single stack 6+1 maybe 7+1, striker fired, Glock style trigger safety. Looks Glockish. If it shoots as well as my PX4 I’ll get one to add to my mini 9mm collection. Where is Glock on this style pistol?

    Glock 26
    CZ 2075
    Kimber Solo
    Ruger LC9
    Kel Tec PF9

  • JT

    Guns and Ammo says it doesn’t have a slide stop. I can sort of see that they want a thinner profile and maybe less snag, but isn’t it an important feature to change magazines quickly on a gun that holds so few rounds?

    • shawnsquatch

      It has a slide stop… Just not a manual slide stop. It locks open after the mag is empty.

  • JT

    I also wonder what sort of proprietary flashlight they’re thinking of selling with it. Is it like Beretta to make their guns incompatible with other manufacturer’s lights? I’m not really a big Beretta user.

  • AK-Adventurer

    While I love Beretta (except the M9…yuck) they lost their uniqueness with this one… it does look like a Glock. and I’d still get the S&W bodyguard over it… the S&W is cheaper, and comes with a laser. And doesn’t look like a brick.

    But. On the other hand, these are last ditch guns… other than sight in, and maybe monthly practice at the range, your not gonna see it, its gonna be tucked away ready to draw.

  • Gabe

    The slide looks too tall, and for pure aesthetic purposes if I was designing this pistol I would give it a slide that looked closer to one of they newer CZs (ie not as tall)
    But that might not be possible in a pistol this compact.

  • Phil Wong

    I’m just waiting for Robin Williams to get out his old Mork & Mindy costumes and strap on a pair of these…wait for it…”Nano, Nano.” (Ba-dump-bump…kish!)

    Thank you folks, you’re a lovely audience, I’ll be here all week…

  • Burst

    The Walther PPS is not ugly, IMO.
    Teutonic, and angular, but not ugly.

  • I am a Glock advocate and own 5 Glocks at this time. The Glock has everything I want except … It is not pretty, but it is elegant in it’s simplicity. This Nano looks as tho it will be even more simplistic, sans slide lock/release. Now if it will only be as reliable as a Glock. The other mini 9mm pistols that I have tried all have problems of one kind or another which sends me back to my Glock 26.

  • Kahr PM9 dressed up as a PX4 for a costume party?

  • simplekindofman

    “Glocketta” …. Maybe
    “Berlock”…… I’m liking it…..

    How but just simply

    Block……. Cause that’s what it looks like

  • Gary

    Lots of posts from folks who have never seen it or held it!

  • EB

    I don’t understand the concept of a gun having to be “pretty”. /shrug Considering my PX4 has been 100% flawless with a few thousand rounds through it, I’d buy this thing in a heartbeat.

  • TexEsq

    It’s not pretty, but none of the sub-compact 9mm are. I do think the tapered slide is some effort at Beretta style in a low volume pistol. I don’t know how I feel about the lack of the slide release. There aren’t many sub-compacts that I can easily release the slide without a little tug from my non-shooting hand, including the Glock and CZ RAMI. I love my CZ 75 P-01 9mm and can easily operate the slide release with one hand. My thumb doesn’t even reach the release on the CZ RAMI without contorting my shooting hand! I might as well keep my grip and assist with the non-shooting hand. The Sig P290 is better, but not great. In a DAO, I don’t carry with one in the chamber. (I know. I know. Really … I know what you’re thinking. Really.) Because I rack the slide anyway, the slingshot release is a non-issue. I just want a 9mm that is close to a .380 compact because, although I don’t care what my concealed weapon looks like, I’m not wearing a vest or a fanny pack. I’ll shoot myself before it comes to that.

  • I think the look of the Nano is starting to grow on me but I also think that the Kimber Solo is a very nice looking subcompact 9mm. Too bad it isn’t quite ready for prime time. I own a Solo so am speaking with some experience.

    The lack of a slide release on the Nano won’t be an issue for me. I looked at a Walther PPK/S and it operates fine without an external slide release. I always slingshot the Kimber Solo slide even though it has an external slide release, if I don’t slingshot, then the first round doesn’t always load properly resulting in a light strike and failure to fire. I really like the look of the Solo, but don’t trust it anymore even after two trips back to Kimber.

  • Most of the comments here are misinformed posters.

    This has a lot of uniqueness. It’s smaller than Glock, XD. It has a DE-COCKER the only Striker fire to have a De-cock. No slide stop.

    It has a Titanium insert. It’s Modular and can be switched to different frame sizes. The Serial part is the slide Assembly.


    .40 SW conversions will be out soon.

    It has a Double locked recoil spring system.

    Nothing ugly about the most reliable Pocket 9mm to ever be made.

    • James

      In the video on the Beretta website, the Nano shows to have a slide stop, but not a slide release. Unlike the Diamondback and LCP which have neither.

      • Will Rogala

        I agree with your comment. There always is mis conception until it actually has been out a while. Personally I cant wait to lay my hands on one. Sub compact, striker fired, and can be carried in a condition one state due to the complete elimination of the trigger mechanisim upon pushing the pin in the frame. In shooting 1911’s and Browning Hi powers for years I never felt comfortable carrying it in condition one unless I was shooting in a competition, there C1 was fine but having only the safety on while in a waistband and a round in the chamber just did not feel right. So I carried in condition two. In addition the idea of having the frame itself as the serialized part leads to all kind of potential frame configerations in the future. Hurry up Berreta, get these out so I can give you my money.

  • Fish

    Gonna have to to handle her and shoot her to really evaluate her. Looks pretty cool. Until then, the Ol’ Cheapo Kel-Tec drops right in the pocket and goes bang every time I pull the trigger and doesn’t have the mag safety like the LC9….

  • kim bolt

    This is a nice compact and that is what a woman might like for a carry piece. Good info on the gun except one thing that is probably important for a woman. WHAT IS THE TRIGGER PULL?? A Ket-Tec is almost the same size but the trigger pull is 10lbs and can not be lighten. You can see thr Beretta’s a two stage pull but the need to kinow is the need to know.


    This Beretta Nano has really caught my eye. The design and that, I as a collector have never owned a Beretta. I really enjoy my SIG P-250 .45. I love the engineering. But I recently purchased a Steyr S-40 and it shoots great. Fits my hand,trigger,sights…all are awesome on the Steyr. The Beretta Nano I will wait for the compact version and in the .40 calibre. What an addiction this all is.
    Now I have to wait… and also wait for the Beretta ARX-160. Beretta will be receiving my money. Build it and we will buy it.Cheers.

  • looks disappointing. instead of having to pull the trigger, you just need a screwdriver to take it apart. how is that any easier? and 6+1? Keltec pf9 has 7+1 and it’s half the price. I’ll stick with my glocks though. it’s hard to beat a sub compact with 10 or more rounds and unsurpassed reliability.

    • Mike Sanyk

      You don’t need a screw driver to take it apart. You release the striker and turn the take down screw 1/4 CC using a coin or case rim. In a torture test video the gun was de-greased and then fired 1,000 times without lube and with zero malfunctions. Looks prettier already doesn’t it?


    I am looking for a 9mm badly for home protection….. I have done a ton of research, and there are sooooo many great firearms out there , I am having a horrible time making up my mind!!!!! first, it was the M&P, then the P99 AS, then the SR9, then a XDM, then P226…… now i am looking at the hi power….. please I need help!!! I am in the 4-800 price range!! any advice will help! thanks

    • Bill Rogala

      Yea that’s a problem as there are many great 9mm’s out there. In my opinion and I own both a hi power and a Lc9, You must hold them and feel them to determine what “Feels Right” to you. Good Luck and have fun.

  • Sheila

    I just bought the Nano and I have to say it is an awesome gun for me. It was great to shoot and with very little recoil!

    • Norm

      How is the sighting error on your Nano? The one I recently bought has a 0.55 degree elevation error (4″ low at 10 yards). Beretta customer service expressed no interest in fixing the problem and couldn’t even tell me what the factory spec is. Like you say, it shoots great – just not very accurately!

  • Safegunner

    Glad to hear yours works well.
    Mine has the accuracy problem and failure to extract.
    Couldn’t get any help from their offices either……they wanted $70 if they disagreed with me!
    Love the Shield though……great gun!