Gun Review: Taurus PT 1911

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Taurus offers one of the best buys in a 1911 when you consider price and included extras. I’d place them in the number two spot in value but that’s just my opinion.

The price Taurus charges for the 1911 series of pistols is very reasonable. The primary reason for this is Taurus not only makes all the parts in house they also design and build their own CNC machinery. Since they are made in Brazil wages are less than in the United States which also contributes to lower prices. When you keep everything in house you can sell a product at a lower price and still offer more features than most competitors. Taurus is actually the third largest firearms company in the world which also makes it easier to sell at lower prices.

When Taurus introduced their version of the 1911 it didn’t take long for sales to take off. In fact they were pretty hard to find for a good number of months. The initial offering was a blue steel version.

In house gunsmiths then and now give these guns extra touches not seen except on high end and custom 1911’s. In fact the Taurus pistolsmiths hand fit each of the 1911 value added features to very tight tolerances then stamp each major part with matching serial numbers once inspected to the high standards Taurus demands.

Each Taurus 1911 is given a match grade trigger job as well as hand fitting the slide and frame. The match barrel and bushing also receive the same treatment.

Recently the sights on some models have been changed to Novak’s. I actually prefer the Heinie sights on my Taurus. The straight eight sights use a single dot on the rear sight just below the notch with the front sight also with a white dot. The method of use is stacking the front dot over the rear dot which forms a figure eight. This makes these sights very fast to align. The image below lists many of the extras.

Model 1911B-1
Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 8+1
Finish Blue
Barrel 5″
Twist 1:16″
Overall Length 8-1/2″
Weight 39.4 oz
MSRP (Price) $789

Most new 1911’s only have one magazine while Taurus supplies two magazines with each 1911. The frame and slide are forged steel with an alloy backstrap. The Duo Tone has a steel slide and alloy frame.

As far as the child safety is concerned that is mounted as part of the hammer. A key is provided with each gun so the hammer can be locked which also locks the action.

I waited to purchase my Taurus until the stainless version came out. The reason for that were rumors of the finish wearing off quickly on the blue guns. Those rumors were true. Since then the formulae has been changed and this is no longer a consideration for the potential buyer. That and heck I just like stainless 1911s 🙂

About a year after the stainless version came out a new model was on the shelves that had a rail mount under the barrel shroud for mounting lights, lasers etc. this increased the weight of the gun to almost 40 ounces. Not a comfortable prospect for an all day carry gun. Since then the railed models have an alloy frame bringing the weight down to a reasonable 32 ounces. I believe the blued version is still available in all steel construction and higher weight.

As of this writing there are nine versions of the Taurus 1911 with a few limited edition models that appear from time to time. There are two tone pistols in gray and blue as well as a stainless version with black highlights on top of the slide and bottom of the frame. Black inserts are also added to the slide cuts. The Duo-Tone as Taurus calls it cost approximately $100 more than the blue or stainless models. I for one am still waiting for a compact model to be released. The reasoning behind the lack of a compact may be that with so many other small pistols in the Taurus line they may have some concern about a compact 1911 taking away sales from the polymer compact pistols.

Calibers available are .45 ACP, 38 Super and 9MM all in full size pistols. The 9MM has a capacity of 9+1 except for the HC (high capacity) which is 11+1. The 45 ACP HC has a capacity of 12+1.

As far as handling the Taurus 1911 performs well. While not advertised there are no sharp edges to speak of. The serrations on the match trigger can be a bit sharp but that’s easily taken care of with a bit of wet dry sandpaper in 600 grit. It takes little effort or time. Just be cautious not to mar the finish of the trigger guard.

Since the weight has been dropped to 32 ounces on some models it’s a quick handling pistol I enjoy using during tactical scenarios. Even those 6 or so ounces make a difference for me in speed of presentation especially on multiple targets.

One concern I should pass along is repair time in the rare cases it may be needed. Turnaround time is pretty dismal with an average time of one to two months. In my view that is way to long since the repair facility is in Florida not Brazil.

Range Time

Of course I’ve had my personal Taurus on the range many times in the last couple of years. It’s always been very reliable with just about any ammo you can think of. Even out of the box there were no problems.

The Duo Tone (blue/gray) pictured below was supplied to me for this review and like my personal pistol it performed flawlessly. As I mentioned the 33 ounce weight was a nice surprise. Granted I just did a review on “The Firearm Blog” with the Kimber Aegis which was in 9MM and about the same weight. The 45 ACP was no problem in the recoil department even at this lighter weight. Actually it was pleasant to shoot.

I used a variety of ammunition for this range session. I used 230 grain ball ammo from Remington and Winchester. Hollowpoints were from Speer in 230 grain and Hornady 185 grain +P. I shot from 10 and 15 yards. The best average group with ball ammo was from the Remington brand. At 15 yards the group average was 1 ½ inch. A total of 100 rounds were fired.

Using hollowpoints the Speer load turned in the best average group at 1 ¼ inch. Groups with the Hornady ammo spread groups out a bit to just under 2 inches. This pistol did better with standard power Speer 230 grain hollowpoint loads averaging. The best group of all was fired from 10 yards with the Speer ammo turning in a best at 7/8th inch! 100 rounds of hollowpoint were fired. There were no malfunctions.


Taurus makes a nice 1911 with all the features anyone would want or need. The fit and finish is very good on all the models I’ve handled. This particular sample 1911 has a very uniform attractive finish. The slide to frame fit is good and was very smooth when manually operating the slide. The barrel to slide lockup is snug. The hand fitting is obvious considering the groups it turned in. This sample has a trigger pull of 4.8 pounds. These 1911’s really are a good buy since most guns with these options cost hundreds more. It’s a reliable, accurate pistol I believe any 1911 fan would be very pleased with.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • alden

    You said Taurus is in your #2 spot for value, who is # 1?

    Thanks for the review.

  • RecoveringAtheist

    I know there is nothing wrong with a Brazilian made 1911 (see Springfield Armory…..), I’d rather have a Ruger if the $$ was a concern.

    • Phil White


      It’s really a matter of choice. There are a lot of good 1911’s out there. My 1911’s are the Taurus, American Classic Commander by Metro Arms in the Philippines and the Kimber Aegis II. I also keep a couple of RIA 1911’s as well as Springfield Armory 1911’s.

  • Jim Williams

    I have my eye on the PT1911 Alloy Rail. In one of my weaker moments, I traded off a PT1911–wish I had kept it.

    • Phil White


      We all have done that at one time or another huh:-(

  • Chicovsky

    The actual price of a PT1911 in Brazil is about = U$2.000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The crap millenium is about = U$1.600 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A blister containing 10 rounds of hollow point .380 costs U$37,5 !!!!!!!

    • Phil White


      Interesting where did that info come from? I’d love to see it?

  • Lance

    Looks like a nice .45 to me.

    • Phil White


      It is Lance no problems with it. Plenty accurate. I’ve never been fond of the hammer lock but that’s about it.

  • gunslinger

    Oh, wow. Thanks for the review. Hopefully i’ll be able to spend some of my saved cash for a 1911. It’s next on my gun list.

    • Phil White


      I think you’ll be pleased!

  • Uuj

    “the high standards Taurus demands.” I think thats debatable.

    • Phil White


      Lets say on the 1911’s they make.

  • Alex

    whats the number one spot as far as value goes?

    • Phil White


      I’d say the price with the features they offer that normally would cost much more.

  • Alex

    and would you rather carry that or a kimber custom II?

    • Phil White


      Depends on the Kimber. By that I mean if I get a good one. I have a nice one now in the Aegis II but I have had two that were never right and they are long gone.

  • SpudGun

    ‘inspected to the high standards Taurus demands.’ – Thank you for giving me the best laugh I’ve had all day.

    Whilst I may not be Taurus’ number one fan, I have heard a lot of praise for their 1911s. I know that you mention that they’re produced entirely in-house, but I’m wondering if Imbel (who supply Springfield) might have had a small hand in the construction of these 1911s?

    • Phil White


      I’m glad you got a kick out of it:-) Anyway as far as I know Imbel has nothing to do with them. The 1911’s are a better pistol than some of the others they make.

  • Matt G.

    I have a Taurus pt1911 duo tone. It’s a nice gun and all but this review sounds like PR. It’s not the best out there but it’s a good value. I have replaced most of the critical parts with Wilson combat stuff and it is very nice now.

    • Phil White


      Nope no advertising I just like it. If it has a flaw you’ll know about it!

      • bart canfield

        Ive owned three and out of the box bullseyes on all three .Shooting against a springfield at $900 and a$1400colt .my$600 taurus smoked em aaaaalllll day!!! They now own the same taurus i do .people buy harleys for the name just like cokts .kimber and springfield .just to say yours is better. Well its not!!!!

  • Al T.

    “high standards Taurus demands” If Taurus has high standards, this handgun will be the first to show it. Several years of working at a retail gunshop led me and the retail manager to quit stocking Taurus do the very high percentage of defective handguns.

    On a side note, what was your total round count? If it’s less than 500 rounds (and 1k would be better), it’s not an evaluation, it’s advertising. Sort of like test driving a new car by going around the block instead of out on the highway.

    • Phil White


      Hiya it has 1200 rounds at this point. To be honest on a retired Police Officers retirement there are times I have to buy all the ammo and some guns won’t get over 500 rounds in a test. I do try to give them a workout because I want to be sure before I tell anyone a pistol by anyone is good.
      I’ll tell you how committed I am to giving you all an honest review. If I’m offered a quantity of free ammo or super discount whatever I make it clear in the conversation I will not give it a pass because of free ammo or price cut. The chips fall where they may.
      I have one company who will not send guns for eval because of that. No, I’m not telling you which one it wouldn’t be right.

  • Geore

    Personally I am rooting for Taurus. They come up with some neat innovations and cool ideas. But I will admit that their quality control is hit or miss.

    I own a few Tauri.

    First purchase was a PT145 – when it fired, it was awesome. Super compact and comfortable to shoot. Sadly, it has some issue with the firing pin not being able to ignite the primer. I have tried many different ammo manufacturers with no consistent results. Leaves big dents in the primers, but will not reliably discharge. Have cleaned the firing pin channel thoroughly but no success. Have yet to send back to factory as they want me to pay for it – that requires a big chunk of $$ since I have not found a dealer who will send it for me.

    Second purchase was a .45 Gaucho SAA clone in bright stainless. It has been super fun to shoot and very accurate. One of my better purchases, especially after I got some aftermarket stocks to thicken up the grip.

    Most recent purchase was a stainless Judge with rail and ported barrel. The intent is to mount a Streamlight and use it as a dedicated home defense pistol. One hand to hold pistol and flashlight, leaving other hand to manipulate door handles, phone, etc when things go bump in the night. Only downside is that they do not polish the chambers in the cylinder, which makes extraction of some shot shells downright difficult. This is a minor fix which really should be ‘Revolver Manufacturer 101’. Bummed that I have to do this myself.

    So I remain cautiously optimistic.

    • Dan

      I have a PT145 that has a problem of not detonating the primer. I wondered at first if it had to do with being used and maybe a bit worn out. Maybe not. I’ve found that if I give the gun a thump in the back, it will then fire. Haven’t sent mine to be repaired yet either. I have a Taurus .357 single six I fired 4 rounds from when new, then had to send it off because the cylinder bushing…well its fixed now. I’m trying to convince myself a Taurus 1911 will function as well as my used Kimber 1911.

      • Mike Adams

        If hitting your pistol on the back of the slide allows you to fire it, it sounds like your weapon may not be going all the way into battery and that thump is seating it all the way. could have a weak recoil spring, or a burr on your rails, or a multitude of things that are preventing the weapon from seating properly. could just need a good cleaning. Good Luck, Mike.

      • Dan

        Thanks for the advice. You suggested that there may be burrs on the rail of my PT145. It used to be difficult to remove the slide from the rail. I filed down the places that seemed to be hanging up. Now it fires. I only put one mag through it, but before it wouldn’t do that much. What aggravates me is I shouldn’t have had to do that. I’m hoping Taurus is paying attention to these comments and the more recent firearms are getting better.

      • Mike Adams

        Hey Dan, good to hear that it worked out. May I suggest putting at least a 100 rounds through it before trusting your life to it. I put 500 rounds through a pistol (unless its a Glock or XD) before I will trust my life to it. But, since you say it is used, it may not require that much ammo to prove its worth. As to whether or not Taurus is at fault there, of course they bear some of it. But, I have seen bad Sigs, Colts, Kimbers, S&W’s and pretty much the rest of them, though I don’t believe I have ever seen a bad Ruger. Well, good luck, take care.

  • Chicovsky

    To Phil White


    Interesting where did that info come from? I’d love to see it?

    Brazilian currency “Real” 1,6 R$ = 1 U$ ;

    Taurus millenium Pro Stainless .380 ACP:

    Cost: R$ 3454,52 U$ = 2159,07

    For the PT1911 is not avaliable to civilians just for shooters and law enforcement, it´s forbidden by law , in Brazil, to display ammo prices and catalogs on public display and internet.

    But a research in the nearest gun store, 10 round blister of hollow point = R$60 or U$37,5

    Glock G25 .380 ACP = U$2550

    • Phil White


      Wow, that’s just crazy! I translated the website and it’s an eye opener. $2550.00 for a 380 Glock!!!!

  • FAR54

    I am curious about the feel of these pistols as compared to a Springfield or Rock Island, both of which I own. I say this, because every time I have handled a taurus copy of another pistol, I feel it is cheap and not as solid as the original (example PT 92 vs Bretta 92). The revolvers seem to have cylinders which are not as tight as compared to Smith and Wessons or Rugers.

    My own personal experience with Taurus has not been a pleasant one, both from shoddy workmanship of the firearms and very poor/rude/inefficent/unskilled customer service. I purchased a model 63 .22 rifle, which felt solid and looked nice. I cleaned the rifle throughly, following cleaning instructions given by Taurus, and took it to the range, but within the first 100 rounds I had an out of breach fire. The gun had the demolished brass still inside so I sent the gun to Taurus, and it took 4 months to get back. They told me they fixed the problem and replaced the broken parts, but when I asked what was faulty they did not give me any information. The gun appeared to be the same as it was when I sent it off, but with only the brass cartirage removed. I took the gun to the range again, with new ammunition from a different manufacuture, and within 20 rounds it did it again. It took over a year, several calls, and finally a letter to the Better Business Buearu in Florida to resolve the issue and have Taurus replace the gun, giving me a revolver instead. I promptly took the pistol to a gun shop and traded it off.

    I hope they have improved in their customer service, so if and when you have to send the pistol off for repairs, it is done in a timely manner and is actually fixed.

    • Phil White


      The feel is really the same as is the weight. I doubt if anyone wasn’t looking at the gun they could tell a difference. Thats alway been a Taurus weak spot,customer service. Turnaround time on repairs is better but two months for a repair is not acceptable. At least the 1911’s don’t break that I’ve ever heard of.

  • Marsh626

    Brazilian guns are fail. I’ll never buy one.

    • Phil White


      Ok—Question for ya. Have you ever shot or owned one? Just a respectful question.

    • JP

      Many Springfields are made there. You like those?

  • Ted N(not the Nuge)

    Been on the fence about one, I like the price to features ratio. I’ve vowed no more new guns until I’m out of debt, so it’ll be a minute, but someday I’ll go ahead and buy one.

    • Phil White


      I certainly understand that. We’ve all had to cut back under the current financial situation. They certainly are a very good choice and I hope you can work it out soon!

  • Chris

    I traded a used Rock Island GI 1911 and some cash for a stainless steel PT1911 with rail; I paid the equivalent of $750 for a new in the box pistol. I have never had a problem with this particular pistol, and I have put several hundred rounds downrange. The fit is good. I have yet to have a misfire with commercial ammunition. Accuracy is very good, much better than the Rock Island pistol. I realize this a small sample size, but that’s my only experience with Taurus products.

    • Phil White


      Thans for passing along your experiences:-)

  • Mike Adams

    I have a PT 1911 Blue/Gray and i love my gun. Lets see, replaced the crappy ambi safety with a Colt ext. single side safety. replaced the full length guide rod assem. with a Colt National Match set and replaced the grips with a set of Mako grips with the integral mag well. I now have a 1911 that I got for $425, and spent another, say $40 on my upgrades. I absolutely love this gun and carry it just about every day. Out of the box it was bang on accurate, it shoots better than i do. It fed EVERYTHING I put threw it, including several different JHP brands, weights and what not. It’s aluminum frame makes it nice to carry all day, and if i carry it IWB, a t-shirt covers it nicely. I’m no spokesman, I did 12 in the Navy and got out and became a Cop. Got a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids so I CAN”T afford a Kimber or any of those other death rays. I admit their nice, but, I used to shoot the pants off of other guys with a Charles Dailey 1911, that i bought when I was a brand new E-3 Seaman and was making $400.00 dollars a payday, and those other guys were shooting Kimbers and some Les Baers and blah blah. It is a fine weapon and you could do a lot worse. BTW, what is this auto worship for Kimbers Colts and other “Name Brand” 1911’s? I used to be an armorer and I saw plenty of those guns show up as lemons. Which will last me longer? 2 Taurus PT 1911’s or one Kimber? Really am tired of the 1911 snobbery that seems to permeate almost every Kimber guy I have ever met. Good Luck and Good Shooting!

    • Phil White


      There certainly are those who think only a $1400—$2500 1911 is a real pistol but as you found out that’s not the case. What usually comes up is that Taurus and other medium priced 1911’s have MIM (metal injection molded) parts. Well when MIM first started out they were brittle and didn’t last long. Things have changed over the years and MIM parts are 100% better than they used to be. I have yet to wear out any 1911 with MIM parts and I shoot a LOT! Granted a hand tuned action on an Ed Brown is a beautiful piece of work but the majority of people can’t afford them myself included. Why are these brands so expensive. It’s not because the parts are gold it’s because being hand assembled and tuned up the one man shop can only make so many guns per year so he has to charge a lot more to pay the bills.
      The whole thing comes down to the man behind the gun of choice more than anything else! Enjoy that Taurus—good choice on the LW frame:-)

  • Mike Adams

    oh, I forgot, I also put an extended slide stop/release lever (also Colt national match set) on my PT 1911 Blue/Gray.

  • My PT1911SSAR is very sweet indeed. I’ve got a Springer and a RIA as well currently, I’ve owned several Colts, an AMT, and this one old Llama. (That old thing worked fairly well, strangely enough :P) I sent my Taurus slide up to for Tungsten Carbide plating after melting and beveling, and put on a set of Those were only because I wanted to, because I’d already run several thousand rounds through her with zero problems, and wanted to give her a treat.
    All in all, a very good piece of equipment!

  • My pt 1911 works great, with no ftf or fte. i currently own the 24/7 compact 45 caliber, which is better looking than the pt 1911 imo. Both are awesome gun’s for the price. The only problem i have with the 1911 is the trigger, to light for me. I am use to firing pocket pistols. Before i bought both gun’s, i have to do my homework. Went to my friends gun shop and held both of them, and both pistols felt good on my hand. Went home and read reviews on both gun. I was very pleased with all the reviews, i am not a taurus fan either. due to the positive reviews i purchased both of them for the price of 1 colt or kimber. I have read more negative reviews on kimber than the taurus pt 1911. I don’t carry them, due to the weight, i use them for home protection along with my shotguns, and all my high powered rifle. Like i said i prefer pocket pistols due to size. And that’s me. I highly recommend the pt 1911. Try it before making negative comment.

  • Andy Haase

    Ive been shooting 1911s for 20 years, this taurus is my favorite one. Im a bigger guy 6’2 245 fits me perfectly. Im at around 1000 rnds right now with this gun and im always looking forward to taking it to the range. Some guns you know were made for you when you pick them up, if you know what i mean.

  • Frank J.

    I bought my PT1911 in 2007, after 600 rounds of shooting I managed break the hammer. Sent it back to Taurus and a “short” 12 weeks later I got it back. Since then I have put another 250 rounds in the gun and now I have a new problem.. When I close the slide stop after firing a round from the magazine or closing the slide or after having it locked, the hammer drops into half cocked and I have to stop and recock the hammer in order to fire…

    Piece of $#*!

    • Vince

      Well my friend that does happen even with high end guns . All my 1911’s are Kimber’s and I had had that problem once or twice because of not cleaning in between range times but it didnt affect the accuracy at all once I cleared it . I just put a PT 1911 on layaway and I think it is going to be a great one at half the price . Don’t get me wrong I love the accuracy of the Kimber but I wanted something to carry and not worry about damaging it if I did ! It seamed pretty tight and the fit seamed very good . I do own 5 sigs ,6 h&k ,1 Walter , 3 Kimber’s 3 XDs ,and 3 glocks.

  • BlueLineONE

    I just got the PT-1911 blued version today. I have not shot it but wanted to comment on my first impressions… Not very impressed… It appears after it was put together by the gunsmith they allowed a blind man with a dremel tool to do the final finish on it. Where the back of the casing will butt up against the slide battery it looks like a dremel tool was used to shave a semi circle around the firing pin hole. Along the bottom of the main frame near the front where the slide meets up it appears that someone inadvertently touched the dremel tool four times making gouges. Just several places like this where someone wasn’t paying attention or maybe fell asleep. I hope it shoots better than it looks. I am almost inclined to return it to the gun shop just because it looks like a used gun. I know it is not because it was ordered from Taurus by the gun shop.
    Hopefully the range time will be better because right now I am a little disappointed…

    • mark

      Why did you buy it if you were handling it just “today” and only after purchase decided to look it over??

  • Jared P

    I’ve owned my PT-1911 for about a year now and have put about 2000 rounds through it, much of which was junk Tulammo Russian ammo. I have had no problems what so ever and love my gun. A friend of mine owns a Springfield and I actually prefer my Taurus. All of the Taurus haters out there need to try out the PT-1911 before they pass jugdement, it’s deffinetly head and shoulders above the PT145 millennium pro I used to carry.

    • Vince

      Sorry it was suppose to be rated a thubs up . I agree . I can’t wait to shoot the one I have on layaway , it’s my birthday present to my self .even if I have to change a few parts now or later at least it didn’t cost me $1400 – $1600.00 . I talked with a few guys at the gun shop that has them and $2000.00 guns that say its accurate and don’t regret buying it , I will keep you posted on how I came out once I get my PT 1911. I can’t afford the high end guns like I use to but wanted a 1911 made in 2011 .

  • Cesar Alatriste

    My new PT1911 didn’t work I had to send it back so they replace it after waiting almost a month i got the a new one from Taurus a few weeks and 200 rounds later the extractor broke is a 5 minute fix and common of 1911 I mail it back for repair they got it on the 4/26/2012 today is the 5/2/2012 I have call many times to have them take care of it ASAP I ask someone to have the manager call me back that was 2 days ago and nobody has call me I call this morning to check on the status and is still has not been repair the cost of this 1911 was almost 700$ plus all the shipping i have to pay many times and it looks like not only I got stock with an UNRELIABLE GUN but also with the reality that they don’t care about my case and now i know it was a mistake getting a Taurus the worst part is that I still don’t when are they going to fix it all I know is that i have to go get another gun today if I want to protect my Business and Home the problem here is not so much a problem with a gun but with 2 guns 1 after the other and no one seems to care…..

    • English Major

      Try Using some punctuation once in a while. Might make people take your review a bit more serious if they know it wasn’t written by a 8 year old.

  • Just shot my PT1911 for the 1st time about a week ago. Worked flawlessly. My wife and I were also shooting our Colt Mustang series 80 .380 and a Ruger Security Six .357. The Taurus was the most enjoyable to shoot (my opinion and my wifes). The Colt had some issues. A misfire, a jam and the slide did not lock back when the clip was empty twice. I know Colt makes nice guns and the Mustang has had a lot of closet time and needs to be shot a bit. But this is a good example of how people bitch about a firearm based on a small sample. I could say Colts suck. They don’t. Neither does my very nice Taurus 1911.

  • mike

    I have been shooting hand guns since i was 14 yrs old and now am 49. I bought a used pt 1911 ss about 6 months ago and love it. I have shot everything thru it round nose, hollow points, and my reloads with out a single proublem. I also have a ruger p 345 which is my carry gun because it is lighter and would stake my life on it. But back to the taurus 1911 i shoot alot i guess because i reload and have put prbly 1000 rnds thru it without a single FTF or FTE. I know there is alot of people that bad mouth the taurus pistols but i have had nothing but good luck and a lot of fun with them. My son now has a pt 101 and absolutletly loves it as a matter of fact it used to be mine and i dont know how many 100″s of rounds i put thru it before he got his hands on it. My neihbor is retiered from the navy and swears by the taurus pistols and also shoots compitation so i would say he knows a little something about GUNS. I will absolutley not recomend a gun to ANYONE if i didnt think you could trust your life with it and it sits at by my bed at nite when im not out shooting it and haveing fun. In my honest opinion Taurus is as good a gun as anything out there and i own several of them!!!!!!!

    • Phil White

      I agree Mike they are as good as any:-)

  • Norm

    I do not own the 1911 yet but as for taurus I do have the and A 38. Ultra lite both have been fired a lot I bought them both new I have never had a problem at all and both are accurate even the 38. Is surprisingly accurate so as of now I have nothing but good to say about them

  • I own a pt 1911 and it shoots well, factory loads and reloads. What annoys me is that the slide stop does not fit well. It seems that protrudes a little bit.

    • Richard

      File down the window some on the frame where it fits in. Check it for a slight burr and you should be good to go. There is also a little trick to putting it back in but someone will have to show you. Once you figure out the little trick you will see how easy it is to put back in.

  • Richard

    Bought a PT 1911 2 Fridays ago, went and shot it on the same day and put about 100 rounds through it. At the time the accuracy was dead on and I couldn’t have been more pleased with it. I took it home and reloaded my mags and went to chamber a round for home defense and the round wouldnt chamber. The FMJ just kept getting smashed into the casing. Tried my Hollow Points and it did the same thing. Wasted 12 rounds before giving up on it. That Saturday I took it to my buddy (local gunsmith) to take a look at it and he found a burr on the slide stop hole on frame, broken/weak steel where the safety pin stop is inside the slide as well as a couple other minor issues. Fact is I bought it on a Friday brand new and mailed it for repair on that next Monday. A little disappointed and I hope they fix it completely. I am currently waiting anxiously to get it back. Even with the issues I believe it to be a good pistol for its accuracy. I think they could have used some stronger steel where the safety pin stop is inside.

  • Charles M

    Have had my PT1911 for less than a week and I am ready to sell it. Most uncomfortable gun I own, reassembly is horrible, the blue finish does not wear well, the slide release is too far up towards front of the barrel and it is over all a horrible handgun. I am very dissastisfied with this firearm…

    • Richard

      In my opinion I wish I never sold my Springfield XDM. If you want a pistol that is for comfort that is the way to go with all the different size grips. The PT 1911 either fits well or it doesn’t which means paying to customize. Mine is still in for repair but I will say I enjoy the accuracy and the distance it can still hit center mass. If I were you I would send it in for any deficiencies you find and let the gunsmith’s at taurus fix it up. Once you get it back do some mods and I am sure you will be pretty pleased with it.

  • Dan K

    I am A police officer, and I have to buy my own firearm. I did carry a Glock mod 22 40cal. I liked it, but wanted A 1911. I bought a taurus 1911ss last week. I shot 150 rounds the first day. I like the way it shoots, It shoots better then the Glock, feels better to.

  • Dave

    I replaced the extractor with a Wilson combat forged
    Steel extractor after the original one broke off at the tip. After the second clip….don’t trust those molten injected metal. Its been relieble since then.

  • Vic

    Very nice gun, can’t beat the price – especially for a 1911. You get what you pay for. Just put 200-250 rounds through it; no hardware problems whatsoever. Shoots smooth, feels great, eats the rounds up. Pretty stiff at first, but then it loosens up once broke in. Big dissapointment comes in the small, detail stuff. One of the grip screws stripped the first time trying to clean the gun for the first time. There were scratches on the gun out of the box – small, but enough to p!$$ you off. The barell had a scratch in it (on the outside, above the spring rod, 1″ from the barrel end) that i noticed when 1st time cleaning. Sights had to be adjusted.

  • MarineDad

    Bought one yesterday at Academy, and put 100 rds of PMC hardball through it; very happy with the accuracy. Out of the box with a boresight, sights were dead on at 10 yards. Have owned Springfield, Gold Cup, and even a POC Llama, but have to say, for under $600, this is the best valued 1911 I’ve fired. After reading all of the other posts, I’m not ready to raise it to exalted status until I put 1k through it, but for now I’m very satisfied. Factory mags do suck, replaced them with Chip McCormick and no issues. Next range session will be with Gold Dots and Hydra-Shok to check the feed and ramp.