AR-15 + Hacksaw = PUG 15

An afrcom’er took a hacksaw to his AR-15, cutting off the barrel in line with the frontsight, giving himself under 9″ of barrel length. Luckily for him the gun, which he named PUG 15, appears to cycle correctly. He took a lot of abuse at, but I personally like the look.

The PUG 15 being fired …

In case you are wondering, the gun is registered as a SBR.

[ Many thanks to Vicky for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Kyle

    I wonder what PUG means. Pretty Ugly Gun?

  • armed_partisan

    I cannot fathom what goes through the minds of some people. What? You never heard of a LATHE?

  • Martin (M)

    Why is it lucky for him that it cycles correctly? If it didn’t, then it just wouldn’t cycle. It’s not as if there is the threat of a catastrophic failure.
    On the other hand, I’m surprised it does cycle with just a few mm of barrel past the gas port. Neat.

  • Lance

    That will kill your ears firing regular 5.56mm ammo.

  • Jeff

    I love the posters response to people asking if its a registered SBR:
    “Anyone notice the M2 sitting in front of my TV? ”

    No one seems to be nitpicking about that =P

  • Andy

    ARFCOM in 14 seconds.

  • garyny

    i feel like yelling “you never go full retard” after watching this hahaha
    but for real that looks cool, i always liked the dissipator look, and i think it would look even cooler if they did it like this

  • hojo

    Can someone explain to me why Short Barrel Rifles require a special permit? I have the same question about sawed off shotguns. What’s the thinking behind this, if any?

  • Apdl

    Those guys can be real tool
    I wonder how it aims and what else may have changed

  • jdun1911

    As long it isn’t immoral, breaking the law or safety rules, I have no problem with people customizing their weapons. Don’t know why so many people get so offended by other people customizing their weapon. At the very least he had the balls to cut it down with a hacksaw.

    Anyway it’s nothing that can’t be fix.

  • Doug

    That is why I hate most gun forums. Personally I love the look, when I get my SBR stamp id consider doing it to a upper just for kicks and giggles. The only thing he needs is a FA lower……….

  • Ramsey

    As long as you give it a new crown afterwards and keep your paperwork straight I don’t see a problem. You bought the damn thing, do what you want with it!

  • You didn’t even mention his basement shooting range. Also love all the other custom guns. This guy exemplifies all my favorite things about shooting.

  • schizuki

    Camo lower? Check.

    Hacksaw gunsmithing? Check.

    Wal-Mart swimming pool? Check.

    I’m guessing he crowned the barrel with sandpaper wrapped around a bottle opener.

  • retard 2568

    I like it. It’s not very pretty, but it’s cool.

  • DJ

    Very cool looking upper, where can I have one made?

  • wow i really like that too x) im curious how much the accuracy suffered from taking off that much from the barrel length?

  • Alex B

    recoil looks pretty evil for a 5.56 ar.
    wonder what made him do this

  • Alex B

    paint job is sick thought

  • Mobious

    I would pay the little extra to CNC cut it correctly to avoid losing accuracy and to add threading to put on a compensator… but aside from it looking like a toy with it’s cheap barrel breaking off, looks fun to shoot~

  • JM

    This guy has been on TFB before. He’s the one that rusted an AK with bleach. He’s a moron.

    And beware his YouTube account, in case you’re perusing for more range videos. Let’s just say that rednecks in Speedos and AKs don’t mix.

  • Nicks87

    Pay $200 just to saw off the barrel of your AR-15?

    Sounds like a waste of money to me.

  • Nathaniel

    Did he recrown it?

  • Nathaniel

    If I had read the thread beforehand, I would have known.

    I wonder what accuracy is like without recrowning. Probably terrible, but I don’t know that for certain.

  • jdun1911


    You need a tax stamp for Short Barrel Shotgun, ie SBS AKA Sawed Off Shotguns. If you don’t paid the $200 tax stamp and get caught. You will spend a lot of time behind a bar with your boyfriend.

    The NFA came into law because of Hollywood brainwashing, liberal government, and “new” technology that lawmaker didn’t understand. The NFA mostly associated with Short Barrel Firearms that have a stock, full auto, and suppressor.

    There are no Federal Laws prohibiting you from buying are making Short Barrel Firearms and Suppressor as long as you paid the $200 tax stamp and not a felon. There are no Federal Law prohibiting you of owning full auto firearms. You cannot make your own full auto firearms because the 1986 law closed the registry.

    There was a recent case where the 1986 law has been stuck down and the ATF did not want it to go to the SCOTUS. I believe it was in Illinois? Unfortunately for Illinoisan the state won’t allow NFA. Kind of funny and sad at the same time.

    I know of one private group that is thinking about going after the NFA law. Personally I think the NFA is unconstitutional since the 2nd amendment is now incorporated.


    The tax stamp is for the lower which means he can use any upper that has a short barrel.


    His gun his money. If that’s what make him happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone than more power to him.

  • Bob Z Moose

    @jdun1911: How is customizing a firearm ever immoral? I must have missed that Commandment. Thou shall not put a Jolly Roger on your lower receiver or risk being made fun of at the range?

    Anyways, looks cool. People will probably disagree, but I bet it would be a need home defense gun. Should have left an inch or two on to mount a silencer, but to each his own.

    Lower receiver looks awesome, btw.

  • User

    Haters gonna hate. If I had a spare AR and $200 I’d do exactly this just to piss off the internet.

  • KEN

    To each his own. Your gun,your money and your mod.

  • Komrad

    @Bob Z Moose
    I don’t think modifying a modern new production sporting arm is ever wrong but I do believe it is wrong to substantially alter historically significant firearms
    I have seen pictures of Arisakas that that still had their mums that have been rebarreled and restocked and lost all value because of it

  • Bob Z Moose

    @Komrad Didn’t even think about that. It’s important to keep rare example of historical arms in good, unmodified shape.

    I actually know an old timer that took a very clean 6.5mm Arisaka (with somewhat rare “school markings”; meaning it had been decommisioned and given to a Japanese military school) chopped the barrel down and had it rechambered for .308 (which was the hot new cartridge of at the time). He didn’t think anything of it. Arisakas were a dime a dozen and he had no idea what the markings meant. Doesn’t regret it today, either.

  • Toad442

    Hey Kalash, nice work! What’cha gonna build this weekend?

  • Jeff

    Why do you guys care so much? It’s not anything that’s dangerous, and he didn’t do it to your gun. What if the AR was already jacked up to begin with, maybe with a worn barrel, maybe or built from bad parts from the start?

  • Sam Suggs

    ow god no make the nightmares stop mommy

  • Sam Suggs

    nothing ok about this