Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico with Mega Kick-Off

Beretta has a new premium model in their flagship A400 Unico shotgun line, the Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico, which includes an updated hydraulic system called Kick-Off Mega.

Beretta’s Kick-Off system employs, amongst other things, a hydraulic recoil reduction1 system. In the original Kick-Off the recoil pad is connected to the stock by hydraulics. The whole stock moves back in relation to the shooters shoulder when fired. While this is effective in slowing down the recoil impetus, the stock moves against the operator cheek which some people may find uncomfortable. The Kick-Off Mega solves this problem by moving the hydraulic connection forward to just behind the pistol grip. Along with the Kick-Off Mega hydraulic system, the A400 Xtreme Unico also includes two mercury recoil reducers in the stock and forend.

Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico (Black Synthetic)

MSRP is $1,600 for the black synth and $1,700 for the camo-stocked model.

  1. More specifically, felt recoil. 

Steve Johnson

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  • Remy

    So, I want to know – if I drop down $1,600 on the Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico, does that mean I get a date with the girl holding it as well?

  • Bandito762

    So is the gun so expensive because they had to hire a graphic artist to design a different logo for each feature of it?

  • fw226

    Bandito: Hah! My favorite is “Steelium.”

  • Gabriel

    How much for the beautiful woman?

    hahah jk

  • So… I disagree. I think this chick is young, not that good looking and needs to be counseled on how to model a shotgun because we can’t even see it in the photo because of how she’s holding it. But as for the gun, my hunting crew has ordered 6 in camo. We love the Xtema2’s and if they’ve solved the cheek impact problem with the KO3 innovation, then I’m all for it. The a400 Gas system in the Xplor Unico is extremely fast and efficient. We have used our Xtrema 2’s in 4 countries and several states and almost every weather condition. They have held up for the last 4 years without 1 issue. If your nervous to try a Beretta, don’t be. They’re awesome. Costly….but awesome.

  • I hope that the site authors don’t remove the last comments made by “Duckhunter” and “Smarty paints”. They are both some of the most informative and hullarious comments i’ve ever seen on a blog. Haha

    Keep it up. This site rocks

  • awwwww

  • ill stick with my mossberg 500s thank you very much xP

  • I have a question and would like an answer from any one who has the ability to reply to me.
    I recently acquired a Benelli M2 Camo and this encounter was not a good one since the M2 has the barrel/sight aiming system which always shoots the shot to a degree above the point of aim. This I believe is a way to help shooting/hitting rising targets but deceives you when shooting other targets unless you get accustomed to it.
    Does the Beretta A400 Xtreme shoot straight in relation to the point of aim ?
    Any reply can be sent to (hope you can show this as I wish some info).

  • Bill

    Great gun.

  • Bill

    Great gun

  • Miguel

    Tengo una xplor único, con kick-off, y realmente reduce el retroceso, pero golpea en la cara, se sobreeleva cuando disparo, por lo que le he tenido que poner el lomo de la culata de goma, con lo que he resuelto el problema parcialmente, se sigue sobreelevando, pero ya no me golpea tan fuerte, la goma absorbe el impacto.
    Pienso que el sistema kick-off mega debe de ser bueno, ya que no va instalado al final de la culata, sino en medio de ésta, donde se apoya la cara, y supuestamente, ya que no lo he probado, evitará la sobreelevación del cañón.
    Gracias a Beretta por su constante investigación.

  • Lenny

    My son and I each bought A400 Extreme Unico’s and are not very pleased with either gun. We have both experienced problems with the fore end caps. When I attempted to assemble my gun the cap would not attach to the gun, it was defective. The dealer replaced the cap. During a duck hunt the cap on my son’s gun came off. The sling attachment was sucked into the “plastic” fore end cap which caused the cap to come off and could not be re-attached. I called the dealer who advised that he had 4 or 5 other people come in with problems with the end cap. He told me Beretta was sending improved fore end caps, mean while my son and I have had two hunts kinda screwed and my son can’t use his gun. While duck hunting I also had problems with the gun injecting 3 1/2 inch shells on several occasions. Not sure if it was the shells or the gun (Winchester shells) my son did not experience any problems other than the cap.

  • Art

    Has anyone figured out the best turkey load for the a400extreme