Suppressed Mosin Nagant & Russian SMGs

A reader emailed in the below photo which was taken by a friend of his on a visit to the Russian Central Army Museum at Moscow. On display is a Mosin Nagant rifle with a huge suppressor (labeled ’6′). On the far left is a submachine gun which appears to have a rifle grenade attachment. Can anyone identify the gun?

UPDATE: Its not a suppressor, but a grenade launcher. Thanks to the Mosin aficionados who pointed this out in the comments.

[ Many thanks to Tarkan for emailing me the photo. ]

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  • Terry

    Looks like a German MP 40 to me.

  • Looks like a PPD40, but with the magazine location way off. :S

  • bazker

    2. o_O Mystery. Maybe Tokarev 1927 prototype. But this strange disk…
    3. PPD-40
    4. PPSh-41
    5. PPSh-41 Mod.2

  • Martin (M)

    It’s a Not-A-Gun. It appears to be a MP18/35 stock cobbled to a grenade launcher barrel. The drum magazine is too close to the trigger to be a functional part of the weapon. Compare it’s location to the rear of the receiver. There isn’t enough room for a bolt to cycle. The owner likely added the drum mag to blend in or appear more threatening, which was a very Russian thing to do in WWII. It may still actually be a MP18 or MP35, but with a super short mag to accommodate grenade launching rounds.

  • Charles222

    Reising M50 I think.

  • anonymous coward

    The SMG looks like an MP40 receiver…

  • Lance

    Must have been a experimental weapon. No production M-91/30 has had a suppressor on it.

  • jdun1911

    PPSh-41 best subgun ever made. Without the PPSH the Soviet would have lost some key cities against the NAZI.

  • David

    Is that a Red Army bong left over from Afghanistan in the bottom of the shot?

  • Jeff

    At first I thought it looked like a converted MP-41 or MP-18 but the magwell is in the wrong place,

  • Boris

    that’s not a suppressor on the nagant, it’s a grenade launcher.

  • JackNco
  • This would be cool to be able to see and check out this museum.

  • Uuj

    The silencer doesn’t look very straight. I would not want to fire it 🙂

  • bull


  • Skokie

    That looks like a grenade launcher, not a suppressor. It looks like that big beast on the ground fits in the tube on the end of the rifle. I could be wrong though…

  • Flounder

    Man where do I get one of those!!!

  • Matt

    the ones in the middle are the ppsh-41. The one on the left could be some sort of variant of it. Or I could be waaayy off. I’m no gun historian.

  • Michael Pham

    A PPD-34 by the look of it.

  • To me it looks like the silencer isn’t on properly and inline with the barrel.

  • Nils

    It looks like a Suomi M/26 (a Suomi in .30 Luger) with a different barrel?

  • skslover

    it appears to be an mp40 (or something german like an mp40) with either a barrel shroud of some sort or an intregal supressor.

  • That would be the PPSh-41, a Russian submachine gun. It was chambered in 7.62×25. A true “spray and pray” weapon which took a lot of lives between 1940 and 1970.

  • Doug

    Looks a little off kilter.

  • Peter Ball

    PPD 38/38 with the barrel jacket removed?

  • Peter Ball

    Correction: I mistyped. I meant to put PPD 34/38

  • ScottNZ

    I’ll betcha the ‘suppressor’ on the Mosin rifle is actually a Djakonov grenade launcher. Note the clamp just forward of the rear sight for the grenade launching sight.

  • “gunner”

    the “machine pistol” looks like a captured german mp40 or mp38 but i’m not sure what the extension on the barrel might be. i’ve never heard of a “grenade launcher” in german issue fitted to a machine pistol. possibly an attempt at making a suppressor?

  • “gunner”

    correction: i was looking at the mp at the right, which also has some kind od non-standard gadget fitted to the barrel.

  • Mitya

    My guess is PPD-34/38, though I have no evidence to support that conclusion.

  • Andrew


  • Wil Price

    Are you sure that is a suppressor? If you look to the bottom left of the rifle at the spherical object; it reminds me of a rifle fired grenade for the M16, i believe is was in Jane’s 1994. Also the muzzle of the suppressor appears to be flared slightly, which would indicate is meant for a different purpose.

  • Wil Price

    It looks like the RAW, rifle mans assault weapon, the link is attached.

  • Jim S

    First off: WANT!

    Secondly: is it the way the picture is, or is that suppressor actually bent?

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Looks like a PPsH that someone rebarreled using an SKS barrel and stock. Although its an army display, theres no indication that the guns are necessarily all WW2 vintage. Could be a cobbled together parts gun from a later date that some clerk thought loooked like the WW2 guns and put in the display.

  • skslover

    whoops, i looked at the one on the right.. my mistake, though the barrel is still unusual

  • Rockid

    The gun on the far right looks a lot like an MP-40 with the rifle grenade attachment. I wonder why that’d be in a mainly Russian exhibit in Moscow…

  • Mouse

    The smg on the far left appears to be a PPSh like the rest of them. It just doesn’t have the barrel shroud, and sports a longer forearm.

  • calool

    that smg to the right looks pretty interesting as well, what kind is it?

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    I suspect that far left gun is maybe Hungarian 39/43M or Danish M1944 ??? I just listed some books and found these guns which just look like the far left one…so I’m not 100% sure.

  • howlingcoyote

    Hey, just the guns to hunt wild hogs in Texas with!!
    Too bad we can’t purchase any of these guns in the USA (due to the illegal 1934 gun control/gangster act) booo!

  • Justin P.

    Danuvia 43M submachine gun?

  • It looks like a german MP40, but with a weird barrel.

    Is it me or does that suppressor not look like it lines up with the Nagant’s barrel?

  • Mechman

    Looks to be an early PPD-34 prototype, without the heat shield on.

  • The gun on the left looks like a Reising to me.

  • Christopher

    I believe thats a Degtyarov PPD, and I am not sure which model it is. It was designed in 1934, and was displaced by the PPSD 41.

  • Christopher

    Meant to say, replaced by the PPSH 41.

  • dan

    you sure thats a suppressor?

  • Russian Surt

    I think it is not suppressor. Some sources told me, that it is WWII partisan grenade launcher by Shavgulidze

    ref pics: and

  • tarkan

    Steve many thanks for post.My question is;is number 2 Finnish Suomi smg,and number 7 full barrell supressed mp 40 schmeisser(not a second of it I encountered at whole web)?And why Russian encountered a beauty like Suomi and created a beast like PPSH?Thank you all.

  • netpc56
  • Mechman

    Found a nice site full of obscure guns of WWII.
    Going from the rear of the reciever and the magwell, it could be either a tokarev model 1930 SMG, or a Czech ZK 467 smg.
    Unfortunately, there are just too many really obscure guns that are impossible to find information on unless someone has first hand knowledge to be sure.

  • bazker

    So. From photos that netpc56 provided i see that there is non-central disk magasine. Like on parabellums I think.

    PS We need Popenker here.

  • anthony

    looks to be blowforward operated the ejection port is after the magazine .